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How to Become a Certified Lash Technician? Not Everybody Knows!

Written by Elizabeth Kessler • Updated on: 11/02/23

Having a license in any industry is proof of professionalism. In connection with this subject matter, how to become a certified lash technician? Getting viable answers will help you become competitive.

This article will show you the requirements or qualifications and the necessary training to get a lash certification. It’s crucial to not miss a single detail so you won’t have issues or delays along the way.

Both beginners and advanced students need to take training or classes to obtain lash tech certification from a reputable beauty school. To get started, look through some ways to help you out:

  • Check the qualifications required by your state.
  • Enroll in an eyelash tech training program.
  • Gain experience from a salon or set up your workspace. You can merge with a business partner who’s also in the beauty industry.
  • Promote yourself on social media to gain clients.
  • Even though you’re certified, you can continue to participate in training and join competitions.
  • You can get a license as a lash technician apart from being certified!

Now you may have general ideas, but take a deeper look with us by reading for guidance in becoming a lash tech.

How to Become a Certified Lash Technician

Becoming a Certified Lash Technician

If you’re dreaming of becoming a certified lash tech, it’s not a bad thing as it’s an enjoyable career! Honing your skills is done through training and a professional eyelash kit. A set of essential tools and objects can be found in TopDirect False Eyelashes Extension Practice Exercise Set, SRCKFIZ Eyelash Extension Kit with Mannequin, and Cuckoo Eyelash Extension Kit.

However, you have to check the qualifications first in becoming one. The requirements from a certain state are different from another. So, you have to know the details before going ahead with the process.

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Gains in becoming a certified lash tech

The gains and benefits of being a certified lash tech are your motivations in every step you need to take before reaching the goals.

  • Credibility for more earnings
    Being certified boosts your popularity, so it means that you can get more clients. It happens because people see you as trustworthy in delivering awesome and long-lasting results.

    Within the range of $14 to $25 hourly rate, you can accumulate a hefty amount if you have many clients. You can charge this way if you do the business on your own. However, you’ll only get a commission of around $14 to $19 an hour if you work for a salon. Still, you can earn well once you’re certified. You shouldn’t forget that you pay for business operations when you do it by yourself.
  • Schedule
    The best part of being a certified lash technician is being able to set your schedule. You may choose the number of hours that you work in a day or a week.
  • Enjoyment
    Apart from the sake of earning good money, it’s satisfying to see the wonderful results of your hands and the happiness that you give to your clients.
becoming a lash tech

Steps to Take to Become a Successful Certified Lash Technician

Step 1: Eyelash tech training program

You need to enroll yourself in an eyelash extension training program to get certified to do lashes. Online and face-to-face options are both available. The appropriate tools and the nature of artistry will be introduced to you before obtaining the certificate.

Moreover, you’ll gain knowledge about various types of lashes and the methods of styling. You’ll also learn about learning different eye shapes and health concerns that extend to allergy prevention.

A course can take up to one to three days. The prices vary as some would include training materials composed of eyelash extensions, tools, and adhesive. Here are some specifics of the learnings:

  • Preparation of pre-extension eyelash
  • Custom lashes
  • Lash refill procedure
  • Lash and health safety
  • Aftercare tips
  • Removal of lash extensions

Step 2: Gaining experience from a salon

You may or not pursue this action. However, working in a salon lets you gain experience that will make you blossom as a certified lash technician. It’s a place that would teach you how to deal with different customers as well.

Concerning this next move, you may also reach out to a newly certified lash tech who you can work hand in hand to successfully become an eyelash technician. Though you may contact them via phone or email, it’s best to have a meeting in person.

This might not be possible due to availability and financial constraints. When you find yourself in this situation, you may take a shot at joining a salon and shadowing an experienced lash technician.

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Step 3: The time will come that you can have your workspace

You may not need to do number 2 if you have enough funds to set your workspace. It gives you the chance to build an atmosphere that you and your clients will find relaxing. In terms of budget, you may team up with an independent business owner with whom you can share the expenses. This person should also be in the beauty industry so both of you will be able to garner more customers.

If you think of it, different beauty services under the same roof are an effective way of increasing the number of clients or patrons. With friendliness and professionalism, it will be easy for you to gain trust. It’s convenient to avail the needed services in just one place, isn’t it?

Step 4: Setting

Once you get certified in lash extensions, you can unceasingly look for a greener pasture. Branding yourself in social media is cool as it’s free but effective at the same time.

If you have the skills, you can create your logo and ads. Some may need to hire someone to do it for them. The internet makes it convenient and easy to go around promotions and reach for clients.

Step 5: Looking at the wider horizon

Even after you successfully established your career on lash extensions, you shouldn’t stop improving yourself. You may attend training that would fuel and enhance your knowledge.

Furthermore, you can join conferences and enter competitions that can give you progress. You may even set up a series of training for aspiring lash technicians. All the effort and time that you’ve invested will come to fruition at the right time.

Once you’ve proven your expertise to your clients, they will always keep on coming back and even introduce new ones. Aside from being certified, you can also get a lash technician license for credibility.

Licensed Lash Technician

About Licensed Lash Technician


Just like a cosmetologist and aesthetician, you need to become a licensed lash tech. All of these professions work on human body parts, so the sensitive procedure takes place. It’s not to be ignored that lash extension involves products that contain various chemicals.

If handled or applied incorrectly, these chemicals can harm the skin and eyes. With these statements, you may be surprised that not all states require a license to practice as an eyelash technician.

You have to know the difference between licensed vs certified lash tech. Some who practice as certified lash technicians may question the idea of license as they’ve done well in their jobs.

You should also consider the perception of other people, especially the customers. If you’re an unlicensed lash tech, some may think twice before availing your service or hiring you in the salon. To understand more about definitions and comparisons, continue reading this part.

Is it possible for an individual with criminal convictions to be a licensed lash technician?

Not everyone who wants to be a lash extension technician needs to sweat it out, as some states don’t require a license for this profession. It’s still best to check the guidelines of the state where you are.

You need to know that some states would require you to work more in getting a license. For instance, you have to complete a Criminal History Questionnaire together with your application form.

This pertains to those who have committed a misdemeanor or felony equivalent to out-of-state, in-state, and federal criminal offenses. Expect a week or more for the review of convictions.

The decision is based on the nature of the case and criminal history. So, it may be impossible for some to proceed in getting a license. You may do the process ahead by requesting a TDLR review on your criminal background.

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The Exact Definition of ‘Certified’ and ‘Licensed’ Lash Technician

Certified Lash Technician

Certified lash technician

For the sake of formality, you’ll only be distinguished as professionally practicing the arts of lash extensions by having a license. To clarify, certification is proof that you get schooled in the procedures of a certain cosmetic application like lash extensions. You must know that it’s common for artists to receive a lot of certifications.

  • Getting certified is viewed as a voluntary commitment.
  • Certificates are usually provided by companies or private organizations.
  • Oversight is absent in looking at the efficacy of the certification process.
  • The required time in finishing the training to get a certification varies. Some may only take as little as eight hours.

Licensed lash technician

In the lash industry, a license is a sign of professionalism. If you have it, clients think that it’s not only about quality work but safety as well. A license can give them peace of mind that the technician doesn’t engage in malpractice.

  • State authorities approve the professional status of licensed lash technicians.
  • The authorities designate the function, educational requirements, tasks, and scope of practice.
  • Proficiency is tested first by examinations set by authorities before obtaining a license.
  • The education period for getting a license as a lash tech varies from state to state. Generally, it’s from 50o to 2,400 hours.


Learn the essentials from a reputable provider of training on how to become a certified lash technician. The skills that you’ve learned can be improved through practice. Apart from expertise, it’s also good to have a license for ultimate professionalism.

It would be great if you left comments regarding your ideas. If this article has helped you, let others know this guide by sharing it to other platforms.

How to Become a Certified Lash Technician