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Which Type of Charcoal Body Wash is Best?

Written by Elizabeth Kessler • Updated on: 11/02/23

There are some days when we want an extra-deep cleanse in the shower. Whether it’s from excessively oily skin facing back acne or a long day sweating it out at the gym, every once in a while, you’ll need a body wash that can absorb all those yucky impurities to leave your skin refreshed and detoxified.

To do that, you need the best charcoal body wash you can get your hands on. Activated charcoal is a skincare holy grail because of its power to suck out and absorb dirt and oil in the skin to leave it squeaky clean and rejuvenated.

Make sure you have the most awesome charcoal body wash on your bathroom shelf to experience its detoxifying power. Here are the top ones we have in mind.

Which Type of Charcoal Body Wash is Best

15 Best Activated Charcoal Body Wash for Everyday Use

1. Nivea Men Deep Active Clean Body Wash

This body wash by Nivea Men utilizes natural charcoal powder to cleanse the skin deeply and thoroughly. The charcoal absorbs the oils and impurities lying on the skin’s surface, washing it away to leave your skin purified.

It has Nivea Men’s signature Active Clean scent, which is refreshing and masculine. It stays on your body for eight hours, so it’s a great boost of confidence when you need to go out.

The formula creates a rich, bubbly lather that is super satisfying whether you use it on your loofah or just your hands. It creates a satisfying shower experience for anyone.

It also eliminates body odor, making it a great post-workout body wash. Keep it in your gym bag to feel clean and fresh after exercising.

This body wash doesn’t dry out the skin, instead leaving it a bit hydrated. Plus, it never leaves a sticky residue on your complexion.


  • nriched with natural charcoal powder to absorb oil and impurities
  • Has a fresh Active Clean scent that stays on for about eight hours
  • Creates a rich, bubbly lather for a satisfying shower experience
  • Eliminates body odors from sweaty days at the gym
  • Doesn’t dry out the skin but doesn’t leave it sticky, either


  • The fragrance can be too strong

This Nivea Men cleanser might just be the best activated charcoal body wash for men. It cleanses the skin deeply while leaving it with a fresh, manly scent to boost confidence.

2. Black Wolf Activated Charcoal Body Wash

Another outstanding charcoal wash for men is this one by Black Wolf. It’s formulated with activated charcoal, which penetrates deep in the skin to get rid of toxins that clog the pores and cause breakouts.

It also contains salicylic acid, a beta-hydroxy acid that dissolves sebum in the pores to reduce acne, especially on your back and chest.

The formula works to dissolve stubborn whiteheads and blackheads. It also exfoliates dead skin cells to leave your skin smooth and spot-free.

It’s also enriched with coconut extracts, which have antifungal properties that wash away acne-causing germs and bacteria. That means fewer breakouts as long as you use this soap regularly.

This body wash has a modern, unique blend of blue sage extracts and citrus extracts to give it a fresh and fruity smell. That makes it a fabulous body wash for women.


  • Activated charcoal penetrates the pores to eliminate toxins
  • Contains salicylic acid to help reduce breakouts and body acne
  • Dissolves whiteheads, blackheads & dead skin cells to smoothen the skin
  • Coconut extracts have antifungal properties to avoid acne-causing bacteria
  • Has a unique and modern citrus and sage scent


  • The smell is fruity, so it might not be the most masculine scent out there

Fight acne effectively with this charcoal body wash by Black Wolf. It combines some of the best acne-fighting ingredients to make sure your skin is clear and smooth.

3. Renpure Detoxifying Charcoal Body Wash

This body wash by Renpure is made with bamboo charcoal, which gently sucks out and absorbs toxins and impurities deep within the layers of your skin.

What’s unique about this charcoal body wash is that it’s infused with ultra-nourishing oils, from coconut oil to rapeseed oil. It even has manuka honey to hydrate deeply, leaving your skin soft and luminous. It’s a must-try for those with dehydrated skin.

It has a fresh, herbal fragrance made with a blend of wild fern, mint, and violet extracts, leaving your skin smelling floral and lively.

This plant-based formula is perfect for sensitive skin because it doesn’t have any parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde, phthalates, and more. It’s so gentle that it’s suitable for those with delicate skin conditions that need soothing, such as itchy eczema or keratosis pilaris.


  • Bamboo charcoal gently absorbs toxins and impurities deep in the skin
  • Coconut oil, rapeseed oil, and manuka honey moisturize the skin
  • Has a fresh and herbal fragrance of fern, mint, and violet
  • A plant-based formula without parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde…
  • Suitable for delicate skin, such as those with eczema or keratosis pilaris


  • Can leave a thin oily film on the skin if you use too much of it

If you’ve been looking for a natural and organic charcoal body soap, this Renpure one is the answer to your prayers. It’s laden with botanical extracts and hydrating oils to keep your dry skin soft and supple.

4. Art of Sport Activated Charcoal Body Wash

This charcoal body wash is made with activated charcoal, which provides a strong, purifying cleanse. It’s perfect for athletes and gym buffs who usually end up with dirty, sweaty skin at the end of the day.

It’s also infused with tea tree extracts and aloe vera, both of which soothe inflammation on the skin, such as pimples and back acne.

Since aloe is a popular humectant, this soap also leaves the skin hydrated long after the shower. That way, you’ll still have soft, plump skin even after such a deep, detoxifying cleanse.

It’s also a great soap to use for your morning showers. It has a minty-fresh eucalyptus scent, so it wakes you up and invigorates the senses to make you feel refreshed inside and out.

The formula contains no harsh and stripping sulfates, so you don’t have to worry about drying out your sensitive skin.


  • Provides a purifying cleanse on dirty, sweaty skin using activated charcoal
  • Contains aloe vera and tea tree to soothe inflammation on the skin
  • Leaves the skin soft and hydrated even after such a deep cleanse
  • Has a cool, minty-fresh eucalyptus fragrance to wake up your senses
  • Made without harsh sulfates, thus perfect for sensitive skin


  • You need to use a lot of the soap to get a decent lather going

If you’re an athlete, you’ll love this activated charcoal soap. You’ll get a super deep cleanse after a sweaty game while soothing any acne issues and leaving your complexion soft.

5. Irish Spring Charcoal Body Wash

This Irish Spring body wash uses charcoal to wash away stubborn bacteria and excess sebum hanging around on your body after a long day. It leaves your skin feeling extra-clean, thanks to charcoal’s purifying abilities.

If you have body odor problems, you’ll find this body wash super useful too. It’s designed with an odor-neutralizing technology that eliminates foul smells, keeping your body smelling fresh for 24 hours.

It keeps your skin soft and hydrated since it retains your skin’s natural moisture levels. That way, your skin will never end up dry and flaky, even if the soap is ultra-purifying.

You only need a little bit of this product to wash your entire body, so one bottle goes a long way! Plus, you get terrific value for money because you get six body washes in this pack, so you won’t need to repurchase soap for a long time.


  • Made with charcoal, which can wash away bacteria and excess sebum
  • Its odor-neutralizing technology keeps your body fresh for 24 hours
  • Retains your skin’s natural moisture levels
  • You need only a small amount to wash your whole body
  • Offers six body wash bottles in one pack


  • Washing the charcoal off can be difficult if you have body hair

If you want an economical option, try out this black charcoal body wash set by Irish Spring. You get six charcoal body washes that leave your skin extra-clean for a great deal!

6. Dove Men + Care Elements Charcoal Clay Body Wash

If you’re looking for a more versatile shower product, you’ll love this charcoal body wash by Dove Men + Care. It’s a multi-purpose product that can be used as both a body wash and facial cleanser.

It’s formulated with charcoal clay, which absorbs and zaps away stubborn oil and grime on your skin. This means it unclogs your pores to ensure you don’t break out.

It also has moisturizing ingredients to leave your skin free of dryness in true Dove fashion. It’s designed with a MicroMoisture technology that works to seal in all the hydrating goodness in the soap to keep your skin soft and touchable all day.

This charcoal body wash has a spicy, masculine aroma any man will feel confident wearing. It has notes of bergamot, cypress, and cardamom to make you feel sexy, clean, and refreshed all at once.


  • Can be used on both your body and face
  • Made with charcoal clay that zaps away oil and grime in your skin
  • Moisturizes the skin to ensure you don’t have to deal with dryness
  • MicroMoisture technology seals in hydration to keep your skin soft all day
  • Has a spicy aroma with notes of bergamot, cypress, and cardamom


  • The formula is smooth and fine, so it’s not as gritty as other charcoal scrubs

This best charcoal body wash detoxifies your skin while still keeping it moisturized and soft. One shower with this skin-loving soap, and you’ll be writing a rave charcoal soap review of your own!

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7. Every Man Jack Purifying Body Wash

This body wash by Every Man Jack is made with activated charcoal. This type of charcoal attracts stubborn dirt and gunk like a magnet, pulling out all those icky toxins to leave your skin ultra-clean.

It also contains salicylic acid, which is fantastic for treating active acne that’s inflamed and angry. It also prevents the onset of breakouts in the future, leaving your skin smooth as much as possible.

The formula is also enriched with aloe vera, which is a terrific hydrating ingredient that leaves your skin feeling smooth to the touch.

This naturally-derived body wash doesn’t contain potentially irritating ingredients, such as parabens, phthalates, and synthetic dyes.

This twin pack gives you awesome bang for your buck too. You get two big 16oz bottles of this body wash in a single set, so you won’t run out of soap for quite a while.


  • Activated charcoal eliminates dirt and gunk, leaving your skin ultra-clean
  • Has salicylic acid to treat active acne and prevent future breakouts
  • Aloe vera leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth, and hydrated
  • Naturally-derived and doesn’t contain parabens, phthalates, and dyes
  • Twin pack with two bottles in a set


  • A strong cedar smell that’s unpleasant to some

Every Man Jack’s body wash is a great soap to use if you want to fight against body acne while still keeping your skin smooth, hydrated, and smelling lively.

8. Art of Sport Compete Activated Charcoal Body Wash

Another charcoal-enriched body wash from Art of Sport is this one in their Compete variant. Like the previous AOS body wash we tackled, this one is designed for high-performing athletes and fitness junkies who need a deeply cleansing soap to get rid of sweat and oils thoroughly.

This soap is made with activated charcoal and tea tree oil. These ingredients work together to purify the skin, leaving it squeaky clean without leftover sweat or residue.

That said, the formula is still very hydrating, thanks to aloe vera that moisturizes the skin deeply, leaving it touchable and soft. It also soothes any existing acne or inflammation.

This soap’s gentle formula doesn’t contain irritating chemicals, such as sulfates, parabens, and phthalates. That makes it a wonderful option for easily irritated skin.

It also boasts of a fun and energizing citrus scent, leaving your skin fruity and fresh. It’s a refreshing change-up from the usual musky, earthy scents athletes go for.


  • Designed for high-performing athletes who need extra cleaning power
  • Activated charcoal and tea tree oil purify the skin to leave it super clean
  • Intensely hydrating and soothing because it’s infused with aloe vera
  • A gentle formula that doesn’t contain sulfates, parabens, and phthalates
  • Has a fun and energizing fruity-citrus scent


  • Not as foamy as other body washes for athletes

Any athlete will love this Art of Sport body wash because of its ability to wipe out sweat and dirt from the body while leaving a lively citrus scent on the skin for a long time.

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9. The Right To Shower Dignity Head-to-Toe Cleanser

This cleanser is formulated with charcoal to wash away any gunk and grime stuck on your skin if it’s extra dirty. It’s also infused with cotton blossom extracts, which help refresh and soften the skin to make it feel brand new. It also leaves a soothing, clean aroma to your body.

The formula’s also enriched with certified organic aloe vera, a humectant that hydrates your skin efficiently. It also conditions your complexion so that it can be smooth and silky.

What’s great about this charcoal cleanser is that you can use it from head to toe. It can be a shampoo, facial wash, and even used on sensitive skin areas.

This cleanser is a great buy if you’re trying to be a more responsible shopper. Purchases from the brand go to funds for delivering mobile showers to the needy and homeless in the street. Your money is going to a great cause that can change lives.


  • Contains charcoal to wash away the gunk and grime stuck on dirty skin
  • Cotton blossoms refresh and soften the skin, leaving a clean smell too
  • Organic aloe vera helps hydrate and condition the skin
  • Can be used as a shampoo, facial cleanser, and body soap
  • Sensitive skin can use this
  • Each purchase funds mobile showers for the needy and homeless


  • The consistency is watery, so it’s prone to spilling

Get super-clean skin while shopping responsibly with this charcoal soap from The Right to Shower. It’s a great way to show love and support for others while getting the most out of charcoal on your skin.

10. Ballsy Ballwash Nuts, Butt & Body Wash

This Ballsy body wash is made with activated charcoal to deep-clean the skin and rid it of impurities. That said, it’s still super gentle because of the natural formula, making it suitable for sensitive skin areas like your backside and genitals.

It’s infused with coconut oil and aloe vera to help moisturize and hydrate the skin. They also work to soothe any skin irritation.

Meanwhile, lavender, cedarwood, and cucumber extracts refresh your skin, giving it a light, clean smell that isn’t overpowering like many men’s body washes.

The formula doesn’t have any harmful ingredients, like drying sulfates, parabens, and artificial dyes that irritate sensitive skin.

This cleanser comes in a huge 16oz pump bottle, so you don’t have to worry about running out any time soon.


  • Activated charcoal deep-clean and purify your skin
  • Coconut oil and aloe vera hydrate the skin while soothing irritation
  • Lavender, cedarwood, and cucumber give your skin a light, fresh smell
  • Doesn’t contain harmful ingredients, like sulfates, parabens, and dyes
  • Comes in an extra-large 16oz pump bottle for a long time use


  • Its dark color can end up staining your bathroom tiles

If you’ve been looking for a charcoal soap that’s gentle enough for your manly areas, this one by Ballsy is the one for you. It deep-cleans your delicate skin while leaving it hydrated and smelling oh-so-fresh.

11. Dr. Hempster Detox Body Wash

This Dr. Hempster body wash is meant to detoxify the skin and fight against active acne. It also has ingredients that prevent future breakouts as well.

First off, we have charcoal. This ingredient washes away acne-causing bacteria and excess sebum lying deep in your skin. It also helps exfoliate the skin to buff away dead skin cells, revealing brighter, renewed skin.

On the other hand, hemp oil moisturizes the skin deeply, thanks to its omega fatty acids that help keep your skin plump and firm. It also aids in minimizing fine lines and wrinkles.

This soap reduces oiliness and even heavy sweating, which is perfect for those who have problematic skin that needs balancing.

To leave the skin feeling fresh and zesty, eucalyptus and lavender oils lend this body wash their fresh, floral fragrances. The smell is light, pleasant, and sure to boost confidence after your shower.


  • Charcoal washes away acne-causing bacteria and gently exfoliates the skin
  • Prevents future breakouts
  • Hemp oil’s omega fatty acids moisturize the skin and minimize wrinkles
  • Reduces oiliness and sweating after washing the skin
  • Eucalyptus and lavender oils give the skin a fresh, floral fragrance


  • Doesn’t lather too well, even when used with a loofah

If you need extra richness and moisture, you’ll love this charcoal soap by Dr. Hempster. It’s loaded with nourishing and freshly-smelling oils that will make for a wonderful, luxurious shower experience.

12. Olay Hydrating Glow Charcoal + Mint Body Wash

This Olay body wash aims to give the skin a deep cleanse while leaving it silky-smooth and glowy. It’s formulated with charcoal and mint to help eliminate oils and impurities that could be stuck underneath the surface of your skin.

That said, the formula is still non-stripping and even moisturizing. It has bio-renewing hydrators that never leave your skin thirsty. Instead, the body wash draws in moisture to hydrate your skin properly. This leaves it with a luminous glow.

The formula also contains a vitamin B3 complex, strengthening the skin and making it more resilient against the elements.

This body wash set is highly economical. You get a total of four big 22oz bottles of soap in just one pack. That way, you can have a bottle in every bathroom in your house and still have some spares in case you run out fast.


  • Charcoal and mint eliminate oils and impurities stuck in your skin
  • A non-stripping formula with bio-renewing hydrators
  • Draws in moisture to hydrate the skin and leave it with a glow
  • Contains a vitamin B3 complex that strengthens the skin
  • Very economical, since you get four big bottles in a single set


  • Has the smell of generic perfume

Experience the cleansing power of charcoal while retaining your skin’s moisture with this Olay charcoal body wash. Snatch up four bottles in just one purchase and get crazy bang for your buck!

13. Archipelago Botanicals Charcoal Rose Body Wash

Black meets pink in this body wash by Archipelago Botanicals. While charcoal works to detoxify the skin and rid it of all nasty contaminants and sebum, rose oil nourishes the body to retain its healthy moisture levels.

This is a great body wash for sensitive skin because it doesn’t contain harmful ingredients like sulfates and parabens. It’s also gluten-free, making it an excellent choice for people sensitive to this protein.

The soap comes in a massive 33oz bottle, bigger than most body washes in the drugstore. It can last you many months without having to repurchase soap.

This body wash is excellent for sophisticated women because of its charming light pink color combined with its romantic rose aroma. It makes for a great gift to your girlfriends who are up for a deep cleanse in the shower without stripping their skin of moisture.


  • Charcoal detoxifies the skin of nasty germs and sebum
  • Rose oil nourishes and hydrates the body for healthy moisture levels
  • The gluten-free formula doesn’t contain any sulfates and parabens
  • Comes in a huge 33oz bottle to last you many months
  • Romantic rose scent and charming light pink color


  • The smell can be distracting for those who don’t like roses

Try out this romantic charcoal body wash for a luxurious shower. It cleanses your skin deeply to remove all traces of toxins, while moisturizing it to leave your body feeling smooth and hydrated.

14. Native Charcoal Body Wash

If you want a simple, fuss-free body wash that leaves your skin feeling healthy and makes your shower more pleasing, you’ll love this charcoal body wash by Native.

This body wash is free of potentially stripping and drying ingredients, like sulfates and phthalates. Native prides itself on offering only clean beauty products with ingredients that are good for the skin.

Even if it doesn’t contain sulfates, it still creates a creamy and thick lather that makes your bathing experience lavish and satisfyingly cleansing. This rich lather also leaves your skin feeling conditioned and softened long after your shower.

The soap comes in a sleek rectangular bottle. The packaging is very chic, so it’s suitable for your bathroom design if you’ve opted for a more modern interior architecture.

You also get amazing value for money with this body wash. In a single purchase, you’ll get not one but two bottles.


  • Free of sulfates and phthalates, which can strip and dry out your skin
  • Creates a rich lather that makes for a lavish bath experience
  • Leaves the skin feeling conditioned and soft
  • Comes in modern, sleek packaging
  • Good value for money because you get two bottles in one pack


  • The bottle is quite small, so you might need to repurchase it often

If you’re looking for a charcoal body wash that looks cool and clean on your bathroom shelf, this is the one for you. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s gentle on sensitive skin and will leave your body feeling conditioned and moisturized all day long.

15. Cremo Detoxifying Body Wash with Activated Charcoal

This Cremo body wash has a lightweight gel formula, which is unique in charcoal soaps. That said, it’s still incredibly moisturizing. That’s because it’s formulated with aloe vera leaf juice for hydration and marula oil to seal all that moisture in. These make the skin softer and more touchable.

This body wash contains activated charcoal to absorb grime, gunk, and impurities that can harm your skin. One wash with this and your skin will be left toxin-free.

The soap creates a thick, rich lather to make it easier to spread across your body and wipe any remaining dirt and sebum off fast.

The best part is that this soap leaves your skin smelling sweet and fresh, thanks to its blend of citrus and fig notes.


  • Activated charcoal absorbs impurities and gunk
  • The gel formula is lightweight but is still incredibly moisturizing
  • Contains marula oil and aloe vera leaf juice make the skin softer
  • Creates a thick, rich lather that makes it easy to spread the soap
  • Leaves your skin with the sweet and fresh aroma of citrus and fig


  • Contains fragrance, which can irritate some people

If you’re looking for something lightweight but still replenishes your skin with moisture, this Cremo body wash is right for you. Get a deep clean while conditioning your skin correctly with this soap.

What to Look for When Buying a Good Charcoal Body Wash

Buying a Good Charcoal Body Wash
  • Penetrates deeply to absorb and remove impurities and excess sebum on the skin
    One of the most important charcoal body wash benefits is being able to wash the skin properly. Activated charcoal can penetrate deep into the skin to draw out yucky germs and impurities that can cause your skin harm, like oils and dirt.

    Make sure your charcoal soap is made with good-quality charcoal. If it is, it will do a fantastic job detoxifying your skin so it can be clean and smooth.

  • Contains hydrating ingredients that can restore your skin’s moisture levels
    While charcoal is meant to purify and detoxify the skin, one negative side effect is that many body washes that contain charcoal tend to dry out the skin. So when you’re shopping for a charcoal body wash, keep an eye out for moisturizing ingredients that can keep your skin hydrated.

    You should look out for coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, hyaluronic acid, and other nourishing ingredients that make up for the drying properties of charcoal.

  • Combats acne breakouts to help flatten and alleviate them
    Charcoal is amazing for acne-prone skin. It helps soothe blemishes and purify them so there isn’t any dirt or excess oil that can make them even more inflamed.

    It would also be wise to look for a body wash infused with other acne-fighting ingredients, like salicylic acid or tea tree oil. Paired with charcoal, they make the perfect match to eliminate acne.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Charcoal Body Wash Good for You

es, charcoal soaps offer many benefits to the skin—that’s why it’s loved worldwide, from America to India. It’s excellent for sucking out excess sebum in the skin that can clog the pores and one day turn into pimples.

So if you have oily skin or need extra cleaning power on sweaty days, you will love charcoal body washes and even the occasional charcoal soap bar.

Can Charcoal Body Wash be Used Every Day

Yes, you can use your charcoal body wash every day and never worry about your skin’s safety. Although charcoal is a powerful detoxifying ingredient, it’s relatively gentle compared to other strong acids and stripping chemicals.


Your skin will always feel better after a deep and proper cleanse, and the best charcoal body wash will do just that. So switch things up and go for a charcoal soap for once!

As long as you use it regularly, you can be sure to never see those pesky back pimples or feel oily throughout the day again.

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