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9 Wonderful Benefits of Eyelash Extensions You Must Know

Written by Elizabeth Kessler • Updated on: 11/02/23

Eyelash extensions are a revolutionary discovery in fashion culture. The benefits of eyelash extensions are more than just letting go of mascara. They give you confidence in your everyday look and when you’re glamming up.

Who doesn’t want to have long and fluttery lashes, right? But there are other eyelash extensions benefits. This article will show them to you and offer details that you must know before getting lash extensions.

Eyelash Extension Curl

Guidelines Regarding Eyelash Extension Curl

Before adding it to your eyes, you may ponder ‘What do eyelash extensions look like?’ The technician will arrange the one that suits your eyes, but it’s still helpful to know the different types of lash curls.

Types of lash curls

  • J Curl
    This curl is intended for individuals who have straight lashes that go downwards. It can be tricky to have these lashes but J curls can give you a natural effect.

  • B Curl
    Another option for people with straight lashes is the B curl. It lifts tricky, straight lashes. Also, you can get more curls compared to J curls.

  • L+ Curl
    Since there’s a need to improvise straight lashes, L+ curl is another option. You can refer to it as J or B curl but only with a flat base. Since there’s a complete bond to the base, you’ll be in awe of the terrific visuals!

  • C and D Curls
    These curls gain popularity due to frequent usage. The C curl is for people who already have a slight curl but want an enhanced open-eye effect.

    If you want to have curlier lashes, the D curl is the solution. This curl will also give you a dramatic effect that widens and brightens the eyes. If you want to emphasize both the curl and the lift, go for the D curl!
Types of lash curls

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About the right size

Volume lashes begin from .03 mm to .10 mm. The length should be 2mm longer than your natural lashes. In terms of diameter, it should be the same as your real lashes or slightly thicker for a bold appearance.

To get the benefits of lash extensions, only 2 to 3 mm should be added. The length can be up to 20mm. As for thickness, the general rule is eyelash extension size 10mm thickness for 10mm long natural lashes.

Note: Eyelash extensions shouldn’t be heavy as they can strain lash follicles, which affects the re-growth.

Materials used for eyelash extensions

The usual materials that are used for eyelash extensions are silk, synthetic, faux mink, and mink. You can discuss your preference with the technician.

The volume

In 2010, volume lashes became popular in the lash industry. The process is putting multiple extensions in a single lash. Even with the additional layers, however, each strand is thinner and lighter than the previous ones.

They also have soft and darker outcomes without ruining the natural lashes. You can choose from 4D to 8D hybrid and volume fans, all of which create the most-coveted dramatic look!

Moreover, mega volumes are available and tagged as 10D to 20D. You may discuss what you want with your technician. But you should listen to their advice as the work on your lashes will be based on your eye shape as well as the length and health of your natural lashes.

List of Eyelash Extension’s Benefits

Eyelash Extension’s Benefits

The wonderful benefits of eyelash extensions are the answers for those who are still trying to answer, “Why get lash extensions?”

1. Adding lashes volume and length

In a woman’s beauty kit, falsies, lash curlers, and mascara are always present. These add volume and length to your natural lashes. Some women are grateful for cosmetic companies because of them.

You can also choose from options of having a natural vibe or dramatic effect when getting lash extensions. Regardless of what you choose, you’ll get the desired enhancement on your lashes. You’ll only need a bit of touch-up to maintain its nice effects as it can last up to 6 weeks.

2. Open for customization

With the aforementioned types of lush curls, you can indeed benefit from individual full lash application. Before adding the lash extensions, you can talk to your technician about what you want.

3. Forget about mascara and strip lashes

Mascara has a nice effect, except on humid, sunny days. You may have experienced the clumpy particles adhering to your lashes and raccoon eyes.

Whenever it happens, you need more time not only for make-up application but also for fixing it. The benefits of false eyelashes are undeniable but they can put you in the same predicament of mascara during the hot season.

It’s sometimes messy when applying the glue and adjusting the edges is a challenge. These difficulties won’t happen if you have eyelash extensions.

4. Looking youthful and wide-awake

The thickness and length of eyelash extensions are the reason why your eyes stand out. Overall, they make you look young and vibrant.

5. Safe and painless process

Let a licensed professional do your eyelash extensions for a safe procedure. Of course, the experience will be painless.

6. Weightless, waterproof, and natural

Aside from a safe and painless experience, you’ll be amazed at how natural it looks and weightless it is. You don’t have to worry about any discomfort if you haven’t tried them yet. Also, don’t be bothered by the thought that they may come off at any moment.

To make sure that it’s waterproof, specifically the adherence, you have to be patient. After putting the lash extensions, they need to be untouched for 24 hours or so.

When the necessary period has passed, you can do everything you like. It’s fine to take a shower, sweat, and go swimming after the given time.

You should also remember to wash the lash extension. It’s not exempted when you wash your face. Be mindful of keeping it clean so no negative effects will happen. You must also use a safe face cleanser when washing your face. It’s best not to expose your face with eyelash extensions under running water.

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7. Saving time and effort

Not all women who get eyelash extensions are under the glamor and limelight. Some of them are athletes, housewives, business women, and yoga instructors. These professions don’t require make-up every morning. But even without make-up, eyelash extensions make them feel glamorous. Hence, these women become confident about their looks.

The lash extensions have done most of the job of making individuals feel fabulous when they need to be at events. There’s only minimal effort in preparations.

The time that you save from not doing your lashes can be used for other activities. You can spend it sitting in the tub, swimming, doing exercises, and more.

8. As a confidence booster to feel glamorous

Those who get eyelash extensions tend to become more confident and start to wear less make-up. They get up with a full mascara and liner every morning. Tending to their looks is no longer a struggle even on holidays or vacation.

The effects of lash extensions let you feel glamorous 24/7. You can avoid arriving late for outings as you don’t need more time in fixing your looks.

9. Instant and complete satisfaction

Eyelash extensions are a blessing for those who have short or weak lashes. Plus, instant satisfaction is guaranteed. After the session with the technician, you only need to use a lash serum that promotes the growth of your natural lashes.

Sum Up!

It’s great that you don’t have to go through a lot just to get the eyelash extension’s benefits. Contact a licensed lash technician who will grant your wishes and give you good advice. You have to be patient after getting the lash extensions as you need to give it time to bond. After the given period, you’ll get to look glamorous with your stunning lashes!

Wonderful Benefits of Eyelash Extensions