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How To Make Your Feet Soft Fast

If your feet are cracked, dehydrated, or uncomfortable to the touch, here are easy ways to make your feet soft naturally …nothing serious.

More unsightly (especially in summer!), Dry feet can sometimes prevent you from sporting perfect pedicures and sandals. Read our tips to find feet softness and comfort.

How To Make Your Feet Soft Fast

Best Tips to Make Your Feet Soft Naturally

Here is a Complete Care and Hydration process for Dry Feet

Often neglected, the feet are nevertheless abused on a daily basis and require special attention not to end up with crevices or even unsightly corns.

To restore life and softness to your dry feet, treatment is essential and must be practiced at least once a month in the salon or at home.

1. The Foot Bath Method

This is called a foot bath, it is a three-step foot cleaning and hydration process:

  1. Soaking the feet in hot water enriched with essential oils, coarse salt, and sodium bicarbonate
  2. Exfoliation of the feet with specific products
  3. Sanding (Check out the best foot sanding products)

This adapted routine, while effective, will require moisturizing heel socks to keep your feet hydrated and supple.

Since this area is thicker than the skin on the rest of the body, maintain it by moisturizing it regularly with a moisturizing body cream or balm.

2. Natural Ways to Make Your Feet Soft At Home

Some natural products are very effective against dry feet. They instantly soften cracked heels and remove calluses and horny underfoot.

a) Using Vegetable Oil to Soften Feet:

Very effective on dry skin of the feet. Put some on the affected areas and gently rub or soak your socks in this oil and keep them on overnight. The treatment is to be repeated for several days.

b) Using Bananas and Avocados:

Bananas have great nutritional properties. You can rub the feet with the inside of the banana peel for a few minutes.

Use its pulp to remove dead skin from your feet and repair calluses. You can also opt for a natural mask based on avocado and banana.

Mix the two ingredients until you get a thick paste and add green coconuts.

c) Using Paraffin:

This is the most effective remedy for cracked and painful heels. Combine paraffin wax with coconut oil and mix in a saucepan and let cool.

Apply the mixture to the heels and leave on overnight, putting on socks.

d) Using Shea Butter:

It is the ultimate beauty remedy for the feet. Applied daily, it rests your feet and your body from the ravages of winter. Even during the harshest times of the season, you have perfect, soft feet.

Grandma’s Tips For Softening Dry Feet Skin

3. Grandma’s Tips For Softening Dry Feet Skin

Want to put an end to cracked and chapped feet with a homemade recipe? A simple, quick, and effective process!

To achieve this grandmother’s trick against dry feet you will need only two ingredients. No need to look far, you necessarily have these two ingredients in your kitchen.

  • Olive oil: recognized for its moisturizing properties
  • Salt: to exfoliate the skin of your feet and get rid of dead skin
  • A few drops of lemon: for a baby skin effect


In a large bowl combine two tablespoons of olive oil and two tablespoons of fine salt. Massage your feet with the mixture, insisting on the heels.

Rinse your feet then let them soak in a basin of lukewarm water in which you will add a few drops of lemon and then dry them.

When the grandmother’s recipe operation is complete, your feet will regain their softness!

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