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Which Body Wash is Best for Body Acne?

Written by Elizabeth Kessler • Updated on: 11/02/23

Many people think acne is an issue only on the face. But if you have oily skin or are prone to hormonal changes, you know that these stubborn little pimples and zits can appear on your body too.

Like pimples on the face, they can be painful to touch and very distracting to the eye. The best confidence booster is to treat them as soon as possible and to get back your smooth and clear complexion.

Using the best body wash for acne prone skin is just one of the ways you can prevent acne from head to toe. In this roundup of products, I’ll dissect some of the best ones in the market today. Choose the one that’s most aligned with your skin concern and ingredient preference, and you’ll be admiring bright, clear skin all over the body again in no time!

Which Body Wash is Best for Body Acne

12 Dermatologist-recommended Body Washes for Acne

1. NIXA Skincare Acne Washg Body Wash

This acne wash by NIXA doesn’t just soothe and treat acne on the surface. It also goes deep down into the pore to eliminate the cause from the very root.

The active ingredient in this acne wash is benzoyl peroxide, a compound that treats active acne by killing the bacteria inside of it. It’s also excellent for exfoliation of the skin and sloughing off dead skin cells to reveal healthier skin underneath.

Benzoyl peroxide comes at a high concentration in this formula, at 10%. That means you can count on significant efficaciousness with each use.

This soap deeply penetrates the skin and makes its way down into the pore to unclog it of sebum building up. This makes sure that any impending pimples can be prevented from popping up on your still clear skin.

Because of its deep penetration and cleansing of acne from the root, this benzoyl peroxide body wash gives the skin a clearer complexion. It also helps mattify the skin, which is great if you have particularly oily skin.

This body wash is versatile as well—you can use it on both the body and the face. That makes it a staple not just in the shower, but also in your sink.


  • Contains 10% benzoyl peroxide, which treats active acne and exfoliates the skin
  • Deeply penetrates the pores to unclog them of sebum
  • Gives the skin a clearer appearance because of the deep, thorough cleanse
  • Reduces sebum, so it mattifies the skin after rinsing
  • Versatile enough to be used on both the face and body


  • Doesn’t give a rich, soapy lather in the shower—feels more like a lotion

If you’re looking for body washes for acne prone skin that are simple but still pack a punch in their high concentration of benzoyl peroxide, try this one by NIXA. It’s awesome for treating active acne and preventing future breakouts.

2. Dr Song Medical Acne Wash

Another option for a benzoyl peroxide cleanser is this one by Dr Song. This body wash for sensitive acne prone skin has a high concentration of medical-grade benzoyl peroxide, at 10%. This means more cleansing and acne-treating power.

This star ingredient works to attack the main cause of your acne—drawing impurities from deep in the pore to get rid of excess sebum and bacteria trapped under the skin that are causing your breakouts.

This body wash also reduces inflammation in active acne, whether it’s hormonal, cystic, or any other type of acne all over the body. So if you have red, painful bumps, this body wash for acne on back and chest is a great way to soothe them and calm them down.

Because this is formulated gently for sensitive skin, it can also double as a facial cleanser. Many people who suffer from body acne are likely to be getting it on their faces too. That makes this a great multi-use product in the bathroom.


  • Has a high, medical-grade concentration of acne-fighting benzoyl peroxide at 10%
  • Attacks the cause of acne, such as excess oil production and bacteria
  • Reduces inflammation in existing pimples and zits
  • Opens up and draws impurities out of pores for a thorough cleanse
  • Can be used as both a facial cleanser and a body wash


  • The consistency is very runny and watery, so it’s hard to foam up and spread Hard to dispense without making a mess

Here’s another benzoyl peroxide cleanser that does wonders for opening the pores and zapping away bacteria and excess sebum, causing pimples. If you need a thorough cleanse for the face and the body, don’t hesitate to give this one a shot.

3. pHisoderm Anti-Blemish Body Wash

Another popular active ingredient for treating acne properly from deep within the skin is a beta hydroxy acid called salicylic acid. pHisoderm’s body wash uses it as the star ingredient to ensure all types of blemishes are covered in your shower—from cystic acne to stubborn comedones.

This body wash contains 2% salicylic acid, making it a great treating agent for blackheads and whiteheads all over the body. It also helps clear breakouts of any kind, to give you a smoother, more clear complexion to flaunt.

What I love most about this body wash is that it has a handful of natural soothing ingredients for inflamed skin. It has aloe leaf juice and chamomile to help calm and appease red, inflamed skin with patches of acne. Vitamin E also helps strengthen the skin and lightly hydrate it.

The formula contains no soap, alcohol, and dyes. But even without these common ingredients, it still easily creates a soft, foamy lather in the shower, making it easier to glide across the skin with your hands or a loofah.


  • Contains 2% salicylic acid, which works amazingly for blackheads and whiteheads
  • Clears breakouts on the body so you can get clear skin
  • Contains aloe leaf juice, chamomile extracts, and vitamin E to soothe, strengthen, and hydrate irritated, inflamed skin
  • Doesn’t contain any soap, alcohol, or dyes
  • Easy to create a soft and bubbly lather in the shower


  • Has a very runny consistency, so it’s prone to making a mess in the shower

If you need a salicylic acid body wash to extract and soothe not just pimples, but blackheads too, then this pHisoderm body wash is the one you’re looking for.

4. The Body ShopSkin-Clearing Body Wash

Tea tree oil is a terrific way to treat acne naturally. While many people apply a scant amount of this oil directly onto pimples, a safer way to treat body acne with this essential oil is through this body wash by the Body Shop.

Tea tree oil treats pimples by drying them out in a proper way, without burning the skin. It’s a great natural ingredient to use if you want clearer, blemish-free skin, so it’s awesome that you can use it every day when you shower regularly with this soap.

Your shower can be made super refreshing because of the tea tree scent, as well as the cooling sensation this soap gives off while you’re bathing.

In true Body Shop fashion, this soap is 100% vegan to promote a more sustainable, natural lifestyle. It doesn’t contain any potentially harsh ingredients, like parabens, silicones, and gluten. Even the tea tree oil itself is sourced ethically, through community trade in the African mountains of Kenya.


  • Tea tree oil treats pimples by drying them out in a natural, organic way
  • Makes the skin clearer and blemish-free with regular use
  • Gives the skin a refreshing, cooling feeling while in the shower
  • The star ingredient is sourced ethically through community trade in around Mount Kenya
  • 100% vegan and made without parabens, silicones, and gluten


  • Kind of harsh on more sensitive areas of skin, like the face

If you’re looking at more organic, natural, and ethical options, this Body Shop wash may be the best body soap for acne prone skin for you. It fights off acne, soothes the skin, and gives you a refreshing shower all in one little bottle!

5. Humane Face & Body Acne Wash

It’s tricky to look for strong formulas that can stop acne dead in its tracks if you have sensitive skin and can only use gentle formulations. If this sounds like a problem you face often, Humane’s acne wash is perfect for you.

The active ingredient is benzoyl peroxide, which goes deep beneath the follicle to zap away acne-forming bacteria. It does so by depositing oxygen, which kills the bacteria and thus treating your pimples from the root.

Benzoyl peroxide also helps exfoliate the skin to promote cell turnover. It sheds dead skin cells lying on the top layer of the skin to reveal brighter and healthier skin underneath. This results in a clearer complexion.

This is a sulfate-free, non-foaming cleanser, which is super gentle yet very effective for all kinds of acne, from pimples and cysts to blackheads and persistent comedones. It also soothes painful inflammation brought on by these blemishes.

Another thing I appreciate about this soap is that Humane made sure it was dermatologist-tested in a lab to make sure it is safe to use.


  • Benzoyl peroxide goes deep into the follicle to kill acne-forming bacteria
  • Promotes cell turnover by exfoliating dead skin cells
  • Soothes painful inflammation caused by active acne
  • A sulfate-free, non-foaming cleanser that gently yet effectively cleanses pimples, cysts, and more
  • Dermatologist-tested to make sure it’s safe to use on the skin


  • The high concentration of benzoyl peroxide can end up bleaching fabrics

I love this face and body acne wash because it gives maximum blemish-fighting strength through such a gentle, skin-friendly formula. It’s probably the best body wash for sensitive skin acne prone skin out there, since it treats the skin well but still fights hard against acne from head to toe.

6. Neutrogena Salicylic Acid Body Wash

If you’re looking for a dermatologist recommended body wash for acne, look no further. Neutrogena is one of the top brands for head-to-toe skincare today, so it’s no surprise that they carry their own body wash specifically for problematic, acne-prone skin. It’s one that even experts love!

Salicylic acid is the active ingredient for this soap, which is much-loved according to rave body acne wash reviews online. This BHA treats active pimples all over the body but is especially known for its power to eliminate blackheads.

This body wash exfoliates the skin gently, so it doesn’t get irritated. It gets rid of dead skin lying on the skin’s top surface so that it doesn’t clog up the pores and worsen your breakouts. Therefore, this soap helps to prevent any future breakouts.

Neutrogena is an expert at taking care of problematic skin, so it’s very fitting that this soap specializes in clearing up acne in the back (known as “bacne”), chest, and shoulders.

Like most Neutrogena soaps and cleansers, this body wash is very easy to lather up in the shower. It makes for a faster and more convenient shower experience.


  • Made by a trusted brand that is recommended by dermatologists worldwide
  • Contains salicylic acid to treat active pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads
  • Exfoliates the skin gently and prevents any further breakouts on the body
  • Exceptionally effective for clearing up acne found in the back, chest, and shoulders
  • Very easy to lather, making for a convenient, hassle-free shower experience


  • Can be a bit drying, especially for those with dry skin to begin with

The Neutrogena Body Clear body wash is an awesome choice if you want to purchase your very first acne-fighting body wash from a trusted brand that even dermatologists love. Though the brand carries many body washes, this is the best one they have for fighting body acne.

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7. Eau Thermale Avene Cleansing Gel

One of the very common causes of body acne is having overactive oil glands that produce a lot more sebum than usual, thus clogging the pores and producing pus-filled pimples. This cleansing gel by Eau Thermale Avene targets extreme oiliness, preventing acne by addressing its very root.

This body wash purifies oily skin, stripping off excess sebum to ensure the pores don’t get clogged. Over time, it regulates sebum production and reduces the chances of getting acne on the body. Even if it’s a clarifying body wash, it doesn’t dry out the skin to the point of peeling or irritation.

A little goes a long way with this product. You only need a tiny amount of it to get a rich, bubbly lather going to wash your whole body with. Because of that, this product gets an A+ for longevity, since it will last you a long time.

It’s non-comedogenic (or doesn’t have pore-clogging ingredients), so it’s especially well-suited for acne.


  • Suited for oily, blemish-prone skin on the face and body
  • Reduces excess oil on the skin, which can clog up the pores and produce acne
  • Clarifies the skin without overdrying or irritating it
  • A little goes a long way because it lathers up nicely with a small amount
  • Acne-friendly because it’s non-comedogenic


  • Contains blue dye and heavy fragrance, which may be potentially irritating to sensitive skin

This cleansing gel may be the best body wash for oily acne prone skin, especially for those with more resilient skin that doesn’t get easily irritated by dye and fragrance. It makes sure your oil production is managed to control future breakouts.

8. Solimo Clarifying Pink Grapefruit Body Wash

If you love fruity, citrusy scents, then you’re in for a treat. This body wash by Solimo smells of zesty and refreshing pink grapefruit and helps to gently and gradually treat your body acne in the shower.

The body wash contains 2% salicylic acid, a BHA that helps dissolve the sebum and bacteria building up in the follicle that causes stubborn and sometimes painful acne.

While salicylic acid already lightly exfoliates the skin chemically, the body wash also contains little gelatin microbeads. These beads make the gel body wash look very cute and endearing, especially to girls. But more than that, they provide mild physical exfoliation to manually shed dead skin to hasten cell turnover.

The scent of this body wash is absolutely to die for. It’s a sweet, fresh, tropical scent of pink grapefruit that will surely give you an extra zing in the shower. That makes it great for early mornings, so you can wake up and get pumped for the day.

Dermatologists and pediatricians have tested this product to make sure it’s safe to use. Even teens can use it. It’s a very gentle formula and does not include parabens and phthalates.


  • Contains 2% salicylic acid to treat acne all over the body
  • Has gelatin microbeads for gentle physical exfoliation of dead skin
  • Has a refreshing grapefruit scent
  • Dermatologist and pediatrician-tested, so it’s safe for younger skin
  • Gentle formulation that doesn’t contain parabens and phthalates


  • Takes a while for current breakouts to subside while using this

This is a terrific and energizing body wash for sensitive skin with acne if you love fruity scents. It can also be a cute, charming, yet practical gift for teen girls who are facing puberty and probably more problematic skin all over the body.

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9. Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Body Wash

As you saw in the previous item on this list, pink grapefruit is fast becoming a popular variant for body washes. But there’s no denying that the OG of all grapefruit soaps is this one by Neutrogena, which is made specifically for treating acne.

This body wash is made with salicylic acid, which is known not only to treat acne by dissolving oil and bacteria deep in the pores but also to prevent future breakouts from happening.

It’s created with Neutrogena’s MicroClear technology, which allows the salicylic acid to cut through oil on the skin to go straight to the hair follicle to treat acne.

The formula is livened up and enriched with naturally derived pink grapefruit extract, giving the body wash a sweet, refreshing, and playful scent. This extract also contains vitamin C, which helps a bit with brightening acne scars left behind by hyperpigmentation and old breakouts.

And if all that isn’t enough, this product is made by Neutrogena, the world-renowned skincare brand that boasts being the #1 most recommended skincare brand by dermatologists for acne.


  • Made with salicylic acid, which can treat and prevent acne breakouts on the body
  • Created with MicroClear technology to allow the acne medication to go straight to the pimples
  • Enriched with pink grapefruit for a sweet, tangy scent
  • Has vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps in brightening up scarring left by blemishes
  • Formulated by the #1 most recommended acne brand by dermatologists


  • Can be very drying to the skin when too much product is used

This is another excellent body wash by Neutrogena, this time targeting those who love fruit and citrus scents and care about brightening up marks left by old blemishes. This body wash is a dream come true for those who care not only about current acne, but hyperpigmentation too.

10. Proactiv Deep Cleansing Body Wash

Proactiv is one of the brands teens hear about when they first go through hormonal acne during puberty. That’s because Proactive is a highly trusted brand made by skin experts. And their powerhouse body wash deserves the same trust because of how effective it is.

This cleanser is medicated with salicylic acid, an acne-treating BHA that unclogs the bacteria and grime in pores to clear up acne-prone skin. This helps zap away pimples fast. It also contains smooth exfoliating beads that lift away dead skin to reveal brighter, healthier skin underneath.

This body wash is suitable for all ages, but is especially great for teens, like many of Proactiv’s acne-focused products. An awesome idea is to use this in conjunction with the brand’s other dermatologist-developed face products for teen acne, so you can experience Proactiv in its full acne-treating glory.

I also love that this body wash comes in such a huge bottle filled to the brim with 16 oz worth of soap. It lasts me forever in the shower.


  • Medicated with salicylic acid to unclog pores and zap away acne fast
  • Contains smooth exfoliating beads that lift dead skin to eliminate them
  • Suitable for all ages, but especially great for teens
  • Developed by dermatologists who know how to handle treating acne
  • Comes in a huge 16oz bottle, so you know it will last you for a long time


  • Doesn’t include a pump and is viscous, making dispensing a bit more difficult

Proactiv has been known since 1995 to address acne concerns, especially for teens. And they’ve definitely done it again with this acne-treating body wash for all ages. If you’ve trusted Proactiv since your younger years, you won’t be disappointed with this soap.

11. Murad Acne Control Body Wash

If your skin is looking a bit dull because of your constant battle with pimples and acne in the back and chest area, then you’ll love this ultra-exfoliating body wash by Murad.

The active ingredient in this body wash is salicylic acid, which we know by now gently treats acne on the skin by dissolving oil and bacteria trapped deep in the follicle. There’s a relatively low concentration of this acid at 1% for less irritation.

This body wash is made with microbeads, which help physically slough off dead skin cells sitting on top of the skin. This ensures there isn’t dead skin that can block the pores and cause irritation, and thus more acne.

Beads in skin care get a bad rap for destroying oceans, but the ones in this Murad cleanser are biodegradable, making them friendly to the environment.

It’s also infused with glycolic acid, an AHA that’s amazing at chemically exfoliating the skin. Don’t let this acid scare you off—this soap’s formula is carefully formulated not to include potentially irritating ingredients like parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, formaldehyde, and more.


  • Contains salicylic acid to gently treat current breakouts on the body
  • Has a relatively low concentration of its active ingredient, for fewer chances of irritation
  • Includes biodegradable microbeads for exfoliation that is friendly to the environment
  • Infused with glycolic acid, a strong AHA that chemically exfoliates the skin
  • Formulated without parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, and other harsh ingredients


  • Might not be suited for sensitive skin because it has way too many exfoliating acids and ingredients

This Murad acne body wash is amazing for its exfoliating properties that can treat acne gently and promote cell turnover to give you brighter, clearer skin. Try this out if you’ve had experience using acids in your skincare routine and have skin that loves being exfoliated!

12. Noble Formula ECLn Gentle Non-Drying Body Wash

It’s good to regularly treat your body acne with powerful and effective exfoliators and acids. But sometimes, what your acne-prone skin really needs the most is fuss-free, gentle formulas that can help soothe the irritation it’s been feeling for so long. And that’s exactly what CLn’s non-drying body wash does.

This gentle body wash is formulated especially for sensitive skin. It’s highly recommended for those with particularly delicate skin conditions, like acne, eczema, folliculitis, and infections with manifestations on the skin.

The soap contains sodium hypochlorite, a gentle ingredient that helps moisturize the skin and soothe it too. It soothes inflammation on the skin caused by acne, and reduces the appearance of redness and flakiness around patches of pimples on the body. With prolonged use, the soap will make the skin smoother and clearer because of these benefits.

This formula was tested by dermatologists and clinics to ensure it was tailor-fit for sensitive skin with delicate conditions. The combo of ingredients is very thoughtfully curated. It doesn’t contain harsh ingredients, including parabens, antibiotics, steroids, triclosan, and synthetic fragrances.


  • Gently formulated for sensitive skin conditions like acne or eczema
  • Contains sodium hypochlorite, which soothes skin inflammation, redness, and flakiness
  • With regular use, this soap makes skin look smooth and clear
  • Dermatologist and clinically tested to make sure the formula is skin-friendly
  • Does not contain harsh ingredients like parabens, antibiotics, and steroids


  • Comes in a gel consistency that easily slips off the hands and loofah in the shower

If you’re looking to give your inflamed, acne-prone skin some tender loving care and help it calm down, this CLn gel soap is the body wash for you. It’s a bright idea to switch to this soap if you feel like you’ve been applying too many acids on your skin, and it just needs to relax.

What to Look for When Buying Body Washes for Acne Prone Skin

Buying Body Washes for Acne Prone Skin

Treats active acne

First and foremost, look for a body wash that can address your main skin concern—active acne and pimples all over the body. Many body washes specifically curated for people with acne have hard-hitting active ingredients that kill pimple-causing bacteria and manage the production of sebum.

Some of the best ingredients to look out for are benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. These go down deep into the pores and hair follicles to zap away bacteria and excess sebum under acne to help treat it at the very root. They also provide gentle exfoliation to shed dead skin and reveal new, healthier, more rejuvenated skin underneath.

If you’re used to using acids and potent acne agents in your skincare routine, you can opt for a higher concentration, like 10% benzoyl peroxide. But if you’re a teen or are new to the world of acne, you can start yourself off with a low-concentration body wash, like one with 1% salicylic acid.

Soothes inflammation and irritation

Dealing with acne comes with bouts of inflammation and irritation. This is the case when you have painful cystic or hormonal acne, or even pimples developing in large patches throughout your body.

When this happens, it’s important that your body wash not only treats your acne but is gentle enough to soothe it as well. Help your skin calm down and reduce its redness with natural ingredients like aloe vera, green tea, and tea tree oil. You can also check out sodium hypochlorite, which is great for soothing inflammation and infections.

Exfoliating properties

One way to help healthy cell turnover is by exfoliating the skin. Ingredients like salicylic or glycolic acid help treat acne while encouraging the top layer of skin (where pimples sit) to shed as fast as possible. Chemical exfoliants like these are a better option than physical ones, like walnut or sugar scrubs.

If you opt for physical exfoliation, make sure that the beads in your body wash are fine and aren’t ridiculously abrasive. If they are too rough, they could irritate pimples and zits, and make them even more painful. They can also pop the pimples too early, which can cause bleeding.

Brightens blemishes and dark spots

Hyperpigmentation is one of the big issues acne leaves behind. Acne scarring can make anyone less confident about their skin. Luckily, there are body wash ingredients that are great for making sure you have a clear complexion even after a couple of bad breakouts.

For example, try looking for vitamin C in your body wash. This helps to repair sun damage on the skin and brighten dark spots caused by acne scarring. Because it’s an antioxidant, it also protects you from free radicals that can harm your skin,

Clarifies the skin to make it less oily

More often than not, the culprit of acne is excessively oily skin. One way to manage acne is by clarifying the skin and making sure sebum production is managed.

That’s why it’s important to look for a body wash that can purify and detoxify the skin—to eliminate all oil and grime stuck in the pores while making sure oil glands don’t produce an unhealthy amount of it.

But you don’t want to use a body wash that will dry out your skin because that will cause even more irritation. Find one that will mattify the skin without stripping it completely of its natural moisture. You don’t want to go through painful peeling.

From a trusted and renowned brand

It’s important to go for a brand that you trust and has made a name for itself as an expert in skin care for sensitive, oily, and acne-prone skin. This is especially important for people who are buying a body wash specifically designed for acne for the first time.

Some of the biggest names you can trust when it comes to products for active acne include Proactiv, which has been known for decades as the pimple expert, and Eau Thermale Avene, a European brand known to make outstanding formulations for sensitive skin.

You can even look to your go-to personal care brands to check if they have any soaps perfect for acne, as long as you trust these brands with your life.

For example, you can research recommendations for Murad and Neutrogena soaps if you need something fast-acting and will deliver results pronto. On the flip side, you can look for more gentle cleansers as well, like a Cetaphil or Dove body wash for acne that can help soothe irritation to help inflammation subside.

Tested and recommended by dermatologists

Don’t forget that acne is a skin condition, and the people you should listen to the most are the medical experts. Try to look for body washes recommended by dermatologists and tested in clinical laboratories to ensure friendliness to the skin.

If you’re a purist and only want to go for brands developed by dermatologists themselves, you’re in luck. Many skincare brands on the market that are pioneered by dermatologists carry body washes specific to acne. One example of this is Proactiv.

Is Body Wash Good for Acne

Yes, body wash is one of the best products you can get for yourself if you’re dealing with body acne. Unlike facial acne, breakouts on the body are hard to treat with toners and serums. For the body, it’s better to go for something you can wash off after it treats the breakouts.

It’s also pretty risky to put on thick creams and topical ointments before putting on clothes because they may stain fabrics and cause skin infections when the clothes are too tight.

Your best bet in treating body acne lies in body wash because it can be easily incorporated into your everyday shower routine. Because soaps can be washed off after a while, it’s more gentle than applying acids straight up onto your skin as well and leaving them on for an entire day.


While there are many ways to treat body acne, finding and using the best body wash for acne prone skin remains one of the most affordable and practical ways to start. It’s also a great way to conveniently incorporate gentle acne treatment in your everyday shower routine.

So there you have it—a wide array of body washes just for you and your body acne concerns. While they differ in price, ingredients, and brands, they’re all extremely effective. Choose the one you think your skin will respond to most. After all, no one knows your skin and body like you do.

Best Body Washes for Acne Prone Skin