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Is Burberry a Good Cologne for Men?

Written by Elizabeth Kessler • Updated on: 11/02/23

Are you looking for a new fragrance that expresses your personality?

Burberry fragrances are always a great option if you’re looking to invest in something that will last. They are known for their unique and timeless scents that are perfect for any occasion, whether it is day or night.

They have a wide variety of fragrances for men and women, especially in the past decade. Burberry fragrances are always among the best-sellers within the industry and for good reason, they smell fantastic!

Below, are the 5 best smelling Burberry cologne for men in 2023.

Is Burberry a Good Cologne for Men?
Burberry Mr. Burberry for Men
Courtesy of brand

Burberry Mr. Burberry for Men

This is the original that came out in 2014 or 2015. This is just a travel spray that is all I need and it’s super economical. You will get tarragon, mint, grapefruit, lavender, and lots of different wood. So this is just a fresh, woody minty, kind of scent.

I would say the most prominent notes in this perfume are lavender and woods. There is a little bit of that greenery from the tarragon itself but overall this is just good daily wear.

It’s an easy-to-wear Burberry fragrance for men. That being said, this one does get a little bit neglected and has gotten some hate I am not going to deny it. It’s not groundbreaking, but it’s a good scent for your day-to-day wear. If you want something casual in the morning and daytime or semi-formal this is a good choice. I would say it’s not really the kind of fragrance you wear out at night, and if you’re going to like a daytime wedding event or something like that I might want to go for something more elegant.

But overall, I think this is one of the best work fragrances out there and it’s good for people who don’t want to have an extensive collection.

The longevity of this perfume is six to seven hours.

Mr. Burberry Eau De Parfum
Courtesy of brand

Mr. Burberry Eau De Parfum for Men

This one here is going to be exactly the same almost as mr burberry itself but it’s a little bit darker. Throw in some amber but especially patchouli. So this is a green, herbal, lavender, woody kind of scent. Patchouli is the most prominent note in this and I’m not a big fan of patchouli but in this, it’s actually quite nice.

I do think that this might resonate a little bit more so with the older gentleman. This one I would say is probably like 30 or 35 and up. It’s a versatile signature scent. It is great for daytime and nighttime wear, it lasts about eight hours most of the time.

Mr. Burberry Indigo Eau De Toilette
Courtesy of brand

Mr. Burberry Indigo Eau De Toilette for Him

This one here I would say is probably my second favourite from the entire brand. It has a beautiful mint note to it so if you like green, herbal, minty fragrances I’m pretty sure that you’re gonna like this one.

Also, it has lots of citrus & mint but you’re also going to get tea. There’s rosemary, watery notes but also woods and oakmoss this is most certainly going to put a pep to your step. It is the brightest and freshest one out of the entire Burberry perfume catalogue.

So you want something that’s gonna make you happy make you feel good this is a great choice. Indigo EDT is a great everyday fragrance that can be worn to school but also work. I would say it’s just a good everyday white t-shirt and jean scent that is professional enough for the office.

However, this perfume is not going to get you through the entire workday. It will only last for about five to seven hours, unfortunately.

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BURBERRY Sport Eau de Toilette
Courtesy of brand

BURBERRY Sport Eau de Toilette

This one is discontinued and it is hard to find now. Just keep your eyes out for these, because they come back in stock every so often!

This scent is a little bit more lively than your average classic sports fragrance, but it still has that fresh, clean vibe. It’s minty and spicy with some musk in there to really get the blood flowing. Juniper berries give it a slightly sharper tone while ginger gives an extra energy boost!

So this is most certainly your typical sports fragrance and it’s not going to last you all that long, four to six hours. This is a good spring-summer everyday kind of casual scent you can wear to work but I think it’s a great school scent for someone out there.

Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur Eau de Parfum
Courtesy of brand

Burberry London Eau De Toilette for Men

This is by far my favourite from the entire men’s niche fragrances brand. This is a little bit heavier, it’s darker, it’s richer. This is certainly classier, more elegant and it does have a little bit more of a mature feel to it. But someone who’s in their 20s can easily wear this Burberry cologne no problem.

The base note is cinnamon and tobacco, but there are a lot of woody notes as well. It’s not like that typical cedarwood or pine scent you get from most men’s fragrances. The spices are really warm too, so it makes sense to have them in this fragrance because they bring out all these other smells that sort of blend together with the woods and tobacco leaf.

It is a little bit more mature, masculine great all-around scent. I wish that the longevity was a little bit better on this but it’s not bad: six to seven hours.


Finding which Burberry cologne is the best for you can be difficult but if you look carefully, you can get a good idea of which one is right for you. Mr Burberry EDP has been a favourite for many years, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s strong enough to last all day long, but it’s also light enough that it doesn’t overwhelm people around you.

It has a fresh scent that people love and a lot of men have come back time and time again to buy this cologne because they know they’ll get compliments every time they wear it. If you’re looking for something that is versatile, then this is the perfect choice for you.

If you’re looking for something that’s going to be more of an everyday scent, then you should try Burberry London for sure. So, which burberry colognes did you like best? Let us know in the comment below!

Best Burberry Cologne for Men