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Olive Oil Benefits: Is it Good for Hair Growth?

Written by Elizabeth Kessler • Updated on: 20/05/23

Our ancestors have all passed down the secret hair remedies for the ultimate luscious tresses. Most of these include natural oils to enhance hair growth and prevent hair loss. We have all heard about the use of Olive Oil straight out of your kitchen cabinets.

You might have seen your peers being voracious about the benefits of olive oil for hair growth and hair fall control.

But, is it really good for your hair? Let’s find out!

Is Olive Oil Good for Hair Growth?

You might have already seen our article on best olive oil for hair growth. If you’re still confused whether olive oil can be a good choice for hair care, this is for you.

To be honest, there is not much scientific evidence behind olive oils ability to boost hair growth and prevent hair loss. But, there are many studies which support the fact that olive oil has a deep moisturizing effect.


Oleic Acid is a fatty acid present in Olives. This key ingredient keeps your locks super soft and manageable. Along with that, this golden potion has anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties.

Individuals with sensitive scalps and allergies must invest in it. You can use it to treat dry and itchy scalps and to remove dandruff.

There’s no reason for you to look any further than this! Oh, and there’s more.

This inexpensive remedy works wonders on dry and brittle strands. A few drops of this oil and you will have a lively mop in close to no time! Rich in Vitamin E and Anti-Oxidants, it is the ultimate product to fight Summer Frizz.

Excessive use of heating tools like irons and curling wands can burn your strands. If you have unhealthy looking hair and need some repairing – this is the way to go!

Natural products can work wonders for all these hair problems. If there’s one we absolutely love, it’s the Olive Oil!

How Good is Olive Oil on Different Hair Types

How Good is Olive Oil on Different Hair Types?

Did you know, you can apply this oil to almost all hair types! Here is an overview of olive oil’s action on different hair types.


As mentioned above, it is the best remedy to add life to unruly hair. Undernourished hair can potentially lead to breakage, hair fall and balding. However, the fatty acids present in this oil immediately take over the hair care process.

The grease acts on the dryness, moisturizing the scalp, as well as, your tresses!

Along with that, the oil adds shine and softens your hair cuticle, giving it a fresh look.

Textured Hair

Dealing with curls and spirals? This hair care potion could be your best friend!

We absolutely love how manageable our hair feels with the application. Whether it is curls or waves, you’ll have absolutely no difficulty styling your hair.

What’s even better is that you can also use it as a hair styling tool. A few drops of it could go a long way in adding shine and gloss to your locks.

Treated Hair

Hair dyes can be severely damaging to your hair. They rid your hair of its natural moisture while the chemicals weaken the hair shaft.

By using a moisturizing potion like this, you will reclaim the damage in no time. The restored moisture will soften your hair, giving it a luscious appearance.

Remember to use it colored hair to make your hair color stay on for as long as possible! Use it between applications to repair the damage and prepare your hair for the deed.

You can also use the oil on processed hair after treatments like Relaxation and Perming. This can help restore its health.

How to deal with Greasiness?

While the oil works great with these hair types, here’s something to keep in mind!

Oils tend to be greasy on the scalp and hair. Applying too much of it to your hair and scalp could lead to an oily scalp. We bet you don’t want to deal with sticky strands!

Limit your applications to once or twice, every week. Go for an intensive treatment only if you suffer from dryness.

You can also go for a non-sticky and lightweight kind to avoid greasiness.

Olive Oil Benefits for Hair

Olive Oil Benefits for Hair

Want to beat the hair commercial models with your own luscious locks? These remarkable benefits of Olive Oil will give you just that!

Let’s check out all the great things it does for your tresses.

1. Fights Flaky Dandruff

Despite being a common hair problem, most people aren’t aware of what dandruff really is. Your scalp deposits dry skin flakes that often causes itching. Dandruff can be an embarrassing sight for anyone!

Especially when there’s some fallen all over your favorite black top or when you’re all dressed up for a special day!

Tired of dealing with stubborn dandruff that just won’t leave? Ever thought something stored right in your pantry could be of help?

Yes! You read that right.

Pull out that bottle of Extra Virgin Oil and get started because it is not just great for your gut but also for your hair. With Anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties, it could become your hair’s new best friend.

Here is what it does:

  • The thick consistency softens and dissolves dirt and dandruff.
  • It does this without damaging your scalp or hair, unlike other products.
  • Olive oil soothes your scalp and keeps dandruff and head lice away.
  • It also offers conditioning which enhances the overall scalp health.

It is the best tool to keep the icky flakes away! And you can even mix the oil with several natural ingredients to guarantee even better best results.

Fights Flaky Dandruff

2. Hair Growth Booster

Regretting the decision to chop your hair? Can’t grow the length back? Don’t worry!

With frequent hair oiling, you can stimulate your hair follicles. This allows for faster hair growth, giving you the hair of your dreams.

The properties present in the oil allow the hair to grow thicker and healthier. And, we have proof!

Members of the Food & Nutrition Department, South Korea, found the evidence. Oleuropein, an ingredient present in Olives can enhance hair growth.

Another reason you must try Olive Oil is that it helps to remove excess sebum. Sebum is an oil secreted that leaves your skin and hair feeling moisturized. While this sounds good thing, it can be bad for the hair follicles.

Sebum negatively impacts hair growth and the growth of new hair follicles. By reducing sebum, you can get a faster hair growth without compromising on moisture.

Olive oil will make sure to keep your scalp and hair moisturized with its conditioning properties.

3. Softens the Hair Shaft

Another advantage of olive oil for hair is that it can soften the hair shaft. Dry and rough hair is a turnoff for both men and women. Soft hair, on the other hand, looks super attractive.

Using hair oils can lock in moisture, hydrating both scalp and hair. This is one such oil that softens your tresses by moisturizing them.

This feature makes it perfect for all hair types. If you have wavy, curly or color-treated hair, this is the perfect hair care product to invest in.

By making the texture of your hair smoother, it makes it more manageable. You can now style your hair the way you want to!

4. Frizz-Free Treatment

Your hair care regimen and weather can have a significant impact on your frizz. If your hair looks just like Monica Gellar’s hair did in Barbados, you may need help!

Most salons won’t tell you this but their treatments and products include olive oil as a key ingredient. This is because of its star stellar performance in taming the frizz.

The oil with its Vitamin E can help reduce the appearance of frizz. You can use a few drops of oil on damp hair. Alternately, you could leave it on overnight for a smooth and glossy look.

Nature’s Absolutes is one such product to use on your gorgeous locks. The product works well on both men and women! The best part is that it is multi-purpose.

We also suggest using it with other natural ingredients like Egg, Avocado, and Honey. This will moisturize dry hair, making it less prone to frizz.

5. Anti-Inflammation

A sensitive scalp can get irritated even with the use of a gentle product. An itchy and red scalp can be annoying at times.

If you absolutely must use a product that might irritate the scalp, use a protectant with it. What’s better than a natural hair oil to fix the issue?

A key component present in olives, oleocanthal, has anti-inflammatory effects. Unrefined hair oil with this key element will work wonders for your scalp.

Applying it regularly will not only soothe the scalp but will also allow it to heal.

Hair Damage Repairer

6. Hair Damage Repairer

Men and Women love styling their hair by using tools. The heat, along with products like sprays and gels can harm your hair and scalp. Extensive use of such products eventually leads to hair thinning, hair loss and even balding.

Instead of using heat and chemical products, we recommend natural alternatives. Lightweight and natural smelling oils could just become your best buddy!

Applying just a few drops right after a shower can tame the frizz. You can also use the oil instead of hairspray to tame the baby hair.

This oil, though greasy, when used in little amounts can prove beneficial. The grease can act as a barrier between the hair and the tools to prevent damage.

Moreover, when damaged, this magical potion can work to repair your hair. Here’s how:

  • Mix egg yolk and some olive oil to create a cheap, at-home hair treatment. Leave the mask on for about 30 minutes and rinse off as usual. This remedy shall leave you with silky, soft tresses you’ve always dreamed of!
  • Douse your hair in generous amounts of the oil for intensive conditioning. Preferably, leave it on overnight and rinse it off in the morning. Practice it occasionally for best results.
  • Use a mist bottle to store two-part oil with one-part water. Spray some on to your damp hair for easy management and to prevent sun damage.

7. No Split Ends

Malnourished, dry and brittle hair are most prone to split ends. This is when the hair cuticle gets ripped off. These split ends usually occur at the end of the hair but may occur in the middle as well.

Delayed haircuts, dry strands, and poor scalp health can all lead to Split ends.

But wait, here’s how to treat this common problem! This thick and greasy oil nourishes the oil from root to tip. It repairs hair damage and strengthens the hair shaft and prevent them from getting in your way of achieving the flawless, long-hair look!

The oil smoothens the appearance of hair, keeping them well nourished. This helps keep split ends and brittleness away!

8. Strengthens the Roots

Got hair strands all over your room and clothes? Facing hair breakage while combing or brushing? These are all signs of weaker hair.

Using oils that work their magic at strengthening hair follicles is just what you need.

Hair masks made with this nourishing and conditioning oil is the ultimate solution! The fatty acids and nutrients present in this potion offer promising results.

It will ensure stronger roots and shafts. This means the weaker strands will hold on, reducing hair fall and breakage.

And, as mentioned above, the oil will also stimulate hair growth. You will have stronger and healthier hair in no time!

Ever thought a basic and incredibly affordable product like this could have such endless benefits? We bet not!

9. Say Goodbye to Baldness

The Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone is one of the major causes of baldness in men and women. The excess of this hormone also causes hair thinning and breakage. By slowing down the DHT production, you can reduce the process of balding.

Looks like we finally have a solution for male-pattern balding!

What’s the Best Olive Oil

What’s the Best Olive Oil?

The best oil type is always the unrefined kind. This is because they are free of chemicals and other additives. It will provide your locks with maximum benefits!

For this reason, we recommend the Extra Virgin type. Keep in mind, it may have a strong aroma and bitter taste. However, these features help you identify authenticity and quality.

The Extra Virgin type is unrefined and is extracted without the use of chemicals. We can also use this type for cooking and as a salad dressing.

Brands like Figaro, Disano, and Morpheme Remedies are definitely reliable in this matter.

How to Use it?

You can use the oil in its raw form or as a combination with other natural products. Typically, most hair care products contain this golden potion which works equally well.

Organic Root Stimulator shampoo is just one example! Infused with the oil and aloe cream, it is a great product to restore moisture in your dry hair. The gentle cleanser removes all dirt from your scalp without stripping hair.

However, you can also use the oil straight out of the kitchen for a quick hair massage. Alternately, you could mix it with yogurt or mayonnaise for a protein treatment.

Here is an in-depth article you should read: How to use olive oil for hair growth.


Hair care is essential for all men and women. To ensure healthy growth and well-nourished scalp, make sure to invest in quality products. I am sure that you now know you can use olive oil for hair benefits. This rich, powerhouse will work great in moisturizing dry scalp and hair.

Manage your dry and brittle strands with the use of this magical potion and see the difference yourself!

This product is the one stop solution for all your hair and skin problems. Investing in an ample amount will last you long enough. Regular usage will guarantee softer and shinier strands!

But the most important thing to remember is that healing takes time. Don’t expect the oil to work wonders overnight. Keep using it regularly for at least a month and you’ll start seeing and believing that olive oil is the best product that your hair needs.

With all your hair problems taken care of by olive oil, what more could you ask for? This hair lubricant is your knight in shining armor.

Olive oil hair benefits are really amazing. Keep your hair looking and feeling soft and healthy forever with the regular use of Olive oil.