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Olive Oil for Baby Hair: Benefits, How to Use and Recommendations

Written by Elizabeth Kessler • Updated on: 20/05/23

Touted as one of the best baby hair oil, olive oil always give your babies the perfect result.

But I doubt that the benefits of olive oil for baby hair is known to all the parents.

Along with anti-bacterial properties, olive oils also help moisturize your toddler’s scalp and grow out their locks.

This is perfectly why we highly recommend using olive oil for young children. The golden potion can help nourish your little one’s scalp while also stimulating hair growth.

If you still have any doubts, read on and we’re sure that these benefits will convince you into buying a big bottle of olive oil ASAP.

Olive Oil for Baby Hair

Olive Oil Benefits for Infant Hair

There is no doubt about the olive oil benefits on adults hair.

But, how effective it is on your little one’s scalp?

Here is how this golden oil helps in infant hair care and maintenance:

1. Texture

Newborns develop the texture and thickness of their curls over time. With regular usage of healthy and nourishing products, you can help change it! Thin hair is a common sight among children with undernourished scalps.

The fatty acids present in this natural fruit work on the shaft, feeding it all the essential nutrients. In doing so, you can potentially change your child’s mane to your desired texture and thickness.

2. Fights Hair Dryness

Cradle cap and eczema are other common scalp problems that the little ones face. To treat these two, you need a thick grease that is rich in Vitamin E. What better than this natural golden potion?

Quit stressing out and try out this remedy now!

This Vitamin E and Keratin present in it moisturize the scalp, preventing all signs of dryness. Apply a few drops on to their scalp and use a soft-bristle brush off the flaky skin gently.

Leave it overnight as a natural moisturizer and wash off the next day.

3. Speedy Hair Growth

If you notice bald spots on your little one’s scalp, it’s time to up your game!

Using a growth-stimulating oil is critical here.

By gently massaging the scalp with olive oil, you can enhance the blood flow. It helps promote oxygen flow which strengthens the follicles.

With this magic ingredient, you’ll see a fuller mane on your tiny tot in no time!

4. Cleanser

Despite daily showers, there is a high chance of dirt gathering between hair strands. This is very common even in the newborns.

This dirt can weaken their tresses and may also lead to breakage.

It’s vital to use a mild cleanser to improve the overall scalp health. Fortunately, this natural product works well as a gentle and safe cleanser. You’ll be surprised by how this thick grease reaches between the locks to remove all traces of pollution and dirt.

5. Stronger Follicles

If you thought strengthening follicles isn’t crucial for kids, you better get started now. To ensure healthy growth and fuller head for your little one, begin with using the best hair care products.

Starting early with proper care will ensure luscious locks later in life.

Oleic Acid present in olives can help give you the benefits you’re looking! It also works as a natural conditioner which will leave their curls silky smooth.

Is Olive Oil Safe for Baby Hair?

Using a toxin and chemical-free product will be a safe bet! As a parent, making an informed choice is crucial.

If there’s one product that all dermatologists deem safe for infants, it’s Olive Oil. Doctors often recommend it as a natural relief from Eczema and Cradle Cap. Most often, it works well with even sensitive scalps.

However, as most kids are sensitive, it is best to test out the product. Discontinue use if you notice any signs of an allergic reaction.

Best Olive Oil for Babies

We have seen the amazing benefits olive oil offer for your little one’s hair.

Applying an organic product on your baby’s hair is very important for any parent. It keeps you at ease knowing the product is entirely safe for your baby.

I know what you’re thinking now.

You want that one product that will make your kid an angel with luscious hair.

Most natural olive oils are available as Extra Virgin. The type includes extracting it without the use of chemicals or heat. Instead, it is obtained as an unrefined type, giving you maximum benefits.

The Figaro is one product considered a safe bet for massaging babies. It can also be used to massage their body along with the scalp.

Morpheme Remedies is another excellent pick for toddler’s scalp and luscious locks. The organic, extra virgin potion keeps hair strands tangle-free while also stimulating the growth.

How to Use Olive Oil on Baby Hair

Using olive oil for hair growth for adults and babies are bit different.

You need to be gentle and should devote ample time for proper application of the olive oil on children’s scalp.

This is how you are supposed to do it:

Immerse a soft baby towel in the grease, heated till lukewarm. Place it over the scalp, allowing maximum absorption. Remove after 10-15 minutes, rinsing off with a mild shampoo.

Alternately, you could apply it overnight as a deep-conditioning treatment for dryness. It leaves the scalp moisturized and well-nourished.


You can easily improve the texture and give your kids’ hair the desired thickness with this natural and safe tool. Along with that, you can use olive oil as a styling tool to manage their curls.

I believe this is the best natural remedy to give your angel the look of your dreams at an incredibly budget-friendly price.

Begin scalp care at a young age so your child will always have a well-nourished scalp. There’s no way your children will face falling strands or breakage later in life, and they’ll definitely thank you for this one day.

With a wide variety available in the market, make sure to choose a gentle one. A hypo-allergen product will keep all infections and reactions away!

Here’s to loving the little ones with and without their mane.