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How to Stop High Heel Shoes From Hurting

Written by • Updated on: 30/07/22

It is time to stop your high heels from hurting and causing blisters!

In shoe stores, you always fall for stilettos or high-heeled pumps but your feet bear the scars after a few hours?

I am sure you are tired of having sore feet every time you wear high heels! Here are some tips that could change your life!

How to Stop High Heel Shoes From Hurting

Top 10 Solutions to Stop Heels From Hurting and Causing You Discomfort.

These DIY remedies will be a game-changer to your style and comfort of wearing heels. Read through the tips and be sure apply them in your routine

#1. Put talcum powder in your shoes …

You gave in and bought a pair of faux leather shoes? If you have not paid attention to the material, bet on talcum powder which will be able to absorb all the perspiration and protect your feet from overheating!

#2. Pay attention to the material of your shoes

Moisture is the primary source responsible for friction that causes burns, themselves responsible for blisters…

To be able to wear a pair of heeled shoes without pain, therefore forget the synthetic materials that make the foot sweat and opt for supple leather that limits overheating and is more easily shaped to the shape of your feet.

#3. Tape your toes

This is a very simple trick to stop having sore feet in heels! Just tape your 3rd and 4th toes together using a small piece of tape to relieve the nerve that is over-stressed by the arch from high heels.

#4. Wear your shoes at home

To be really comfortable in your shoes, you have to “fit” them to your feet, that is to say, loosen them up so as not to suffer.

To make them fit, it is better to wear them at home, for an hour, each day, before going out on the street. It will be much more comfortable on D-Day.

#5. Use some cream

Another solution to make a barrier to the friction between the shoe on the skin and prevent blisters: moisturizer. It is also a great help if you distribute a small amount inside the shoe in strategic places!

#6. Learn to walk well

You don’t think much about it, but working on your approach can change everything! Foot pain is also a question of technique.

No more long strides, first take small steps. But above all, put your foot correctly on the ground, starting with your heel before rolling out the arch of the foot, then the tip of the foot. Your feet will thank you!

#7. Plan to Buy your shoes at the end of the day

Always buy your heels and stilettos at the end of the day because that’s when your feet are most swollen (especially in summer).

This is the only way not to have a nasty surprise (and pain) the night you wear your shoes for the first time!

#8. Wear comfort soles

Slip silicone soles in your shoes to reduce pressure and limit friction in the shoe. Anti-slip soles, anti-pain pads, anti-shock heels, there is a variety of accessories capable of changing your life and making your shoes comfortable!

#9. Try to Anticipate the blisters

As soon as you put your heels on, you already know where your shoes might hurt you within hours. Prevention is better than cure!

Put bandages on areas prone to blisters to anticipate the problem and avoid sore feet.

#10. Put your shoes in the freezer

To be comfortable in your shoes, you need to make your pumps more flexible. The grandmother technique to accelerate the process?

Slip your shoes into two small freezer bags to protect them from water, then put them in the freezer overnight. All you have to do is take them out and wear them in the morning!

3 Best High Heel Shoes

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