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How Do I Get My Makeup to Stay on All Day?

Written by Elizabeth Kessler • Updated on: 11/02/23

Maybe it’s back to school, or the time to return to the office in style. To resume well, you dream of fresh and bright makeup, but above all, makeup that lasts all day!

And yes, after a whole day at work, between meetings, and going to the gym between noon and two, it’s difficult to end the day with makeup still intact.

Here is how to make makeup last all day without flaking or getting oily.

How to Easily Make Makeup Last All Day

Here are the Secrets to Make Makeup Last All Day!

1. Clear, clean skin for long-lasting makeup

Having clear and clean skin is the first step to a makeup that holds. Indeed, if the skin has an excess of sebum, impurities, or dead cells before even applying your makeup, it will not hold.

Cleanse your skin morning and evening, with a gentle makeup remover and a cleanser suited to your skin type.

To obtain smooth and clear skinexfoliating your skin once or twice a week is essential.

Use a slightly exfoliating cleanser or opt for a purifying face mask.

With a healthy and clean base, your makeup will only look prettier, and above all, it will last all day.

2. Hydrate the skin without using excess products

Moisturize your skin every day, it guarantees healthy, soft, supple, and firm skin. In the morning, choose a light moisturizer, so as not to grease the face. In the evening, opt for a deep hydration cream to regenerate your skin.

Be careful not to confuse moisturizer, which provides water to the skin, and nourishing cream, which provides lipids to the skin.

Skin prone to dryness may need a nourishing cream daily, but for normal to combination skin, a moisturizer is sufficient.

The Neutrogena hydro-boost moisturizer is the best option.

Once your skin is hydrated, it is in good condition to receive your makeup.

If your skin tends to get greasy, you can use a makeup primer after hydration, and before switching to makeup. It will help the foundation to fix better on the skin.

Best tips for keeping your foundation on all day.

3. Keeping your foundation in place

Best tips for keeping your foundation on all day.

Keeping your foundation is surely the most difficult task when the day promises to be busy. First of all, you have to choose the right foundation.

Today we find it in cream, foam, liquid, powder, and not all textures are suitable for all skin types.

The cream and foam formulas are better suited for dry skin, the powder formulas for combination to oily skin, and liquid foundations for all types.

Do not hesitate to test several products, look into the composition, to find what suits you best. If possible, prefer non-comedogenic foundations to avoid blackheads and imperfections.

For a homogeneous finish, apply your foundation with a beauty blender or a brush, stretching the material. Once your foundation has been applied, two options for fixing the material.

Use a layer of mineral powder or a layer of this long-lasting setting spray.

If despite everything, you need small touch-ups to hold your foundation until the evening, you can put in your bag a small palette of powder, or a concealer treatment for localized touch-ups.

Finally, if your skin tends to grease, avoid adding material.

Use oil absorbent/blotting papers to eliminate the shiny areas that appear throughout the day.

4. Eye makeup that stays in all day long

Eye makeup that lasts all day is often simple makeup. The more material you add, the more it will tend to wander elsewhere on your face.

We, therefore, avoid glitter powders, excessively greasy kohl pencils, or even the thick layers of mascara that crumble throughout the day.

To make up your eyes, use a cream eyeshadow to dress the eyelid, or apply a waterproof eyeliner. Today we find liquid eyeliner that lasts long hours without moving, with a wide choice of colors, glitter, or mat.

Choose bright colors that suit your complexion to brighten the look. Then apply your mascara with a light hand.

No more than two coats, applying the material in a zig-zag to avoid bundles. Choose a waterproof, sweat-proof mascara.

If you make up your eyebrows, start by brushing them to remove any impurities and have a better hold. You can use a pencil or eyeshadow, but eyebrow mascaras tend to last longer, and they keep the eyebrow “in place”.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how to make makeup last all day, do not hesitate to share it with family and friends. over the years, I have realized that many people struggle with this bit of makeup.

It goes to an extent where someone decides to do away with the whole makeup thing because they think it never works.