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When Can I Put Coconut Oil in My Baby’s Hair?

Written by Elizabeth Kessler • Updated on: 20/05/23

As a new mother, it makes sense to be cautious of every choice that you make for your infant. Your little bundle of joy needs just as much pampering as any grownup.

We have all heard of our grannies recommending natural potions for babies’ locks. Although using baby oil for hair growth is great, there is nothing like some Coconut Oil for baby hair.

A bottle of coconut oil is what you need to get that perfect bonding with your baby with a relaxing scalp massage. What better way to spend some Mommy and me time?

Let’s find out if this hair care product is actually beneficial for them!

Properties of Coconut Oil

This super oil contains Anti-fungal and Anti-bacterial properties which can help keep infections at bay! This also means that there are fewer chances of any reaction occurring when you apply it on kid’s scalp.

The moisturizing properties present in the oil can be beneficial for your little one. It can hydrate the scalp, preventing dryness and flaky skin.

The best part is the oil can also strengthen the roots for luscious and thick curls in the future. Your baby will surely thank you one day!

It can also help keep your little one’s strands feeling softer and manageable!

Which Kind of Coconut Oil to Use for Infants’ Hair?

Just because this oil is super healthy and beneficial doesn’t mean you can use any kind available. Babies have a sensitive scalp. Using a chemical-infused oil might irritate their skin or worse, cause allergies.

We recommend going for an Extra Virgin one; free of toxins, alcohol, chemicals, and additives. This prevents any chance of skin irritations. The Extra Virgin Coconut oil is extracted naturally without other harmful agents.

An organic product is even better! The natural and free-of-chemical product will give the best results. It will also be a safe choice, keeping you at ease.

Is Coconut Oil Good for Babies Hair?

Of course, it is!

Coconut oil is no harm to your little one’s hair. In fact, it is one of the best oils to you can use for their hair growth.

It is a multi-purpose tool which works for several baby-related problems. You can use it on the nappy rash, for massages and to hydrate their scalp.

However, it is crucial to identify whether the product is safe for your child. Some toddlers might have an allergic reaction to coconut.

Therefore, we recommend testing it out on a small patch first to see if your child may be allergic to it. You have to discontinue if you notice any signs of an adverse reaction.

Moreover, choose a safe, chemical-free and natural product to avoid any reactions. If you can get your hands on an organic and Virgin oil, consider yourself lucky!

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Baby Hair Care

There is plenty of reasons to use coconut oil for your kid. But, most people are unaware of how this amazing oil can be the best thing you can buy for your infant’s hair care.

Read on to find out why you must invest in it!

Say Goodbye to Cradle Cap

Cradle cap is that dry, flaky skin that newborns get on their scalp. A natural treatment to this common baby problem is using this magic oil.

This natural moisturizer nourishes and hydrates the scalp. It also softens the dry skin, eliminating any chances of problems!

Strengthens Your Toddler’s Hair

It’s best to start your kids early on with natural treatments. This oil penetrates deep into the scalp, stimulating faster growth.

It also feeds your roots the much-needed nutrients. The fatty acid and proteins present in it will ensure stronger roots and strands. There’s no way your little one is experiencing breakage or hair loss.

Perfect Solution for Frizzy Hair

The friction caused by your tiny one’s hair and the play mat surface can cause a curly mop. Work on it by gently massaging some coconut oil and leave it on overnight.

The overnight conditioning will help keep the frizz at bay! You can then wash it off with a gentle cleansing baby shampoo and comb to detangle.

Great Moisturizer

Winters can be drying, especially for the tiny tots. Therefore, we recommend regular scalp massages. Instead of using lotions and creams containing chemicals, we recommend using natural coconut oils.

If your little one experiences dry scalp or eczema, this potion could be highly effective!

Other Uses

Regularly shaving your child’s head may cause cuts and bruises. We can use the healing properties of the oil to treat the scratches and cuts on their scalp. Moreover, anti-bacterial properties can help prevent infections.

Along with massaging it on to the scalp, you can also use this potion all over their body!

If your “mini-me” has super voluminous hair that is difficult to manage, style them with some of this lubricant!

Pro Tip: Keeping the coconut oil in hair overnight is a great way to boost hair growth for adults. But remember, this is not the case for your kids. So never do this!


As a parent, we all are aware of this super nourishing oil’s countless benefits. It is surely worth the hype when it comes to baby hair care and maintenance.

I believe the benefits listed above will make you switch from the other baby products to this healthier and safer choice.

It has to be said that the recent shift to organic products was much-needed, and we highly suggest new parents jump on the bandwagon.

The organic Coconut Oil can protect your little one from infections, simultaneously healing their bruises. It can also enhance and stimulate their natural hair growth process.

This natural solution for eczema and cradle cap makes it a must-have product for all tiny ones. However, make sure that you go for the organic and toxin-free product for a safer choice.

We absolutely can’t get enough of this fantastic product. Add it to your baby’s hair care regime to keep their hair soft and shiny forever!