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What is the Best Antifungal Soap for Ringworm?

Written by Elizabeth Kessler • Updated on: 11/02/23

Fungus is a word that makes a lot of people shudder. We generally associate it with yeast, mold, and other kinds of bacteria that are considered dirty and cause a foul odor. But the most worrisome problem with fungi is that it can make us sick.

Fungi are usually harmless, which is why we often see houses filled with mold. But in some cases, these microorganisms grow or latch onto human bodies and have severe repercussions on the skin. These include infections like athlete’s foot, jock itch, and ringworm.

Always having the best antifungal soap on hand is a great way to prevent fungal infections. It’s also a way to speed up the process of curing any existing fungal infection that brings about painful rashes, foul odors, and itchy, dry skin.

Here’s my consolidated list of awesome fungicidal soap options to kill fungus quickly and effectively.

What is the Best Antifungal Soap for Ringworm

12 Most Effective Antifungal Soap to Add to Your Skincare Routine

1. Defense Antifungal Medicated Bar Soap

Some of the most common fungal infections—like athlete’s foot and jock itch—are contracted often by athletes because they sweat a lot. It can be a hassle for them because if their skin is ridden with lesions and rashes, they can’t play their sport.

Luckily, athletes and skincare experts came together to develop this Defense antifungal soap. Its active ingredients include tolnaftate, an antifungal agent that helps kill fungi and stops their growth. It’s a great ingredient to combat fungal infections athletes catch in the locker rooms.

This antibacterial soap for athlete’s foot is infused with tea tree and eucalyptus oils. These are both known to soothe and relieve the skin of itching, burning, and cracking—all symptoms of fungal infections manifesting in the skin. These essential oils also bring about a minty, relaxing aroma that stays on the skin.

Because tolnaftate stops more fungi from growing and developing, the soap prevents the recurrence of fungal infections. It’s a great daily soap to use if you sweat a lot and are susceptible to contracting these skin infections.

One bonus of this athlete’s foot antibacterial soap is that it comes with a free snap-tight case. This product is suitable for athletes and gym buffs who need to bring their soap around with them in a bag.


  • Contains 1% tolnaftate, which kills fungi in the infected area
  • Relieves itching, burning, scaling, and cracking of the skin
  • Tea tree and eucalyptus oils to soothe the skin
  • Gives a refreshing, minty smell
  • Helps prevent future locker-room fungal infections
  • Comes with a snap-tight case to bring around easily


  • Tends to dry out the skin as it doesn’t have many moisturizing ingredients

This is a great athlete’s foot and jock itch soap for those who are very active in sports and fitness. Not only does it kill any fungus and bacteria on the skin, but it prevents them from coming back too.

2. Solpri Shield Antifungal Soap Bar

For a more nourishing option, look into this antifungal bar soap by Solpri—a brand designed by athletes for athletes. It’s made of many natural ingredients, making it very suitable for itchy skin with some cracking because of a fungal infection.

This soap is made with rich, nourishing oils like safflower, coconut, and palm oils. Together with other ingredients, these three work together to make sure the skin stays soft and bouncy. They leave the skin touchable too, as there is no greasy, oily film left on the skin when using this soap.

This natural antifungal soap contains lemongrass, which is proven to be more effective than tea tree oil for washing away infectious fungi and bacteria. It is also infused with vegetable glycerin, which can help soothe rashes and lesions from infections like athlete’s foot, jock itch, and ringworm.

It has a unique blend of essential oils to thoroughly clean the body and give the soap a nice, refreshing scent. Aside from lemongrass, the combination includes tea tree, eucalyptus, orange, and lime oils. Some of these have soothing properties in them, while others are known to help brighten blemished skin.


  • Safflower, coconut, and palm oils help to nourish and moisturize the skin
  • Lemongrass washes away fungus and bacteria from the skin
  • Contains vegetable glycerin, which soothes and hydrates the skin
  • Has a unique blend of essential oils
  • Designed by athletes for athletes who tend to catch fungal infections


  • Big, thick bar with sharp edges, making it difficult to hold in the shower

This Solpri antifungal body soap was made by athletes who know the pains and insecurities active people face when they catch a fungal infection. This washes away pesky fungi while soothing any cuts, lesions, and skin irritations they leave in their wake.

3. Purely Northwest Tea Tree Oil Foot and Body Wash

Fungal infections can show up anywhere on the body. It can manifest in your feet, your back, even your fingernails. Because of this, it’s a brilliant idea to always have a versatile body wash that you can use for various parts of the skin attacked by a fungal infection.

Pure Northwest’s antifungal soap for feet and body does precisely that. Contrary to what its name suggests, this body wash isn’t exclusive for treating fungal infections on the body and feet only.

It can be used on the scalp as a shampoo and even a cleaning agent for nail fungus. Not only that, but this versatile product can even help treat other sensitive skin conditions, like eczema and acne.

The formula works to unclog pores filled with oil and bacteria. It also clarifies the skin to keep it clear and free of fungal acne on the body.

This formula contains many essential oils that work wonders for chapped, itchy, infected skin. It has tea tree, eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint, and oregano oils to soothe dry, painful skin. These oils also give a gorgeously fresh scent to the body wash, which deodorizes infections like athlete’s foot.


  • A versatile body wash that can treat fungal infections, acne, and eczema
  • Oils like tea tree, eucalyptus, and peppermint soothe the skin
  • A blend of invigorating essential oils helps to deodorize smelly odors
  • Can be used as a shampoo for dry, itchy scalps
  • Unclogs pores and clarifies the skin, keeping it acne-free


  • Can be too strong on sensitive areas like the face or in between the legs

The best antifungal body wash should tend to all types of sensitivities on the skin. That means treating not only the everyday athlete’s foot and jock itch, but nail fungus and fungal acne too. This tea tree body wash does all those.

4. Defense Original Daily Clean Soap

Now I know what you’re thinking. Does soap kill fungus even if it’s not specifically a medicated soap for fungal infection? The short answer is yes. As long as the soap has properties that can kill all kinds of bacteria, there’s a good chance it can sort out and prevent problems with fungus.

Defense’s daily soap in the original variant leaves the skin squeaky clean and fresh. It washes off impurities left on the skin after a tough day, like sweat, grime, dirt, gym crud, and bacteria. That means it can be useful in washing away fungus, preventing infections from developing.

This soap contains natural and pharmaceutical-grade tea tree and eucalyptus oil. The latter even provides a refreshing and energizing herbal scent that stays a long time on the skin post-shower. These oils also help to soothe itching or burning sensations if you’re dealing with an infection.

Because it’s triple-milled, the soap has a smooth, high-quality texture that creates a foamy, bubbly lather quickly. It also lasts a long time and doesn’t easily melt. The formula is also hypoallergenic, making it an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin.

This comes in a pack of two bar soaps, providing significant value for money as well.


  • Leaves you squeaky clean
  • Contains natural, pharmaceutical-grade tea tree and eucalyptus oils
  • Creates a bubbly and foamy lather quickly in the shower
  • A triple-milled formula for longevity and high-quality consistency
  • Value for money because you get two bar soaps at an affordable price


  • Doesn’t contain any nourishing ingredients to moisturize dry skin

While this Defense soap is marketed as a daily soap that anyone can use (but especially athletes), it’s a great option for fungal skin too.

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5. Candida Freedom Probiotic Soap with Lavender

Candida Freedom is a soap making company on a mission to address concerns of candida overgrowth. Candida is a yeast that naturally lives in many parts of our body but can cause skin troubles when too many colonies develop.

The brand’s probiotic soap is an all-natural anti yeast soap with many soothing, moisturizing, and skin-strengthening ingredients. That makes it great not only for those fighting against candida overgrowth but fungal infections too.

It contains olive, palm, and coconut oils to moisturize the skin and keep it soft. It also has kaolin clay, known to thoroughly cleanse the skin by detoxifying and unclogging impurities deep in the pores. Lavender essential oil helps soothe irritated skin while giving the soap a relaxing aroma.

This soap’s unique ingredients are bacillus coagulans (a friendly bacteria) and alpha-lipoic acid (an antioxidant). These fight free radicals and protect the skin, making it stronger and less prone to infections.

This soap is effective in gently washing areas with fungal infections. It’s especially great for areas that have cuts or lesions and tend to bleed. Because the natural formula is gentle, it soothes the skin and doesn’t irritate it further. It’s also a superb soap for rosacea, acne, and poison ivy.


  • Contains nourishing olive, palm, and coconut oils
  • Made with kaolin clay for a deep, detoxifying cleanse
  • Has a calming lavender scent that also helps soothe irritated, itchy skin
  • Contains bacillus coagulans and alpha-lipoic acid to fight free radicals
  • Can be used for fungal infections, rosacea, acne, and more


  • Itchiness does not completely vanish

Candida Freedom’s lavender soap may be the best soap for fungal infection for you if you’re looking for one that makes the skin’s defense system stronger by fighting free radicals. Its unique, all-natural ingredients make for a soothing experience your skin will thank you for.

6. New York Biology Anti-Fungal Tea Tree Body and Foot Wash

New York Biology’s antifungal body wash smells of lively and exciting tea tree oil while treating your skin to the best of its abilities.

It kills fungus and bacteria that latch onto the skin and helps wash them away. That means it can treat and manage existing fungal infections, but can also prevent future ones. The body wash works great for various conditions, like athlete’s foot, jock itch, eczema, nail fungus, and ringworm.

Tea tree and peppermint oils lend a beautiful, almost therapeutic scent to this shower gel for a relaxing shower. These oils can also relieve the skin of any itchiness or burning sensations from fungal infections.

The formula uses the highest concentration for tea tree oil currently allowed, which is at 5%. It is also infused with coconut oil to make the skin supple and moisturized.

This body wash packs a punch when it comes to value for money. You get a huge 500ml bottle of the stuff for a reasonable price, which is bigger than what usual body washes come in.


  • Helps kill and wash away fungus and bacteria on the skin
  • Relieves therapeutic relief because of tea tree and peppermint oils
  • Uses the highest concentration allowed for tea tree oil, which is at 5%
  • Coconut oil helps nourish and moisturize the skin
  • Comes in a giant 500ml bottle at an economical price


  • The smell of tea tree oil doesn’t stay long on the skin

Because this body wash has the highest concentration level of tea tree oil allowed in soaps for skin fungus, it is incredibly effective. Purchasing this enormous bottle means you don’t have to worry about running out of antifungal soap for a while.

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7. Terrasil Anti-Fungal Medicated Cleansing Bar

Terrasil is a brand of antifungal products that is doctor-approved and backed by over 15 years of research. Their advocacy is to heal people from fungal infections as fast as possible so that they can get back on track with life.

That is exactly what their medicated cleansing bar does. It claims to fight fungus up to six times faster than popular, leading antifungal soaps out there. It curbs the growth of candida and other fungi in as quickly as one hour.

It contains an active ingredient called Thuja occidentalis, which is amazing at getting rid of fungus in the skin and nails. It relieves most infection symptoms, from scaliness to downright pain from lesions. It is also effective for warts and itchy skin.

While this soap is highly recommended for fungus problems in the foot, nails, and toes, it is also very useful for eliminating jock itch, pityriasis versicolor, ringworm, and more.

Another thing I love about this soap is that it’s highly hydrating and moisturizing. The soap is charged with glycerin, which helps hydrate the skin in its deeper layers. Occlusives like shea butter and olive oil then help lock in that moisture to leave the skin supple and soft.

All in all, the formula consists of pure and natural ingredients. That makes this soap very skin-friendly and gentle enough to use for irritated skin.


  • Fights fungus up to six times faster than leading antifungal soap brands
  • Contains antifungal active ingredients to relieve most infection symptoms
  • Especially great for fungal infections near the foot, toe, and nail areas
  • Glycerin hydrates the skin, shea butter and olive oil lock in all the moisture
  • Pure and all-natural, so the formula is friendly to the skin


  • The size is quite small compared to other bar soaps

Terrasil’s soap is a must-have for those who want a speedy recovery from fungal infections. It’s also awesome for those who are suffering from both an infection and dehydrated skin.

8. FungiCure Medicated Anti-Fungal Jock Itch Wash

Many people know that a fungal infection like jock itch can be a hassle to treat because it requires complicated creams and powders. But FungiCure has come out with an all-natural, homeopathic body wash so you can easily treat and soothe jock itch in the shower.

This medicated body wash contains tea tree oil to help soothe and control rashes and itchiness of jock itch. Because tea tree oil helps fight many kinds of fungi and bacteria, this body wash would make a great athlete’s foot, tinea versicolor, and ringworm soap too.

The active ingredient of this body wash is sepia. Sepia is a homeopathic remedy people use to relieve menopause and PMS symptoms, like headaches, hot flashes, and menstrual irregularities. Sepia’s role in this body wash is to calm the skin near the genitals, where jock itch often appears.

This formula is made with natural, skin-safe ingredients that shouldn’t irritate the skin. Even those with the extremely sensitive skin type will find this formula mild and non-irritating. It’s so gentle that it is possible to use it twice daily—morning and night.


  • Contains tea tree oil that soothes and controls jock itch, athlete’s foot, etc.
  • Can treat jock itch in the shower without creams and powders
  • Active ingredient sepia calms infected skin, especially near the genitals
  • Made only with skin-safe, natural ingredients
  • Gentle enough to be used twice daily


  • Those who only support Western medicine should consider

No need to fuss around with creams and powders to cure jock itch—just reach for FungiCure’s body wash instead. If you’re looking for the best soap for jock itch, add this to your list of contenders.

9. The Yellow Bird Peppermint and Tea Tree Soap Bar

If handmade soaps are your thing, you’ll love The Yellow Bird’s peppermint and tea tree soap. This Castile bar soap helps kill fungus and moisturizes your skin with pure, natural, organic ingredients.

The main ingredients of this soap are rich, nourishing oils. Infused with coconut, olive, palm, and sunflower oils, this soap gives intense moisturization. Even though heavy in natural oils, it still makes a great lather in the shower.

It also contains peppermint and tea tree oils to deodorize foul smells, whether from sweat or a fungal infection. It also helps to treat and get rid of acne. Cajeput oil is another fabulous ingredient in this soap. It has antifungal properties to fight against infections, and can also work as an astringent to dry out acne properly.

Overall, this soap provides relief for fungal infection symptoms like scaliness, itching, and even cuts and small wounds. Its biggest benefit is moisturizing dry skin to make it soft and supple to the touch.

It’s very safe to use on sensitive, infected skin. It’s chemical-free and doesn’t contain any potentially harmful ingredients like parabens, sulfates, alcohol, synthetic dyes, and fragrances.


  • A castile soap bar made of rich, nourishing oils like coconut and olive oils
  • Peppermint and tea tree oil help to deodorize smells and eliminate acne
  • Cajeput oil has antifungal properties for acne, eczema, and infections
  • Provides antifungal relief, especially for itchiness and dryness
  • Chemical-free and doesn’t contain parabens, sulfates, alcohol, and more


  • Melts fairly quickly because it’s made mostly of oils

If you’re into Castile soaps and want to try using one to cure your fungal infection faster, this is the soap for you. Its tea tree and peppermint oils can even help if you’ve developed fungal acne too!

10. TruRemedy Naturals All-Natural Remedy Soap

Another all-natural antifungal soap for ringworm, athlete’s foot, and other common infections is this body wash by TruRemedy. It is curated from rich, organic base oils and healing essential oils to help you eliminate that distracting fungal infection.

Its hero ingredients are tea tree oil, peppermint oil, and aloe. While the two oils work to kill fungi, aloe hydrates the skin by drawing in moisture into its deeper layers. All three have soothing properties that can tame skin irritation, even when the infected area is so bad that it starts to develop scales and lesions.

The blend of essential oils in this body wash also lend a lively, zesty, herbally smell that will leave you feeling fresh after your shower. The scent is definitely one that is great to start your mornings with.

The formula also includes organic jojoba, coconut, and olive oils. These three are some of the best in moisturizing the skin intensely, to leave it bouncy and healthy.

This is a relatively strong soap that can wash away all of the dirt and fungi you might have picked up in the locker room, gym, outdoor field, or pool. It washes off sweat and grime, too


  • Tea tree, mint, and aloe help to kill fungi, soothe and tame skin irritation
  • Its blend of essential oils deodorizes and refreshes the body
  • Effective on a wide range of skin conditions
  • Organic jojoba, coconut, and olive oils moisturize the skin
  • A strong soap that can wash away all dirt, sweat, and grime


  • Can leave an oily, rubbery residue on the skin

This may be one of the best anti fungal soap options if you’re looking for two things—soothing irritation and a zesty, lively, minty smell. It keeps you cool in and out of the shower and kills that fungal infection too.

11. Solpri Shield Antifungal Soap Bar

We talked about Solpri’s antifungal soap made by athletes for athletes. If that soap caught your attention and you’re thinking about doing a haul, then here’s a treat for you. Solpri offers that soap in a bundle of six.

It’s the same Solpri soap made with safflower, coconut, and palm oils for intense moisturization. That is a great way to ensure that if fungal infections dry out your skin, you can replenish it with nourishment.

Lemongrass is another key ingredient. This essential oil is allegedly stronger and more effective than tea tree oil in killing fungi. It’s the kind of extra strength athletes need to get rid of fungi they’re likely to catch on the skin and feet.

The soaps are infused with glycerin, a humectant that hydrates the skin by sucking moisture from the air into the deep layers of skin. It also is a soothing compound—perfect for scaliness and rashes.

This soap fights against the itchiness of fungal infections like athlete’s foot, jock itch, ringworm, and more. Aside from lemongrass, its blend of multiple essential oils helps out with soothing the skin.

I like this bundle because it provides value for money. Getting six soaps is definitely the smarter choice if you’re an athlete who wants to protect yourself from fungus at all times.


  • Has safflower, coconut, and palm oils to moisturize the skin
  • Contains lemongrass with better effect than tea tree oil
  • Glycerin, which gives deeper layers of the skin more hydration
  • Fights against itchiness of fungal infections
  • Significant value for money, because you get six in one pack


  • Melts in only 5-10 uses in the shower if rubbed directly on the skin

Athletes should stock up on antifungal soap to make sure they’re always protected from fungal infections. If you or one of your loved ones is always active, you should go for this 6-pack.

12. Majestic Pure Cosmeceuticals Tea Tree Wash

Let’s close the list with my favorite essential oil proven to be quite the hero for fungal infections—tea tree oil. Majestic Pure body wash is made of pure, organic tea tree oil of the highest quality. This helps to soothe the skin infected by athlete’s feet and other infections.

Because it’s constantly working to wash away impurities and bacteria from the skin, it can help prevent future recurrences of fungal infections too.

Now let’s talk about the rest of the ingredients. While many liquid soaps are purely water-based, this body wash also incorporates coconut water in its base liquid. Coconut water is amazing for hydrating the skin’s deeper layers, making it healthier, and strengthening the skin barrier.

This body wash has many rich oils, like olive, coconut, and jojoba oils—three of the most popular when it comes to moisturization. They are also joined by shea and cocoa butter, which makes the soap even more nourishing. All these work together to make sure the skin is bouncy and silky smooth.

The formula is very safe for the skin because there are no potentially harmful chemicals like parabens or dyes that can further irritate the skin.


  • Pure tea tree oil soothes skin infected by fungi
  • Helps wash away athlete’s foot and defend against recurrence
  • Infused with coconut water to hydrate the skin
  • Made of rich, nourishing oils and butter to moisturize the skin
  • Safe for the skin, as there are no chemicals, parabens, and artificial colors


  • The scent may be a bit too strong for those who are into milder scents

Dry, flaky skin is always one of the downsides of catching a fungal infection. With Majestic Pure body wash, you can wash fungi away while making sure your skin becomes soft, healthy, and moisturized.

What to Look for When Buying Antifungal Soap

Buying Antifungal Soap

Fungus-fighting ingredients

An antifungal soap’s mission is to kill and wash away all forms of fungus and bacteria from the skin. Therefore, you should always look for a soap with at least one active ingredient that fights fungi.

Some ingredients I love for this include tolnaftate, lemongrass, tea tree oil, and Thuja occidentalis. These are all known to kill fungus and, at the same time, treat any existing infection. Lemongrass and tea tree oil tend to be more popular than the others because of their enthralling, relaxing scents.

Organic neem oil, which is found in some products, also has been used to treat fungal infections.

Calming and soothing

One of the hardest parts of fighting a fungal infection is persevering through itchy, dry, and even painful skin. Some people are lucky to get just rashes and mild flakiness, but micro-wounds and cuts are involved for others. Either way, your soap must have some soothing properties to help you deal with the discomfort.

Some of the most popular antifungal soap ingredients are essential oils like tea tree, eucalyptus, rosemary, and peppermint oils. Most of these also lend a relaxing, herbally scent to the soap for a more refreshing shower experience.

Other ingredients that help soothe the skin are aloe vera and glycerin. They can calm irritated skin, and since they are both humectants, they can add hydration too.

Deodorizing properties

Some fungal infections, like athlete’s foot, are also susceptible to foul odors. It’s an extra hassle you have to deal with apart from itching and pain. That’s why it’s best to look for soaps with deodorizing properties, too, so you can be more confident to go out and walk around even when you’re still healing.

Deodorizing ingredients that go great in soaps are peppermint, lavender, tea tree, and sandalwood. They can help neutralize body odor because they all have pleasant smells.

Formulated for sensitive skin

Skin infected with a fungal infection will always be sensitive skin. Whether your skin is just itchy with pink rashes or painful because of cuts and lesions, having an infection means handling your skin with care.

That’s why you should go for gentle formulas when looking for a soap to fight fungus. Opt for soaps that are hypoallergenic, doctor-recommended, and contain no harsh chemicals. Ingredients to avoid include parabens, strong sulfates, alcohol, and artificial dyes and color.

It’s important to have gentle yet effective formulations, especially for fungal infections that show up in more sensitive areas, like genitals. A good antifungal soap for yeast infection or jock itch should have a gentle formula that won’t burn or irritate the skin between the legs, where the two infections most often manifest. That is because the skin near the genitals is usually thinner than the rest of the body.

Other Important Factors to Consider

How does antifungal soap work

What is antifungal soap?

An antifungal soap is a type of soap that contains one or more ingredients that can kill and wash away bacteria and fungi. These usually have antibacterial and disinfectant properties to effectively get rid of fungi.

They should also have soothing ingredients that can help treat infected skin. Many people who are unfortunate to catch these infections end up with dry, flaky, itchy skin, so trying to tame the irritation is key.

Because of the dryness and scaliness of many fungal infections, antifungal soap is ideally moisturizing. Rich oils and butter can help make the skin soft and supple again post-infection. They also double as soothing ingredients because they are emollients that can coat the infected skin, providing relief at least temporarily.

How does antifungal soap work?

Active ingredients that can kill fungus work directly on the infected surface. They kill any leftover colonies that have begun developing on the skin to ensure that the infection doesn’t spread or worsen. They also wash away any impurities like dirt or sweat, because these can further irritate the infected skin.

If the soap has soothing ingredients, they help the skin’s surface become less inflamed and irritated. Many soaps provide immediate relief because of ingredients like tea tree oil or vegetable glycerin.

Who is this kind of soap for?

Anyone can be unlucky to contract a fungal infection if they’re not careful. Therefore, it’s a soap that can be used by people of all ages and skin types.

However, they are especially useful for active people—mostly athletes, sports enthusiasts, and gym buffs. Some fungal infections start when we sweat too much and cause dampness and humidity in certain parts of the body. That is exactly what happens in an athlete’s foot (foot sweat) and jock itch (sweat near the genitals and inner thighs).

By using antifungal soap regularly, people who sweat a lot can avoid contracting fungal infections that are difficult to manage.

What are the different types of antifungal soaps?

Most antifungal soaps fall under two main categories: bar soaps and liquid body washes. Most antifungal ingredients can be found in either of the formats. While both can be very effective for killing fungus, each type has its pros and cons.

Bar soaps are easier to use because all you need to do is rub it all over your body, paying special attention to infected areas. However, they run out way faster because they can melt easily, especially when the bar soap is made mostly of organic and essential oils.

Liquid soaps, on the other hand, are easier to share with other members of the house. That’s because sharing a dispenser is way more hygienic than sharing a bar of soap that everyone rubs around their body. The downside is that liquid soaps are less portable because they come in huge bottles.

Why do you need an antifungal body wash?

When you have a fungal infection, the doctor will most likely prescribe you medicine, whether oral or topical. However, sometimes these treatments are not enough. Your skin will still feel overly dry, and you’re still vulnerable to rashes, scaling, and small lesions.

An antifungal soap or body wash can help out with that. Showering with these is a great way to provide immediate relief, which oral drugs can’t promise. An antifungal soap works directly on the infected skin, washing away any new fungus or bacteria. It can also get rid of product buildup from topical creams and powders applied throughout the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are fungal infections, and where do they come from?

Though man has discovered millions of fungi, only a couple hundred can infect people’s skin. Fungi that can lead to skin infection can be found anywhere—from humid rooms like gyms to open spaces with mud and soil.

Because fungi love, thrive and colonize in wet and damp areas, they sometimes latch on to sweat on our skin and make it their home. When that happens, an infection can occur. The areas they latch onto most often include the body areas that sweat in closed clothing, like the feet, and in the inner thighs.

What are the common symptoms of a fungal infection?

What are the common symptoms of a fungal infection

A fungal infection will almost always manifest in the skin. It usually appears as pink or red rashes that are itchy and scaly. If the condition is severe, the skin might even start bleeding because of cuts and lesions.

Of course, different infections have different manifestations too. For example, ringworm is characterized by its circular rashes, and an athlete’s foot will make the feet’s skin very thick and rough, especially the sole. Meanwhile, nail fungus will make your toenails look thick and yellow.

Are fungal infections contagious?

Yes, some fungal infections are contagious. They are spread through skin to skin contact, and even through items used by someone infected, like towels or dirty clothes.

That is why you should always practice good hygiene, especially if you live with an athlete or someone who is always sweaty. Make sure never to borrow their unwashed towels, clothes, and yoga mats. Avoid sleeping in their bed if you know they laid down right after a sweaty workout.

What are the most trusted antifungal soap brands?

Some of the most trusted soaps for fighting fungal infections include Defense, Terrasil, Solpri, and Majestic Pure. Defense and Solpri have antifungal and antibacterial bar soaps, while Majestic Pure is known for its body washes that incorporate soothing essential oils. Terrasil, on the other hand, is a long-running, research-backed company that comes up with both bar soaps and body washes.

Which soap is best for fungal infection?

The best soap depends on what infection one is facing. For the athlete’s foot, Purely Northwest’s tea tree body wash is an excellent product.

If you’re dealing with jock itch, one of the best products is the FungiCure Medicated Anti-Fungal Jock Itch Wash. It’s formulated especially for the skin between the legs, which is where jock itch commonly manifests.

What soap kills fungus?

Many soaps can kill fungus on the skin. One that is very effective is the Candida Freedom Probiotic Soap with Lavender. It has probiotics (a unique soap ingredient) that kill candida and prevent its overgrowth.

Another is the Solpri Shield Antifungal Soap Bar, which is awesome for athletes that may catch fungus when they’re in the gym, especially in the locker room. This soap helps wash away any fungus and bacteria that latch onto the skin.

Another great option is New York Biology’s antifungal tea tree body wash. It has tea tree and peppermint oils that deodorize the body and kill fungus and bacteria.

Will antibacterial soap kill fungus?

Yes, antibacterial is a good disinfectant and can kill fungus on the skin before it becomes a full-on infection. It can also help relieve symptoms of an infection in its early stages.

What will kill fungus on the skin?

There are many treatments dermatologists recommend to kill the fungus that latches onto the skin. One is through oral medication. If your infection persists even after some pills, your doctor might give you stronger meds.

Another way is through topical creams and powders. Creams are there to soothe the flaky, itchy skin, and usually have active ingredients that can kill fungi. Powders, on the other hand, can be medicated as well, but their main purpose is to keep the infected area dry.

Lastly, there are soaps and body washes that can kill fungus on the skin, like those listed in this review. It’s a great way to incorporate your infection treatment into your daily routine.

How can I avoid contracting a fungal infection?

Preventing fungal infections will always come down to proper hygiene. As long as you practice good hygiene, then you should be able to keep infections at bay.

You should always shower daily, especially when you sweat a lot, go to the gym, or play sports. Besides, make sure to always wear fresh, clean clothes after. Don’t wear a shirt that you were sweating in a few hours before, even if it’s dry. That may cause not only fungal infections but also fungal acne all over the body.

When it comes to clothes, avoid socks and undergarments that are too tight. That goes for shoes as well, since an athlete’s foot is caused by socks too damp with sweat being locked up in a stuffy area, like too-tight shoes.
If you share a house with a couple of other people, make sure you don’t share towels. You can catch fungal infections through them if you do.

Lastly, make sure to use an antifungal soap. Have some on hand in your medicine cabinet, so that if you or someone in your home catches an infection, the soap can help manage the symptoms.

Where can I buy antifungal soaps?

Medicated antifungal soaps are easily accessible in pharmacies and drugstores. You can even find a wide range of soaps to choose from at your local hypermarket and grocery, like Walmart.

But for those who want to do extensive and thorough research on the soap they can use for treating their fungal infections, shopping online is always the best bet. It is especially so when you have other co-existing skin conditions, like acne or chronic dryness. With proper research and diligence in reading reviews from others with similar skin issues, you can find the best soap for your case.


Fungal infections may sound (and look) scary, but if you have the best antifungal soap on hand, then there’s nothing to be afraid of. Find solace in that they’re seldom life-threatening—all you have to do is be patient with the itchiness, flakiness, and pain.

That’s where your soap is going to come in. The soaps on this list were carefully chosen to make sure each option will soothe your irritated, infected skin, and get you back on your feet. Use it patiently to get all the benefits of each soap, whether it’s a bar soap or a body wash. Good luck!

The Best Antifungal Soaps