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7 Out-of-this-World Alien Perfumes For Her

Written by Elizabeth Kessler • Updated on: 25/01/23

Since its launch in 2005, Alien Perfume has become something of an enigma. Adored by women yet attractive to the opposite sex, it is safe to say it is a crowd-pleaser. With woody, amber notes and vanilla mixed with fresh citrus, it is unique with a mysterious edge.

The purple bottle has been described as some sort of philosopher’s stone but we think it is closer to an amethyst, especially since it usually shares the same deep purple.

It can be hard to find good value when it comes to fragrance and with so many to choose from, we find that Alien Perfume strikes the right balance between quality and a price tag it richly deserves. Still, compared to a lot of the competition, it is reasonably priced.

When it comes to this women’s fragrance, there are a handful of options worth considering. Because of this, we have compiled our list of the best Alien Perfume, to make this purchase an easy one.

Alien Perfumes For Her

What is the best alien perfume?

1. Eau De Parfum Non Refillable Spray 1 Ounces

We found this to be the best Alien perfume by Thierry Mugler as it represents excellent value and has the same quality lasting fragrance as other versions. At 1 oz, there is plenty to last a long time, and enjoy the amber blossom, woody vanilla, and orange scent.

Its mysterious nature is capture in this eye-catching purple bottle shaped like an amethyst crystal that is sure to stand out on any shelf at home.

It is hardly surprising to see that this has become a go-to fragrance for many women, and is fine for both casual and professional wear. Although the bottle is not refillable like some of the other options, it only requires a spritz or two for it to last all day.

Often described as a sweet yet sensual perfume, it rightly turns heads and has a captivating, mysterious feel to it. The 1 oz bottle makes it the ideal size for travel and can be kept at the bottom of a purse for a top-up of this modern fragrance from Thierry Mugler.

2. Thierry Mugler Alien Extraordinaire Eau de Toilette, 3 Ounce

A twist on the original Alien Perfume and launched in 2013, this comes in a 3 oz bottle that can be worn every day. It still shares the same beautiful crystal-like bottle but it is what is inside that sets it apart. The fragrance has an elegant blend of neroli, bergamot tea, wooden, white amber presence.

This is why it has become one of the flagship Alien fragrances from Thiery Mugler and for anyone who wants a better value product, it is a great option. Fine for most skin types and ideal for casual wear, then Alien Extraordinaire is different from the original, but just as mysterious and alluring.

With a light feel and the reputable Mugler name behind it, this would make an ideal gift for anyone, or just keep it for yourself – who could blame you!

3. Thierry Mugler Alien Essence Absolue Eau de Parfum Intense Refillable for Women, 2 Ounce

One of the most popular Alien Perfumes, the Alien Essense Absolue is both refillable and has a pleasant amber appearance that looks great but smells even better. the black vanilla essence combines with orris, incense, and myrrh for an amber type fragrance. Its 2 oz bottle is going to last a while even though it is a perfume that can be worn every day.

Launched in 2011, a lot of customers comment on how they often get compliments when wearing this scent, and is ideal for the fall and the colder months.

Because it is not the easiest to find, this is a great opportunity to get your hands on an Alien perfume that still shares the same mysterious feel as other Thierry Mugler fragrances.

4. Thierry Mugler Alien Eau Extraordinaire -EDT – Eco-refill Bottle for Women 3 Fl Oz

One of the great traits of a lot of Alien Perfumes is that their beautiful bottles are refillable. This 3 oz bottle of Eau Extraordinaire is of great value, and better for the environment.

It also means you never have to get rid of an old bottle. With the same pale yellow appearance, it is always satisfying to see a bottle filled to the top, knowing that it is going to last a long time again.

Although it can be tricky to refill the original bottle, it is possible to do so without spilling any of this eco-refill. The instructions are on the back of the box and in 3 steps the refill should be in the original bottle, waiting for the pleasant scent to be sprayed on those pulse points.

5. Mugler Alien Eau Sublime

Another beautiful Alien Perfume, the Eau Sublime is housed in the same crystal inspired bottle but this 2 oz fragrance is one that seems to last on the skin for longer than most.

This is a good thing since that means the wearer is going to enjoy lasting top notes of lemon and orange, with a middle of jasmine and orange blossom and Tiare flower, then topped off by the base notes that include cashmeran, vanilla, and white amber.

Since its launch in 2017, Alien Eau Sublime has been a mainstay on many people’s shelves and is one of the more refreshing fragrances in the Thierry Mugler range. Because it is a limited edition perfume, it is best to get it while you can. Described as luminous and serene, it is the sot of fragrance that will be missed when it runs out.

6. Thierry Mugler Alien Fusion edp 30 ml vapo spray NEW In Box

This petite bottle of Alien Fusion perfume is of good value, can fit into a handbag with ease, and has a pleasant fragrance that is filled with curious notes.

A spicier fragrance than a lot of the other Alien offerings expect hints of cinnamon, ginger, and orange blossom among others.

One of the most recent additions since its launch in 2019, it is housed in the same distinctive bottle but with a vibrant red tone. A perfume for those chilly days where a little warmth in the choice of fragrance is always welcome.

Thierry Mugler Alien Perfume Buyers Guide

Thierry Mugler Alien Perfume Buyers Guide

When it comes to distinctive fragrances, there are few better than Alien Perfume. A lot of people don’t even realize there is such a range to this brand that is just as mysterious as the original Alien perfume itself. There are spicey notes, floral offerings but something they all share (apart from the beautiful inspired crystal bottle) is they all have a lasting quality that turns heads.

Whilst each one is worth considering, it can be hard to tell which is right, and know what makes these perfumes from Thierry Mugler so good. To help shed some light, we have created the following buyer’s guide. 

What To Expect From Alien Perfume

A Beautiful Bottle

We had to start here since it is the first thing that sets Alien Perfume apart. They are all housed in the crystal style bottle that, when combined with the different colors make each one look like a unique gemstone of sorts. The Alien Perfume itself has that deep purple amethyst inspired look that has become the brand’s trademark. 


Although it is not the cheapest product in the market, this is for good reason. The blend of quality and price is another feature that sets it apart. There aren’t many fragrances that have the quality blend of notes that last all day long in bottles that are often bigger than a lot of the competitors that cost a lot more. 

Lasting Scent

This is an important attribute for any Eau De Toilette as no one wants to be the only person to smell their perfume, and for it to fade fast. A lot of people comment on the quality of Alien Perfumes’ longevity. Expect to find it wherever you go so a pillow or coat from the night before is going to share the same pleasant fragrance the next day.

Product Range

What a lot of people don’t realize is that Alien Perfume doesn’t start and end with the purple bottle. There is a wide range of products ranging from the spice inspired Fusion to the neroli and bergamot tea notes of Alien Extraordinaire. Safe to say, there is something for most tastes.

Frequently Asked Question

Who Makes Alien Perfume?

This popular brand of fragrance is made by French fashion designer Thierry Mugler. The brand was created in 2005 and has since grown to add several additional fragrances to the Alien range as well as the Angel brand which was the first launch back in 1992.

Is Alien Perfume Any Good?

Because it is unlike a lot of others, Alien Perfume is an ideal fragrance for anyone looking for something different. It certainly stands out and is responsible for what many people comment as a lot of men and women asking what it is. The scent lasts a long time which is good news for both the quality of the product, but also for its longevity so expect it to last a while.

Some describe it as a mysterious and loud fragrance made for the confident women of the world yet still has a freshness and sensual feel.

Is Alien Perfume Long Lasting?

This is one of the main compliments you will hear about Alien Perfume as along with the incredible scent in every bottle, but it also lasts a long time. It does not fade throughout the day, in the way that other brands can be guilty of which is why it is not for the faint-hearted.

It stays everywhere it comes into contact with so expect to pick up your clothes the next day and be hit with another glimpse of the same aroma as well as on your pillow.

What Is The Latest Alien Perfume?

Launched in 2019, Alien Fusion is the most recent addition to this popular brand. With ginger and cinnamon notes, it is one of the spicier product ideals for the colder months. To add a little warmth into the air, it is a great option. Those loyal to the Alien brand enjoy the original Alien perfume for most of the year but switch to Alien Fusion when the winter months approach.

Is Alien Perfume Refillable?

Some bottles are refillable. If this is important then always check that it is possible to use an eco-refill before purchasing the bottle. The process is easy and when purchasing an eco-refill for Alien Perfume, there are 3 easy to follow steps on the back.

Is Alien Perfume Tested On Animals?

According to their website, Thierry Mugler Alien Perfume is not tested on animals at any stage. This is welcome news to anyone responsible when it comes to how their fragrance of choice is made.

How Much Does Alien Perfume Cost?

This depends on a few things, mainly the size of the bottle. For anyone on a restrictive budget, it is possible to pick up a bottle for under $40. This is likely to be the 1 0z or 2 oz product with the larger bottles ranging between $50 – $100. To spread the cost, it is always a good idea to purchase a refillable bottle.

What Is The Best Alien Perfume?

After reviewing multiple products, we found the original to be the best. Its purple bottle looks great but it is the mysterious and alluring fragrance that has captured the attention of so many that are impossible to better. The 1 oz bottle represents a great entry point and is convenient enough to store in a purse or handbag with ease.

Is Alien Perfume Popular?

For the brand itself, Alien Perfume is one of their best sellers. An alluring and mysterious fragrance, it makes a welcomed gift but is also the sport of fragrance that many treat themselves to. Since its launch in 2005, it has remained up there with the best in terms of sales for Thierry Megler, and to show just how popular it is, there have been numerous fragrances released under the Alien brand since.

Where Is The Best Place To Buy Alien Perfume?

Although it is available in many of the most common retailers, to find the best deal, we like to look to Amazon.com. Not only does it sell a wide range of the different Alien Perfumes, but it is where the most competitive prices are often found. It doesn’t matter who you are buying it for, it always feels good to find the best price so there is no better place to start than Amazon.