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How to Use Coconut Oil for Hair Growth

Written by Elizabeth Kessler • Updated on: 20/05/23

You might already be knowing the fact that the most versatile oil in the world, coconut oil, does amazing job in hair care.

But, let me ask you something.

Do you really know the correct way to apply coconut oil on your hair? Further, how long should you be applying the oil for the best results?

You don’t have to worry if you are clueless about this.

Today, we are going to help you out with two most important aspects about using coconut oil on your hair.

  1. How to use coconut oil for hair growth
  2. How to make coconut oil suitable for hair treatment

Let’s start!

How to Use Coconut Oil for Hair Growth

How to Use Coconut Oil for Hair Growth

This secret potion has the ability to grow your hair out, giving it an utterly gorgeous shine. There are various ways you can use coconut oil for terriffic results.

Now, let’s go through some of the best known methods:

Pre-Shampoo Treatment

Through research, we have come to know that coconut oil helps to prevent protein loss in damaged and undamaged hair. Using it as a pre-shampoo treatment can help trap all the essential nutrients required to maintain a healthy mane.

So, how can you do it?

Dump a junk of pure coconut oil and heat it in a microwave. Using an applicator, apply this magic potion, giving your curls a generous coating.

Leave the hair oil on for 20-30 minutes and rinse off with a mild shampoo for best results. The gaping mouth in the mirror will surely be a result of the gorgeous glossy curls!

This miraculous potion can be the real secret behind picture-perfect curls you see on billboards and magazines.

Leave-In Conditioner

Yeah, you can use coconut hair oil as a conditioner too.

Rich in fatty acids, coconut oil works as one of the best conditioners for the hair. This is why you are finding coconut oil as a critical ingredient in most hair products.

Coconut oil enthusiasts cannot stop raving the product and rightly so.

It works as a powerful remedy for thick, unruly and dry curls. You can use it over any ordinary conditioner or moisturizer. The oil will help lock in the nourishing properties, giving you well-hydrated tresses, like never before!

Frizz Controller

Nothing can beat this aromatic oil when it comes to frizz taming.

Summer calls for tropical vacations! And, what better a companion than this?

You might be eager to know the best way to apply coconut hair oil for frizz controller. Let’s dive in:

Take a glob of coconut oil, covering all your strands in it. The hydrating and conditioning ingredients present in it, work magically in diminishing the fuzzy and irregular texture of your curls.

Summers might just become your favorite season with this secret use of Coconut Oil! Well, mostly.

Split-end Treatment using coconut oil

Tattered, damaged, and unruly hair can be a sore sight for the eyes. Trust us; nobody likes dealing with frayed and brittle ends!

To be honest, you cannot do much about your split ends. While many products claim to “fix” them, the reality is, they are unfixable. All you need is a generous trim to get rid of the splits.

Your favorite hairdresser is out of town? No worries!

What you can do, however, is conceal them. You may be wondering how?

Coconut oil contains moisturizing properties that can smooth out the strands. It means the frayed ends will appear far softer and shinier.

Use a few dabs of coconut oil on your ends, and you will have incredible results. Try it!

Using coconut oil for Hair Growth and Thickness

Yeah, you can use coconut oil for hair growth too.

As one of the miracle oils, Coconut Oil contains excellent nourishing properties that can grow your hair thicker, longer, and healthier. The natural goodness includes essential vitamins and minerals needed to improve the overall health.

By penetrating the cuticle and follicles, the oil can supply all the nutrients deep inside, offering unbelievable results.

Another reason why it boosts hair growth is, this fatty oil helps to remove excess sebum build-up on the scalp. By unclogging the follicles, you can ensure speedy hair growth.

Here are the ways to apply coconut oil for growing your hair:

  1. Take around 20 ml of coconut oil and warm it in a microwave oven
  2. Apply the coconut oil on your scalp once it gets cooled
  3. Apply it from root to end of your hair
  4. Make sure that you are applying the liquid form for even penetration
  5. Gently massage the oil for 15 minutes
  6. Cover your hair with a towel
  7. Let the oil to do magic for at least 30 minutes
  8. Don’t keep the oil on your hair for more than one hour if you don’t have any issue with a headache
  9. It’s recommended to use coconut oil 2-3 times in a week for best hair care results

Although keeping coconut oil on your hair overnight has it’s own advantages, you might end up your bed sheet and blankets.

Lice and Dandruff Protection

If there’s a stubborn hair problem, it’s this one.

Lice and dandruff are very difficult to get rid of. It takes plenty of time for medicated treatments to work.

To prevent any long term damage, we suggest shifting to natural alternates like Coconut oil. In fact, a 2002 study found coconut oil to be more successful than medicated treatments in treating lice. What more could you possibly want?

The best part is, using coconut oil will keep your scalp well-nourished and hydrated. It helps to tackle the root cause of issues like these. There’s no way you will be experiencing a case of relapse!

How to Make Coconut Oil for Hair

How to Make Coconut Oil for Hair

With over a dozen brands at hand, it gets difficult to decide which one is the best. Moreover, considering the chemicals going into extracting it, you’re better off creating your own oil at home. That way, you can be sure of the authenticity and purity of the coconut oil.

While most people consider the process complex and time-taking, the result is always worth the effort.

Find a Ripe Coconut

A ripe coconut is far easier to find than you think. You can find one at your local farmer’s market or grocery store. While making the purchase, make sure to go for an aged, brown coconut to get the most out of its meat.

The main reason for this is that extracting the oil from a mature and ripe coconut is better than the green and young ones.

Hammer the coconut, splitting it into two halves. You can also use a cleaver or knife for this. In doing so, make sure to protect your hands.

Scrape the Coconut Meat

The white inside of the nut is known as the coconut meat. This meat is used to extract coconut milk, which is later used to extract out the oil.

You can use a scraper, knife, or spoon to scrape out this white meat from the outer shell. The next step is to cut it into small pieces.

Alternately, you can also use a shredder to speed up the process.

Blend to create Coconut Milk

Once cut, the meat is then added to a blender to get a smooth paste. The dry bits often get difficult to blend. In that case, you may add some hot water.

Pour the mixture into a bowl and give it a good massage. Once you have created a smooth paste, filter it out using cheesecloth. Give it a good squeeze to separate the coconut milk from the chunky mixture.

Once this step is complete, allow the mixture to rest overnight as this separates the water from the curd or cream.

Cook it

Carefully scoop out the cream from the water using a spoon. Add this cream to a low-flame lit pan. Cook the cream until the oil separates, leaving small chunks and bits of coconut remain in the pan.

Switch off the flame, filtering it one more time, using cheesecloth.

Most natural oils have low burning points. For this reason, make sure to cook it on a low flame, or it can burn the coconut oil.

Cool down the oil and store it in a glass container for later use. You can use the oil for up to 8-12 months.


If there could be a king of all oils, we’re sure the crown would go to Coconut Oil! Most users hail it as the best all-purpose oil for its numerous properties.

With over hundreds of oils to choose from, you might be wondering what all the hype surrounding coconut oil is about.

Coconut oil was traditionally used for cooking and often as a natural moisturizer. However, with growing research, we have come to realize its exceptional qualities. It does far more than just moisturizing! Let’s read up on all the ways you can use it.

Coconut oil has many benefits for the skin and hair. As a natural moisturizer and conditioner, it can help resolve many scalp and hair issues, making it a life saviour.

Stylists, hair experts, and dermatologists, unanimously recommend using organic, virgin coconut oil to maximize benefits.

Creating coconut oil at home will save you monthly rounds to your dermatologist; we guarantee! Use our step by step guide to fill up a jar of all that natural goodness. Your gorgeous hair days await you.