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How to Make Hair Thicker & Longer Naturally

Written by Elizabeth Kessler • Updated on: 11/02/23

Here is how to make hair thicker and fuller naturally!

Hair thinning is quite common and mostly occurs as we get older. Apart from genetics, it can also be a result of poor nutrition and poor quality products.

And even in instances where hair thinning is not health-related, it is a problem that affects people’s general health and self-esteem.

Good news! There are several scientifically proven methods that work to make the hair thicker, shiny long, and fuller.

Moreover, a long period of life stress can cause the hair to start thinning.

Most people notice these changes and after things settle down and happiness returns, you will realize that the hair starts growing back its volume.

All in all, whatever the cause of your hair problems, your dreams of having thick healthy hair are still valid.

Read on to know how to get it done.

How to Make Hair Thicker

How to Make Hair Thicker, Longer & Fuller Naturally

1. Use a Good Hair Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner

The first step is to start using a good hair-thickening shampoo and conditioner. These products have the required active ingredients and less toxic components that might stress your hair further.

Go for the same brand of shampoo and conditioner to get maximum benefits.

2. Trim Hair Regularly

To achieve your new hair goal. You need to trim the edges of your hair regularly. This reduces the gristly look and gets rid of split ends and dry ends.

In essence, it gives the hair a good beginning for it to flourish.

You can also consider getting a blunt cut, which will most definitely help a big deal in growing thicker longer hair.

3. Use a Hair Growth Mask

Get the right hair growth masks regularly. They have lots of active ingredients that boost hair growth and promote thickness and shine. They are ideal for people struggling with thin hair.

4. Use a dry shampoo

Apply dry shampoo to your hair roots. This will give you an instant hair volume boost.

The dry shampoo has starch and minerals powders that increase resistance on hair strands that creates volume.

Avoid using direct heat on your hair

5. Avoid using direct heat on your hair

Purpose of keeping your hair healthy. Reduce the use of heat styles equipment and use less conditioner.

Always use a hair heat protectant when using heat on your hair. These products minimize heat damage and hair loss.

6. It is also a good idea to take some hair thickening supplements.

Take supplements and vitamins that benefit your hair for ultimate hair growth success. (Always follow prescription)

7. Make use of hair thickening styling products

Always style your hair with good hair thickening products. These products improve the hair’s health and give a fuller longer and healthy hair in the end.

Avoid products that dry out your hair or make it look unhealthy.

Moreover, these products give the hair some grip and enable you to manipulate it without causing it any more damage.

Keep in mind:

A thin hair structure should not lower your self-esteem or get you into an unstylish life. There are a lot of things you can do with your hair to make it look amazing.

You only need a small investment to transform thin hair.

Focus on the beauty of your hair and what options are available to give it some volume boost as you wait for the hair treatments to take action and give a more natural thickness.

Additional Tips:

  • Find a personal hairstylist who has experience dealing with thin hair. This person is best placed to suggest and recommend what works in terms of styles and products.
  • Don’t shy away from asking friends and family for recommendations. In most cases, their references would work best.
  • Going through these channels will ensure you get the right hairstyle inspirations to protect and preserve your hair as you work on thickening it.

Realized that there are very many hair thickening options, apart from what I shared with your above. Explore these options with your hairstylist and settle on what fits your hair type and budget.

Do not go bankrupt trying to get hair volume. In the course of life, I realized some of these conditions are temporary. Your hair might just be going through a phase and everything will get back to normal without much effort.

Moreover, sometimes accepting your hair for what it is will be the key to flourishing it. You end up having peace and living a happier life.

Nevertheless, none of these “how to make hair thicker and longer” options is really expensive. To start, focus on finding a good hair care routine for your hair type. This step alone will bring great change to your hair.

Use hair thickening products responsibly by following all manufacturers ’ instructions. And above all be patient and take it one day at a time.