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How to Remove Blackheads in 3 Steps

Written by Elizabeth Kessler • Updated on: 10/02/23

The chin, nose, forehead… Even after adolescence, these formidable black dots persist in colonizing our face and blurring its radiance. Never mind: it won’t pass with you!

Learn how to remove blackheads without causing your pretty skin any more harm. But before that, below are some of the best peel-off face masks that work well to remove blackheads.

How to Remove Blackheads

Where Do these Blackheads Come From?

The black point is often confused with the sebaceous filament.

The latter corresponds to a small accumulation of sebum in the follicular ostium (orifice of the pilosebaceous follicle), which turns grayish in contact with the air.

Despite its unpleasant appearance, it is essential to drain the sebum on the surface of the skin and prevent dehydration.

Blackheads, on the other hand, are indeed a typical lesion of retentional acne: they are blocked orifices.

They are happy to do without it!

How are blackheads formed?

When the follicular ostium is blocked by epidermal cells or the sebaceous glands produce too much sebum, it accumulates along the hair canal, through which it is supposed to reach the surface of the skin to strengthen the hydrolipidic film.

It is then that a plug is formed, more commonly called “black point” or “open comedo”: made up of a mixture of sebum and cellular debris, it prevents any evacuation and takes on a characteristic blackish hue by oxidizing.

What explains the appearance of open comedones?

The combination of oily skin, naturally prone to excessive sebum secretion, are the most affected by blackheads. Beyond the skin type, any internal or external factors are likely to precipitate their appearance.

A diet too rich in sugars, hormonal imbalances (pregnancy, menopause), poor skin hygiene, or pollution are the causes. the most frequent.

How to Remove Blackheads from the Nose and Face

Remove Blackheads from the Nose and Face

1. Start with a facial steaming to prepare your skin for blackhead extraction

Even if the temptation is great, you resist the urge to extract your blackheads with a blackhead remover or – worse still – with your nails.

Banish these little habits today, which may leave ugly scars on your skin or degenerate into an infection. Do it right, and start with cleansing using Cleansing Oil.

It dissolves surface impurities and sets the stage for the ritual.

To dilate blocked orifices and soften stubborn sebum plugs, nothing like a facial sauna for steaming! Boil a liter of water, then pour it into a large container.

Position your face above, about 20 centimeters from the surface of the water, and cover your head with a large towel to trap the steam. Stay for 10 minutes and make sure the temperatures are right. Guaranteed relaxation!

2. Thoroughly clean the pilosebaceous follicles by exfoliating

After the sauna, your skin is in optimal condition to receive a scrub! It is unbeatable for removing residual impurities, combating excess sebum, and removing dead cells that can clog follicular ostium.

You will understand: exfoliation is your fatal weapon to prevent, but also to remove blackheads that have already taken up residence on your face.

Mix a portion of an exfoliant scrub with a few presses of cleansing oil.

Apply the grain mixture obtained on your face and make gentle circular movements, emphasizing the T zone (chin, nose, and forehead).

If you have particularly sensitive skin, opt for the enzymatic version of our scrub by adding a few drops of water to a pinch of powder.

Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum

  • Improves skin elasticity and blood flow without irritating the skin; reduces wrinkles, pores, and fine lines.
  • For best results, open your pores with a hot towel or facial steamer before using the vacuum pore cleaner.

3. Use a purifying mask to remove encrusted blackheads

For those who are wondering how to remove blackheads from the nose and elsewhere, know that you will hardly achieve your ends without going through the “mask” box!

Choose a formula rich in descaling and detoxifying active ingredients, use the vegetable charcoal face masks.

It is not for nothing that we chose it as the main ingredient of our intense black anti-pollution mask!

Fearsome against open comedones, it literally “drinks” excess sebum and absorbs impurities.

Apply it in a generous layer on your entire face and leave it on for about 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

At the end of this three-step routine, your pores will be much less visible and dilated!

And to finish in beauty, do not forget to treat yourself to a full of beneficial hydration, with light and non-comedogenic moisturizer.

This step revitalizes your skin while providing you with an even complexion and radiant!

How Blackheads Peel-Off Masks Work

To see results, you need to use effective products and avoid those that make things worse, you must use the best anti-blackhead products.

  1. It is not for nothing that the Peel-off mask Remove Blackheads. Vassoul is the best selling amazon anti blackheads sold online. Its purifying integral carbon formula eliminates in a few applications acne and impurities lining the forehead, chin, nose, and all other parts of the face.

  2. At an affordable price, you get this formula that can be easily applied to any area of ​​the body. A true blackhead magnet, it purifies and unclogs the pores of skin tissue in depth. In just 4 weeks, your pores will already experience a big change.

  3. No more need for a cleanser, exfoliant, and mask. This mask is a perfect replacement for these three types of skincare. Indeed, it cleans, exfoliates and removes the blackheads crouching on your face, especially on the T-zone.

  4. Did you know that Aloe Vera has real effects on the rejuvenation of skin cells? A must of the cosmetic product, it revitalizes and restores all its youth and basic texture to your face. Applied as part of anti-blackhead treatment, it has real efficiencies.

  5. An excellent mask for blackheads, it is above all a peel-off made up of great natural ingredients. Its formula gives this blackhead mask proven effectiveness. From the first application, we can already see significant changes.

  6. This blackhead peel-off provides deep skin cleansing and eliminates toxins. Anti-aging and hydrating, it treats acne in a few applications and quickly removes excess fat from these cells
    And there you have. This is how to remove blackheads without harming your skin.

    This skin regime works for all skin types and it is very effective because you will not have any fallbacks. Breakout and other imperfections will also keep of beaus tour skin will be in a good balance.