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How to Prepare for Bikini Waxing

Written by Elizabeth Kessler • Updated on: 11/02/23

When going to have your bikini waxing for the first time, it can be quite stressful. But now need to stress, all you need is to know how to prepare yourself.

We imagine that the beautician will find us weird, we are shy about having a lot of hair compared to other girls, we anticipate the pain (hot wax in this region, it’s a bit scary)…

So I went through the process in order to understand how we can prepare for this first epilation (… and how to alleviate some of our concerns!).

I met an experienced esthetician who understands that we can be stressed during our first waxing: “You have to be able to feel confident with your esthetician,” she told me.

How to Prepare for Bikini Waxing

So, should you take off your underwear?

She explained to me, step by step, what we can expect during our meeting:

“We enter the room together and I explain the process of the treatment to the client. I then give her a bathrobe to put on, like a skirt, so that she doesn’t feel too naked.

The client can also choose to keep her underwear on if she prefers. When it comes time to epilate, we go there quietly, we press the panties on one side at a time, so that they don’t feel too naked ”.

That said, if you’re comfortable, you can also take your panties off completely.

Specify what you want to the beautician.

Before you begin, it’s best to think about what you want in terms of style and clearly discuss it with the beautician.

If you are not sure, the Brazilian and the high cut are the most requested cuts: “For the Brazilian, we remove everything, but we leave a small triangle of hair on the pubis. For the indented, we do not do the lips or the “inter-gluteal fold”, “she explains.

And there, I feel your panic … “the what inter-butt !? »Yes, we are talking about the ray. Don’t panic, beauticians remove hair without judgment, I promise.

She adds: “The first few times, clients tell me: ‘ahh is it normal to have hair there?’ They haven’t necessarily seen several women’s bodies, so they can’t tell if it’s normal or not.

She confirms it to us: “there is NOTHING embarrassing about it! ”

Things to Avoid Before Waxing

Things to Avoid Before Waxing

Oily creams:

Do not spread yourself with moisturizing butter before going to have your hair removed. “The wax really rolls on the skin and it doesn’t work,” she says.

Shaving too close:

You must leave a good length of hair to allow the wax to grip each of them. No need to wax before going to wax, that’s what you are here for! Your beautician expects to see hair. #No stress

If you plan to keep your panties on, consider bringing “old underwear” in case it gets in contact with the wax. We don’t want to mess around with our lace underwear.

Common Myths About Maintaining the Bikini Area

1. “Shaving is bad”

She confirms that shaving your bikini area stimulates hair growth and that it becomes thicker:

“There are also risks of getting micro-cuts, especially if you decide to wear a full bikini; it’s difficult to stretch your lips properly to shave them, ”she explains. Waxing, on the contrary, thins the hair. But…

2. “Waxing at home is quite delicate”

She confirms that home hair removal is not optimal:

“There may be risks of burns with pharmacy waxes, as they go in the microwave” Besides that, we can also put too thick by accident and being badly taken:

“I have already had a client who came to see me with her strip stuck there because she could no longer remove it …”, she says. #Ouch

Questions you are probably asking yourself, answered by a pro

Q: At what age can you get waxed?

A: As soon as the hairiness starts to bother, you can get waxed without any harm to the body.

Q. How much does it cost approximately?

A: It depends on the salon, but in Hawaii, for full hair removal, it’s around $35.

Q: Do we leave a tip for our beautician?

A: Although it is not mandatory to leave a tip, the majority of clients do. We’re talking about 15% of the bill.

Bikini Wax Maintenance and Next Steps

  1. On the same day, bet on clothes that are not too tight to avoid chafing after your appointment, especially if you have a little irritation (the redness disappears within a day).

  2. Also, remember to moisturize the affected area if you are sensitive.

    “If we keep a good frequency, that is to say, appointments every 3-4 weeks, we keep a beautiful waxing, it hurts less and less and the hairs are finer,” she explains. So if we are rigorous, it’s worth it!

  3. Eventually, we can move towards permanent hair removal: “We quickly get back to our money and some devices, like ours, do not hurt,” she recalls. “The point is to end it for good at some point, right?”.

In Conclusion: No Stress!

“For us, a body is really a work surface. We ignore everything and we are in work mode, ” she explains.

So there’s no need to stress, girls. It is better to be comfortable and communicate well with your beautician about your concerns and needs so that she is aware and knows exactly the style you are looking for.