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How To Fix a Broken Nail at Home

Written by Elizabeth Kessler • Updated on: 01/02/23

You broke a nail? Learn how to fix a broken nail at home!

Faced with this unpleasant incident and sometimes painful sensation. I would like to tell you, forget about cutting off your nail.

There are great tips to fix a cracked or broken nail. They are quick and simple to implement.

These solutions have already proven themselves. Follow the guide!

But before repairing your broken nail, make sure your hands (or feet) are clean. Handle your nail gently to avoid hanging it and breaking it further.

How To Fix a Broken Nail at Home

How To Fix a Broken Nail with Household Items!

Things you will need

  • A woven teabag
  • A pair of nail scissors
  • A file and nail polisher
  • Special glue for nails
  • Tweezers
  • A colorless base

The Procedure To Fix a Broken Nail At Home

One of your nails is breaking. Here is the step-by-step procedure to fix it.

  1. Pass the nail block polisher/wooden file over so that the healthy nail and the broken part are at the same level.
  2. Apply a little special nail glue to and around the break.
  3. Cut out a small piece of the teabag.
  4. Using tweezers, place the teabag piece on the glue.
  5. Apply a layer of glue over the teabag piece.
  6. Place the piece on the edge of the split nail, but not all the way to the end of the nail.
  7. Let it dry completely. Then polish to shape the part.
  8. First file the hardest edges with a nail file. Then fill the rest of the square with a soft file until it is smooth.
  9. The piece of paper is now very smooth! But if there is any residue from the nail file, rinse thoroughly with water.
  10. Iron more glue on the part and let it dry.
  11. Iron with a soft polisher until everything is smooth. 13. All the lime residue is now gone, and the workpiece is perfectly smooth!
  12. Apply your colorless base as usual.
  13. Then apply your varnish. Result And There you go!

Forget the broken nail! You fixed it in just a few minutes.

For the piece to stick on the split nail, use a woven tea bag, like these. Be aware that you can also use Swiss silk, sterile compress, or any slightly stretchy fabric.

DIY Fix Your Broken Nail Fast

Other Effective Methods to Repair a Broken Nail

1. Using a nail Glue

Before sticking your damaged nail, soften the nail glue by immersing it in hot water.

Using a toothpick, pour a small drop of glue on the broken nail.

Do not forget to spread the glue after!

If you don’t have nail glue nearby, you can use strong glue (but be careful not to put it everywhere!).

Finally, apply a coat of varnish.

This tip requires a little care because you have to be precise, but the result is particularly effective.

And it can also work with transparent tape, that’s what I did last time, and it was both discreet and very effective in solidifying the 48h nail just to wait to be able to cut it a little.

2. Using Nail Dressings

Yes, nail dressings exist and they can save you the day.

Cut a piece of compress and place it on the broken nail. Then apply nail glue. Let it dry.

The dressing is no longer visible, as if by magic.

Repairing a nail, if you know the right tips, it’s not that rocket science!

3. You Have a Nail Pulled Out, What Should You Do?

It sometimes happens that a movement does not only break the nail but tears it off completely (and that hurts a lot, all those to whom it has already happened know it!).

In this case, the best way to treat the torn-off nail is to gently remove the torn-off part with small scissors.

In the case of bleeding, it is necessary to disinfect well.

Then take a sterilized cotton pad and press it onto the nail.

Finally, make a bandage and make sure to renew it 2 times a day until you no longer have pain and the nail has grown enough.

How to Keep Healthy Nails Naturally

How to Keep Healthy Nails Naturally

We are all the same, we dream of being “almost” perfect from head to toe when we decreed it. It also goes through the nails, yes, often we say perfect to the tips of the nails!

So today, I share with you a few tips to have beautiful nails.

Maybe your nails are soft, brittle, or yellowed…

In short, they despair and cause you more worry than anything else.

Do not worry! Many easy recipes at home with natural ingredients can help you fortify them to restore your hands to all their elegance and beauty.

Use natural recipes for healthy nails

To take care of your nails, you can easily find everything you need in your closets.

Here are some homemade recipe ideas to strengthen, grow, and whiten your nails.

1. Let them breathe

Among the tips and advice that we can give you, first think of letting them breathe from time to time.

Give them days of rest where you will not give them any manicures and will not wear varnish.

And if you wear them, choose varnishes without toxic substances, which could damage your nails and also your health.

Applying a base before applying the varnish to the nail also helps to protect it better.

Similarly, use a mild, acetone-free remover instead when removing your polish.

2. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

A varied well-balanced diet will keep your nails healthy!

And to add something else to strengthen them, vitamin B and zinc are the ideal natural elements!

Taking care of your nails can make them less brittle and avoid splitting or cracks.

Also, remember to file them regularly with a soft file. Natural recipes can also help strengthen them and speed up their growth.

3. For white nails

If you are used to wearing varnish, your nails may have lost their natural color and become a little yellow.

The simple recipe for making them whiter than ever can be done simply with lemon.

Just leave your fingertips immersed in a bowl filled with the juice of half a lemon for 5 to 10 minutes.

You can also dilute it in a little warm water for more comfort.

Lemon has the advantage of being a good antiseptic and also helps to limit brittle nails. You will make them benefit from complete and natural care!

If you are short on time, you can also rub the lemon half directly against each nail for instant whiteness.

For more efficiency, you can mix this lemon juice with a tablespoon of baking soda, which you will mix in a little warm water.

Immerse your fingers in it for a few minutes, and voila! Guaranteed whiteness!

longer nail treatment

4. For longer nails

Vegetable oils, preferably organic, are excellent natural ingredients to include in your care, or even to use individually as a massage on your nails as a treatment.

You’ve surely already heard of this natural miracle ingredient, castor oil.

It promotes nail growth, hydrates the cuticles, and has the advantage of being a real natural hardener.

A complete treatment that you can apply in the evening by massaging the tips of your fingers to leave it on overnight when you no longer need your hands.

In the morning, your nails will be nourished, strengthened, and visually more beautiful!

And if you don’t have castor oil on hand, olive oil can do the trick and has the advantage of being found in many kitchens!

It does not accelerate nail growth as much as castor oil, but it has the same hydrating and strengthening properties.

Do not hesitate to include one of these two oils in your nail care, with a little lemon for whiteness for example.

5. For stronger nails

To strengthen your nails, it is important to take care of your cuticles.

The cuticle is the skin that surrounds the nail, which we sometimes tend to want to tear off, and which can become too white and dry if it lacks hydration.

Natural exfoliation is one of the treatments that can help remove already damaged cuticles while rehydrating them.

To make this scrub, mix a tablespoon of each of the following ingredients:

  • Coffee grounds
  • Vegetable oil (castor oil or olive oil)
  • Honey (optional)
  • Lemon (optional)

Coffee grounds and vegetable oil have the advantage of being natural exfoliators and fortifiers, honey allows to provide additional hydration to the cuticles but also softens the skin.

Lemon, on the other hand, whitens nails and makes them more radiant.

You will give your nails real hydrating and anti-breakage treatment.

If you don’t have coffee grounds on hand, you can replace it with sugar, preferably brown sugar, the grain of which is ideal as a homemade exfoliant.

Do not limit yourself to your nails!

This scrub can be used on the hands to make them softer and hydrated.

To find even more beauty, you can complete this treatment with moisturizing hand cream.

If you followed this advice and our recipes, you should quickly be able to say goodbye to brittle nails and be able to regain the beauty of your hands! And now that you have learned how to fix a broken nail, feel free to help your loved ones with this tip.