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Learn How to Shape Your Eyebrows

Written by Elizabeth Kessler • Updated on: 10/02/23

Well-shaped eyebrows automatically enhance your look. This guide will help you learn how to shape your eyebrows effortlessly.

The eyes remain to be one of the best assets of the face. Eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner… we do all this to highlight these features. And now to the eyebrows!

When drawing your eyebrows, you have to consider the ideal shape to adopt. In the tutorial below, I share great tips to help you achieve the perfect eyebrow shape for your face.

How to Shape Your Eyebrows

How to Shape Your Eyebrows Perfectly

1. The first step is eyebrow plucking

Perfect hair removal is the basis of a well-made eyebrow. Depilating your eyebrows and finding their ideal shape helps to structure and balance facial features.

But if the purpose of hair removal is to correct an irregular outline, it must imperatively be worked to respect the natural shape of your eyebrows.

So do not depilate too much! Our makeup tips will complete this first step.

How to pluck your eyebrows, step by step

Read our step-by-step procedure on how to pluck your eyebrows for a natural look

  1. Using a brush, start by styling the bristles of your eyebrows upwards. This allows you to better appreciate the work to be done afterward.

  2. Then cut the longer ones.

  3. Then place a makeup pencil along your nose line, right next to your nostril. This will tell you where your eyebrow line should start.

  4. Then move your pencil along this curve, when it crosses the end of your iris, you have identified the highest point of your eyebrow.

  5. By tilting the pencil towards the outer corner of your eye, you determine the ideal length of your eyebrow.

  6. Arm yourself with your tweezers and gradually remove the hairs that are not on the line you want to draw. Progress step by step in order to adjust and obtain the most natural result possible.

What is the right eyebrow shape for your face?

To properly draw your eyebrows, you should offer them the shape adapted to the morphology of the face:

  • If your forehead is large, opt for brighter eyebrows;
  • On the contrary, if it is small, bet on fine eyebrows and on a straighter line;
  • If your nose is rather wide, keep eyebrows provided and do not depilate too much between your 2 eyebrows while with a thin nose, you can allow yourself to have more space between your eyebrows.

Also, remember to take into account the shape of your eyes. If they are small, your goal should be to enlarge the look.

  • You can then dig a little more into the arch but be careful, this is not suitable if you already have a little drooping eyelid.
  • Round eyes will prefer an elongated brow line and fairly thick eyebrows.
Drawing Your Eyebrows
Women Drawing Her Eyebrows

2. Drawing Your Eyebrows Well

The minimalist women’s eyebrow kit

At a minimum, for pretty natural and discreet eyebrows:

  • bottle brush or eyebrow comb, or a toothbrush
  • Of small fine scissors blades
  • Tweezers of good quality a pair that does not break the hair
  • A perfectly sharpened eyebrow pencil
  • A good eyebrow definer pencil
  • If you’re fortunate enough to have no gaps to fill, simply replace the brow pencil with a tinted brow mascara.

In addition, for a more intense result with thick and well-tamed eyebrows:

  • beveled eyebrow brush
  • An eyebrow shade or an eyebrow cream (note that a matte eyeshadow can easily do the trick)
  • transparent brow gel

This is an important step. A perfect eyebrow hair removal is often not enough to make your eyebrows stand out.

Even if you now have a clean line, you should also highlight your eyebrows with a little makeup! Thanks to specific products, you can draw your eyebrows, discipline them, and cheat a little: brighter eyebrows, brighter arch, redrawn line…

How to Draw Your Eyebrows, Tutorial

After determining the appropriate shape and having your eyebrows plucked, you will be able to redraw them and possibly thicken them with a little makeup. For that, it’s easy, just follow our guide:

  1. Whatever product you use, it is essential to choose the right color, especially if you have dark skin: take a shade slightly darker than the color of your eyebrows.
  2. If you work with an eyebrow pencil, favor oily ones, and sharpen it well. Opt for neutral colors for a more natural effect.
  3. Draw the lower and upper edges of your eyebrow line without pressing by making small stroke-like movements and “fill” your eyebrow the same way, very gently.
  4. Blend with a small brush for an ultra-natural result.
  5. As a final touch, use an eyebrow mascara to accentuate your look and tame your eyebrows. This product will give your eyebrows a nice natural color. And they are available in all skin tones.
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In summary:

The three key points to remember for well-designed eyebrows:

  • Draw your eyebrows well, start with hair removal to have a clean line.
  • Adapt their curve according to your face for a natural result.
  • To make good eyebrows, you must use the appropriate products and accessories.

Eyebrow shaping is no longer the prerogative of make-up artists. With careful hair removal, a carefully chosen shape, and just the right amount of products, you get perfect-looking brows! A pair that complements your facial features.