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Applying Coconut Oil in Hair Overnight: Tips and Precautions

Written by Elizabeth Kessler • Updated on: 20/05/23

Coconut oil is the way to go for many when it comes to hair problems. The magic oil has gained fame across time periods and across regions for its nourishing, moisturizing and conditioning properties.

You can use coconut hair oil in multiple ways to stimulate hair growth. One of the most popular methods is applying the coconut oil in hair overnight.

But, is it safe to keep the oil for such long duration on your scalp?

Yeah, this is the doubt most people have in their mind when I suggest this amazing hair growth technique. To be honest with you, this method does have problems.

However, there are ways to get rid off these problems. This article is all about those tips to apply coconut hair oil in your hair overnight.

Is it Good to Leave Coconut Oil Overnight in Your Hair?

The benefits of using coconut oil are multiple and varied. When you use coconut oil, you are not just using an oil, but a five-in-one hair master!

What difference can it make if you apply it overnight on your head?

Here are they:

Hair Length Increases

1. Hair Length Increases

If you want longer hair, here is how coconut oil helps. Most oils cause protein loss of your hair but studies show that there is very less protein loss associated with coconut oil.

Midway breakage is the most common reason why your hair length does not increase. But, coconut oil is useful in reducing this breakage. You must have noticed that in commercials for hair products, one factor commonly cited as a villain is a pollution in various forms- contaminated air or UV radiations. Coconut oil protects your hair from these external factors in the form of pollution.

This means if you keep the oil on your hair for more time, more will be its protective action.

2. Lice, Nit and Dandruff Reduction and Prevention

Are you a victim of lice and dandruff and have failed at getting rid of these irritable organisms?

Coconut oil presents itself in the form of a savior. It has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and therefore, it reduces lice and nit growth in your hair. Coconut oil is also a solution for the ever-present issue of dandruff; it also reduces dandruff and it treats scalp infections and prevents the onset of a new batch of dandruff attack.

The best way to enhance these antifungal and antibacterial effects is to keep the oil in your hair for more time. There is no better way than to use it overnight.

Treats Hair Loss and Damage

3. Treats Hair Loss and Damage

If I would ask you to list down the most annoying hair issue you have, a large number of you would take the name of hair loss. If you suffer from hair loss, then Coconut oil can prove to be your right-hand person as it is very useful and popular for its hair-loss prevention.

Hair damage can show itself in multiple ways and coconut oil has the answer to many. It easily detangles hair and gets to hair fibers and strengthens it and repairs split ends as well. Coconut oil also imparts color to your hair if you use it properly.

Tips to Use Coconut Oil Overnight on Your Scalp

The versatility of coconut oil deserves a mention here as well!

Let me present to you the all-rounder: coconut hair oil. You can use it as a hair mask, as a conditioner, as a scalp treatment method, as a detangler, etc.

People use it at and for various amounts of time. For example, some people use coconut oil before washing their hair, while some others use it after washing their hair. Some leave it on for a few hours, and some, overnight. We turn our focus to the latter, leaving it on overnight.

When you’re using coconut oil as a scalp treatment or as a hair mask, you should let it sit overnight for best results.

Here are the best practices you should follow on these occasions:

  1. Prepare your hair: For the easy application of oil, your hair has to be detangled. You can do this using a comb and your hands or you could use a very small amount of oil to do so. Thereby, your hair will be ready for the scalp mask.
  2. Prepare the oil: Heat the coconut oil for some time and you can notice that the oil will achieve a uniform composition after being heated.
  3. Apply the oil to your scalp and hair: Make sure that you take a small amount of oil and apply it directly to the roots of your hair and to the strands as well. You should be careful to take only a small amount of oil and then rub it thoroughly because otherwise, it could make your scalp very oily. You can tie your hair in a top bun.
  4. Use a Shower Cap: You can use a shower cap or plastic cover to tie over your top bun and you should keep this on while sleeping. This is a great way to not spoil your bedsheets and pillow.
  5. Shampoo in the morning: Jump into the shower right after waking up, if you can! Use a mild shampoo and shampoo the oil off twice so that your hair is not left oily. You will have frizz-less locks and a moistened scalp. Do this once a week for best results.
  6. Although using coconut oil for baby hair growth is a great idea, you shouldn’t keep the oil overnight on their scalps. It’s not good for them.
Tips to Use Coconut Oil Overnight

The Downsides

Coconut oil has also met with certain kinds of negative reception across time. There are a few possibilities and situations in which coconut oil does not act as a cure-all. Some of the downsides of using coconut hair oil are as follows.

  1. Grease and Dirt: You have to follow the formula, “less is more”. Otherwise, if you use too much coconut oil, then you are at great risk of having excess oil in your hair and a greasy and dirty scalp. What does this mean? You shouldn’t use too much oil in your hair. This will have a negative effect.
  2. Allergies: Some people tend to have an allergic reaction to coconut oil. You should initially test for any such allergies before you use coconut oil
  3. Dependence on hair length and type: Coconut oil does not work for every type of hair and the amount depends on the type and length and thickness of hair so you need to be careful about that before applying the mask. If you have fine to medium shiny hair, coconut oil will work better. If you have dry hair, you may not necessarily benefit from coconut oil. According to the thickness and length, you can increase the amount of oil required, but itʼs best to use the oil in small amounts.


I always think that the hair benefits of coconut oil outclass its other benefits. Such is the power of this fantastic and healthy oil to help your hair grow.

Keeping the oil in your scalp overnight will definitely boost its action. If you have non-dry hair and are looking for conditioning your hair or looking to treat scalp ailments, an overnight coconut oil mask is one of the best solutions.

But, always be careful to use small amounts of oil. Further, you should also remember to heat it, to wear a shower cap and to shampoo it off thoroughly.

You have just gained yourself a quick, painless, home remedy for many of your issues such as hair loss, hair damage, and dandruff.