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Best Foaming Soap Dispensers for a Smoother, Cleaner Handwashing Experience

Written by Elizabeth Kessler • Updated on: 11/02/23

Everyone loves foamy soap not only because of the feeling that it gives but for the convenience as well. It can be given to you by the best foaming soap dispenser. There will be no issues like pump clogs, wet consistency of discharge, and the top stick being in a down position.

A good foaming dispenser can be seen in many places such as the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, and areas where cleaning is usually done. It can’t be denied that it’s a part of hygiene and sanitation.

It’s easy to use and it doesn’t take much space and you don’t need to spend time on making the soap lather. Foaming soap is available in the market. But making your own soap solution is also acceptable and it’s fun to do it.

There are various modern styles that you can choose from so a foam soap dispenser can also be a decoration. But don’t get something only for its look as it needs to be functional like the following options.

Best Foaming Soap Dispensers for a Smoother, Cleaner Handwashing Experience

12 Best Dispenser for Foaming Soap?

1. mDesign Foaming Hand Soap Dispenser

My impression is that it’s of premium quality from the moment I laid my eyes on this dispenser. I have it at home both in my bathroom and kitchen. I think it will not be out of place in the laundry area or the utility room. The array of designs makes me like it more because of the variations.

Talking about the design, you will love the structure of this product. You will no longer use both of your hands to pump and get the foamy soap.

This foaming soap pump dispenser is made of glass which is heavy. But the weight makes it steady and stable so you only need one hand to get the soap. It is the same possibility given by OXO foaming soap dispenser.

The glass can be in different colors such as clear, bronze, blue, navy, and sand. It’s the same case with the pump as available colors are brushed, bronze, brushed black, copper, soft brass, and chrome. Get two bottles for every purchase.

I love its capacity of 14 oz as I don’t have to clean and refill often. I added a few drops of olive oil before filling the bottle with soap. The pump is durable even though it’s made of plastic. It can give you a good foaming soap with just a single squirt. A luxurious and rich lather would need you to pump thrice.


  • Heavy and stable enough to be pumped with one hand
  • Different and beautiful color options
  • A durable pump for easy and long-lasting use
  • The significant capacity of 14 oz
  • Comes in a pack of two


  • Breakable as it’s made of glass
  • Can’t be put in a dishwasher

If you want a dispenser that can fit everywhere, get this premium-looking product that gives you the foamy soap that you like.

2. Amolliar Foaming Soap Dispenser

I like the design of this foam soap dispenser as it has a rustic vibe. It suits my kitchen well as I just furnished it with the said theme. There’s more to it as this product properly functions in foaming up non-gel liquid soap. Take note of this information so you will get the most in using this thing.

The appearance is the typical mason jar with a capacity of 16 oz. The lid is stainless steel coated with bronze paint. A plastic pump is above it and it is free of lead and BPA. When I first used it, I thought the pump was no good but I just allowed the liquid to squirt then the foam came up after the first try.

I give the packaging two thumbs up as it’s cute and it comes with additional parts. An extra pump is available in case the one on the bottle doesn’t work. So far, so good. Mine hasn’t failed to work and it remains in good condition.

There are tags too that you can tie around the lid. You may make them as labels to not mix up which is which. That’s how it can help with organizing things. The six lines on the bottle can be your guide when doing the refills. The one to five soap to-water ratio is what you need to apply.


  • Brings out the rustic vibe
  • Foams up non-gel liquid soap
  • The plastic pump is free of lead and BPA
  • Comes with spare pump and tags
  • Lines on the bottle that works as the soap solution guide


  • Testing the pump on the first use

It works well in giving me the foamy feel so I consider it as the best glass foaming soap dispenser.

3. Lantoo Foaming Soap Dispenser

I prefer this automatic foaming soap dispenser as it’s more sanitary than pumping a bottle. It’s efficient in getting rid of bacteria that dwell in your house or office. You get your hands clean before touching something. Then, I don’t have to deal with a clogged pump that can be annoying.

This automatic soap dispenser is operated by Smart Touchless Infra-red Sensor. You only need to place your hands under the sensor to get the foamy soap. Two things can help you mount it properly. Double-sided tape is on its back and you can easily add the screws on the mounting wall bracket.

Four pieces of AA batteries are needed to make this dispenser work. The package includes a manual that can walk you through in assembling the parts and mounting it. Troubleshooting steps are also available for you to double-check things when it seems to not work properly.

The capacity of this automatic soap dispenser is equal to 500 ml or 16 oz. The soap setting is so simple. You can adjust the volume of the soap in two amounts which are 0.6 ml and 1.2 ml. The whole dispenser can provide around 830 hand washes.

In terms of dispensing the soap, you can press the top button to decrease or increase the amount needed. Even a kid can easily do this step. It can be mounted or you can let the dispenser stand by itself. Then everyone in the house or the office can clean their hands with plenty of foam.


  • An automatic foaming soap dispenser for more sanitation
  • No need to pump
  • Comes with tape and screws for mounting, a manual for assembling and troubleshooting
  • Soap volume can be adjusted
  • The long-lasting capacity of 16oz
  • Makes you save 50% on the soap


  • The need to use the battery
  • Soap liquid shouldn’t be too thick

It’s the dispenser that doesn’t give me trouble in getting the soap. Everyone can wash their hands any time they want without issues.

4. Maredash Soap Dispenser Pump Bottles

I like the set of this foaming hand soap dispenser as I can have a hand wash wherever I go. I need to go around because of work so I put some of them in my car, travel kit, or purse. I also have ones in the bathroom and on the kitchen counter filled with liquid dish soap. Their small size makes it easy to carry them everywhere.

When going on a camping trip, water is something that’s being saved up. You can bring one of these bottles with dish soap in it. Spray the dishes with the foamy soap and wipe it dry. Then you can squirt water or alcohol for further sanitation.

These plastic bottles are made of safe, clear PET plastic which is free from BPA. I’ve been using them for a year and they remain sturdy and heavy-duty. The materials used for this bottle are dependable. The pump is consistent in giving the foamy soap.

Like a good soap foaming dispenser, it’s cost-effective as it lets you save some soap. You can make a mixture of 90% water and 10% soap. Experimentation is possible as long as it makes the pump work. Get some foamy soap to clean your hands or something then rinse.

It is ideal as thick soap can cause clogging to the foaming tube. Although a little soap is added, you can still achieve the needed cleansing and sanitation. It’s also recommended not to fill the entire 300ml-bottle as you need to leave some space for the pump and soap tube.


  • Can be taken everywhere due to its size
  • Made of safe PET plastic without BPA
  • Bottles are sturdy and heavy duty
  • Consistent in delivering foamy soap
  • Cost-efficient (1:9 soap to water ratio is possible)


  • Can get clogged with thick soap
  • Leaving space for the pump and soap tube is recommended

Save some soap with this refillable foam soap dispenser that would keep you sanitized all the time and wherever you go.

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5. Jarmazing Products Foaming Soap Dispenser

I find these mason jar bottles cute so I have them in my kitchen and bathroom. You can go with rustic themes as you decorate a condo in the city, farmhouse, or country cabin. I love mason jars’ sturdiness which is also showcased by this product.

Foaming soap is suitable for this but I made my own and it works well. Use non-gel liquid soap. One part soap and 5 parts of water is the ideal combination.

If you want to attain the shaving cream texture, you can add two parts of soap. It all depends on your preference and this foam soap dispenser pump will help you out. It can have a content of 16 oz which means refilling shouldn’t be done too often. When the soap is frequently used, a single mason jar can last a month.

A simple dispenser like this one can be used to fill hand soap and dish liquid soap. The design won’t be out of place wherever you place it as it’s aesthetically pleasing.

The mason jar is made of sturdy and thick glass. The pump lid is made of nice plastic so you don’t have to worry about rust. It is tight-fitting so it stays stable. Easy and smooth pumping is done because of its structure. You are assured that it’s free from BPA and anything harmful.


  • Fits well with rustic decor
  • Can be great for any type of room
  • Can be used with any foaming soap
  • Allows you to create different foam textures
  • Made of thick and sturdy glass, rust-free plastic with no BPA


  • No smooth surface on the bottle for designer stickers

Create the foam texture that you desire for every pump of soap from this dispenser. Have fun as well in making it as one of the decorations.

6. HadinEEon Soap Dispenser Automatic

There are many reasons why I love this automatic soap dispenser. I like the appearance as it is cool, stylish, and sleek with its IPX3 waterproof and leak-proof base. It stands upright and it can be placed in the bathroom, toilet, and kitchen.

I think it’s efficient in blocking the spread of bacteria and viruses. Just imagine touching the dispenser with your unclean hands. But with this dispenser, the foamy soap is ejected through PIR sensor detection technology and infrared motion. The sensor is precise and fast-acting.

You don’t have to touch it when you need to wash your hands after cooking in the kitchen. It would be awkward to touch something when your hands are covered with remnants of meat and ingredients. The touchless feature brings so much ease and convenience and it allows you to have an elegant experience of washing your hands.

Dilute the ratio 1:3 or 1:4 of soap to water for the foaming soap that you like. The sensor can react in a swift 0.2 seconds. The range that it can detect is from 0 to 2 inches. Although there’s no adjustment of the soap that it releases, it’s fine as it gives the right amount for cleaning your hands.

There will be no waste like what happens with liquid soap. 12 oz of soap can fill this dispenser. It can last for three months for a family of three when washing is done three times a day. Everyone will love washing their hands with the soft, foamy soap it produces.


  • IPX3 waterproof and leak-proof base
  • Stops the spread of bacteria and virus thanks to its touchless feature
  • Sensor reacts within 0.2 second with a range of up to 2 inches
  • Lasts for 3 months for 3 people and 3 washes per day
  • Elegant experience of washing hands


  • No adjustment for the amount of foamy soap being dispensed

This automatic foaming dispenser is easy to use. You can’t agree more that the touchless feature is useful in stopping the spread of bacteria.

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7. mDesign Refillable Soap Dispenser

A foam hand soap pump is indispensable for washing as we would handle dirty things. It should be working as well as this one. I’m so happy to have found it. I got to admit that I was attracted by its look but its function has made me even happier.

This bottle has a round body and you’ll be surprised at how sturdy and hefty it is. Glass is its material and it’s much better than having a plastic bottle that moves when it’s half-filled. With the strength of glass, the bottle becomes stable. Just make sure you place it in an area where it won’t fall or else, it will shatter into pieces.

The plastic pump is reliable in giving you the soft, nice foamy soap. The thing you have to look out for is the peeling of its paint but it won’t affect its function. There are several options for the colors of the bottle and the pump.

The bottles are available in clear, frost, and bronze while the pump is in colors of bronze, brushed, chrome, satin, matte silver, soft brass, and bronze. There are two bottles in every purchase. It fits in the ambiance of any room where you’ll place it as there are varieties of colors.

You have all the liberty to place it at the kitchen sink, bathroom counter, and other related places. It can hold 12 oz of weight so you don’t have to refill from time to time. To achieve the foamy outcome, apply the 1:5 soap to water ratio. You can also add essential oils.


  • A stable and sturdy glass bottle
  • Gives nice, soft foamy soap
  • Varieties of colors to choose from
  • Cost-efficient (comes in pack of two; 1:5 soap to water ratio helps save on soap)


  • The paint on the pump can come off

If you want a soap dispenser that stays in place, choose this one as it won’t make you sloppy when pumping the foamy soap.

8. SheeChung Foaming Soap Dispenser

I fell in love with this dispenser right away when I received it. It sits prettily in my bathroom and even in my kitchen sink. I think it goes well with any type of theme. The 16 oz capacity is the answer for a long period of use. A single bottle will allow you to experience the luxurious lather from this dispenser for a reasonable time.

The foamy result that I desire was achieved from having 1 part of non-gel liquid soap and 4 or 5 parts of water. It all depends on what you prefer. You can make it creamier if it suits you well. The bottom line is you save more soap with than without this soap foaming dispenser.

I love the plastic pump free of BPA as it goes smoothly with a gentle force. It gives out the foamy soap in a breeze. So I think it’s made of good plastic material. The lid of the bottle is made of top quality 304 stainless steel. You don’t have to worry about anything as it’s rust-free. It’s also durable so it lasts long.

The bottle is sturdy with a cute designer tag or label. Purchasing this item also comes with two extra pumps in case it will stick. In my case, I don’t have trouble with it but I appreciate the extra parts.


  • Cute look and chic style, suitable as gifts for women
  • Allows you to make the kind of foamy soap you prefer
  • The lid is made of top quality 304 stainless steel
  • Has a sturdy bottle and reliable BPA-free pump


  • More of a feminine style

I never thought a mason jar could look chic like this. To evaluate its ability, it works well in giving you the foamy texture and serves as a decorative foaming soap dispenser at the same time.

9. LAOPAO Soap Dispenser

It’s pure bliss to have found this automatic soap dispenser that ejects foamy soap that is not too dry nor too wet. It’s great for everyone in the family. Adults would find ease and convenience from this. Kids will be motivated to wash their hands because of the cute smiley face that lights up.

I love its touchless function as you don’t need to pump. The precise sensor is so quick that it can detect a single wave at a speed of 0.25 seconds. Whenever you have dirty hands, you can wash it right away. You don’t have to touch the dispenser so you can stop bacteria and germs from spreading.

Any kind of foaming soap can be placed inside the soap reservoir that stands almost four inches tall. It can utilize liquid soap or gel soap for a foamy result. A cup of soap can be mixed with three or four cups of water.

There are two options in getting the foamy soap from this refillable foaming soap dispenser. High mode is what you will choose if you’re fine with a single gram in every release. Press the start-up button for three seconds and you can switch to a low mode which is equivalent to 0.6 gram of soap.

1.5V AA batteries are needed to make this work. It’s easy to clean but you shouldn’t rinse it with water as a short circuit may take place. Take out the hand soap from the sensor and rinse for 10 to 20 seconds as when soap turns dry it can block the pipe.


  • A touchless function that prevents the spread of germs and bacteria
  • A smiling indicator that encourages kids to wash their hands
  • A precise sensor that reacts within 0.25 second
  • Two options for the amount of soap
  • Easy to clean


  • Proper handling requires several things

Get this dispenser so everyone in the family would always clean their hands with the help of the touchless function.

10. UUJOLY Foaming Soap Dispenser

I have to admit that I was skeptical about getting this plastic soap dispenser. But I get tired of heavy bottle dispensers which also make me afraid of breaking things into pieces. It’s a relief to discover that this item is quite sturdy and I don’t have any complaints until now.

I always go with simple things as long as they serve their purpose well. Just like this soap dispenser that nicely foams up any kind of soap such as shower gel, shampoo, and more. It’s no wonder that you can see it in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and even in the doctor’s office.

Diluting your favorite soap with a ratio of one to 3 or 5 water is how you can allow the dispenser to give a foamy result. It makes you save some soap. What I appreciate more about it is its capacity of 15 oz. So you can skip frequent refills and go on cleaning your hands.

Though the bottle is made of plastic, it’s entirely safe as it is PETG material in high quality. It’s not easy to break and it’s durable just like its pump. There’s even a plastic safety buckle added between the top part of the pump and the top of the plastic screw.


  • Allows any kind of soap
  • Produces nice foamy soap with the ratio of one to 3 or 5 water
  • The bottle is made of quality PETG material
  • Has a sturdy pump
  • Can minimize the use of soap


  • The safety buckle needs to be removed before using

It’s the right choice for you if the weight of the glass bottle puts you off. It works well and it can help you minimize and save your soap usage.

11. mDesign Metal Foaming Soap Dispenser

In my opinion, this is the best foam soap dispenser. I never was wrong in thinking that it is a better option than plastic and glass. This aluminum soap dispenser is lightweight but it stands still and stays in place. The looks suit almost all places so I have a couple of them around my house.

It even appears like a decoration in my sink so it’s perfect as a kitchen countertop soap dispenser. It has a clean and modern style that makes it suitable for any place.

The aluminum used for this soap dispenser is in premium quality and it doesn’t rust. The pump is made of plastic. It’s sturdy and dependable in giving you the foamy soap.

You may need to remove the pump during refills and cleaning. Don’t overdo it like twisting it back too much. It may crack if you apply a lot of force. In terms of giving the foamy result, it gives you the right amount in every pump. Mix one part of soap to five parts of water to achieve your goal with it.

I’m in awe of its 17 oz capacity so it lowers the frequency of making the mixture and refills. Adding olive oil before pouring the mixture into the bottle is like a simple task of maintaining the dispenser in good condition.

Cleaning this soap dispenser necessitates a damp cloth. Do it simply by wiping it clean. You can also use essential oil in your soap mixture as it’s fine with aluminum. It is a safe substance that is not harsh on the surface of this soap dispenser.


  • Has a clean and modern style that suits any place
  • The bottle is made of premium quality and rust-free aluminum
  • Dependable in giving foaming soap in the right amount
  • 17 oz capacity for long time use without frequent refill
  • Cleaning only requires a damp cloth
  • Two dispensers for each purchase


  • The pump can crack when twisted with a lot of force

You will no longer be confused with your decision. Pick this dispenser to discover that its design fits any place while you refrain from refilling often because of the 17 oz capacity.

12. Aeakey Foaming Soap Dispenser

I’m someone who’s into instant and automatic products. due to the fast-paced lifestyle. So it wasn’t difficult for me to decide to get this electric automatic foaming soap dispenser. With all the convenience, it’s also easy to use since it’s automatic and touchless.

The sensor is not something that you can underestimate as it is highly sensitive. It can detect motion in just a swift 0.25 second. You can also control the amount of soap that comes out of the dispenser. Go on a high mode to get 1.2 grams and 0.6 grams for low mode when practicing economical use.

An operation button is where you adjust the amount by pressing a couple of times. Turn on the button once when you want to turn it on. Long press for two seconds can turn it off. Be careful with the buttons as they’re very sensitive too and you can make unnecessary presses.

It creates a lightweight foam that promotes deep cleansing of pores. But it can be rinsed easily. One part of soap can be diluted in 3 or 4 parts of water. It can be practiced with regular hand soap as well as detergent and dish liquid soap. Therefore, it‘s also great as a dish soap dispenser.

The body is made of ABS and IPX4 waterproof material. To make it work, add 4 AA batteries on the assigned slot. The dispenser consumes low power. You can even let it dry under the sun. Remove the batteries if you plan on not using the dispenser for a long time.


  • Automatic and touchless with low power consumption
  • Has a highly sensitive sensor
  • Control on the amount of soap
  • Creates lightweight foam that promotes pore cleansing
  • Works with hand soap, detergent, dish soap
  • Made of quality and waterproof material, can dry under the sun


  • Can make unnecessary press on the button as it’s very sensitive

Things made by high technology make life easier and without a doubt, we need them. This dispenser is a good example.

What to Look for When Buying a Foaming Soap Dispenser

Buying a Foaming Soap Dispenser

Consistent in Foaming Soap

A good foaming soap dispenser would not make you wonder if you ever did something wrong in mixing the soap solution or used an unreliable foaming soap. This scenario occurs when you can only get liquid or half froth from the soap dispenser after a week or so.

So it should give you a foamy soap all the time. It shouldn’t be limited to a specific period. With the pump bottle dispenser, the pump should be sturdy and reliable in providing foamy soap. The user has also the responsibility of handling it well. But it shouldn’t give in to clogging or lose tubes.

Some may sometimes squirt just liquid then it will produce the ideal foamy texture. Then, it will eject liquid or half froth again. So the consistency of dispensing foaming soap is a must when buying a foaming soap dispenser. It also means that it’s durable and it can last for a long time. Precision also comes along with it.

Can Foam Up Any Kind of Soap

Foaming soap can be availed at any time in the market. Some people want to make their soap formula as they want to customize what they use. Some prefer using castile soap or essential oil. It’s all about preference.

The good thing about a reliable foaming soap dispenser is that it can foam up any kind of soap like liquid soap, shower gel, detergent, dish soap, and more. However, some are not fine with gel soap.

This factor makes it economical as you need to dilute the soap with water. You can experiment with the mixture whether you want it to be a thick foam or not. It’s based on your preference but one thing is for sure. You can save some soap.

Doesn’t Leak

To assure that the dispenser won’t leak, it should be made of quality material. If the structure is sturdy, the parts are intact so the soap is secure inside. You also have a part in this as you need to assemble it well. Before starting to use it, make sure everything is in the right place.

In terms of the automatic dispenser, the sensor system and the buttons should be reliable and not finicky. Because if it doesn’t work well, it won’t leak but it automatically drips without your knowledge.

In the Right Size

A foaming soap dispenser should be in the right size. It shouldn’t be too big on the counter or the sink as it will tend to create a mess. It may fall or it can disarray other things.

Most manufacturers know the ideal size but it depends on the space of the room. You might also want to consider the things that surround it. You don’t need to think it over if you’re going to place it on a clear surface so any size will do.

Another importance of size is due to its capacity. You may want something that can last for months. It would make you refrain from frequent refills and cleaning. It would matter a lot if you’ll place the soap dispenser in an office or working establishment or if you have a big family.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most trusted foaming soap dispenser brands?

The most trusted foaming soap dispenser brands are mDesign, Amolliar, Lantoo, Oval Clear, Jarmazing Products, HadinEEon, Mason Jar, LAOPAO, UUJOLY, and Aeakey.

Does foaming hand soap need a special dispenser?

No, it doesn’t specifically need a special dispenser. The typical foaming soap dispenser can handle almost all types of soap. Foaming hand soap can be used together with either a pump-style dispenser or the automatic one.

Why is my foaming soap dispenser not working?

Why is my foaming soap dispenser not working

You may need to deal with different cases when your foaming soap dispenser is not working. One of them is clogging and two reasons may be behind it. The soap may be filled with a high amount of glycerin or it’s caused by infrequent use. Glycerin tends to clog the pump.

Clogging can be resolved by cleaning the dispenser and make sure that every bit of build-up is removed on the pump. Troubleshooting should be done when nothing comes out of the soap dispenser aside from the aforementioned reasons.

Check the tube if it’s connected properly with the pump. You have to see to it that the soap is not too thick. Try to flush the pump with warm water. Then place the tube in a glass that has warm water. It is to check whether the tube and pump are properly connected or not. When the water can be dispensed, it’s the same thing with the soap.

In the case of an automatic foaming soap dispenser, you have to double-check if you’ve already turned it on when it’s not working. It may seem a no-brainer but it’s important as you may sometimes fail to do the right process. Fresh batteries should be set up correctly for the dispenser to work.

You should also mind the lighting condition in the location of the automatic dispenser. Keep it away from direct sunlight and highly reflective areas. These things interfere with the detection of the sensor so it can’t function.

How do you use regular soap in a foaming dispenser?

Regular soap needs to be diluted by water. A single part of soap can be mixed with three or five parts of water. You are free to experiment. Adjust the ratio so you can achieve the foamy texture that you prefer. You may also add essential oils if you want.

Where to buy foaming soap dispensers?

Wanting to buy foaming soap dispensers would take you to your local stores. The choices may be limited so you can go online and look for different products. You’ll be able to see the features and functions. So you have enough time to decide which one would work best for you.

Pick which one can go with your style and considerations like size and the space of where you’ll place the soap dispenser. You will also have a chance to compare prices and you can purchase something that’s worth it.

What are the types of foaming soap dispensers?

There are two types of foaming soap dispensers. The first one is the manual type or pump-style. It has two chambers and one of them is where the soap is held. The second one delivers the air into the dispenser as the pump is being depressed. You should know that some kinds of soap don’t foam from it.

The other type is automatic or also called pressurized dispensers. You need to place your hand underneath the sensor within the required distance. There’s also a pump that delivers the measured amount of soap when it’s pressurized.

Both of them can be refilled. You only have to open the bottle of the pump-style while the automatic type has a reservoir that you need to remove.

Is foaming hand soap environmentally friendly?

Yes, it is. Here are some reasons why. It’s a diluted form of liquid or gel soap and it requires you less soap in washing. Therefore, the water that you need to rinse it off is also lessened by 15% to 20%.

It’s thinner than the whole soap so it won’t clog drains. This aspect will refrain you from using detergent and harsh chemicals for unclogging. No artificial foaming agent is needed just to get the nice foamy texture. That’s how it is good to the environment by minimizing chemicals and conserving water.

What is the life expectancy of the pump?

Even the most high-quality pump is not immortal. Some factors would determine the duration of its good condition. It can last somewhere around 6 months to 2 years or more.

It depends on the soap that you use, how often you clean it, the water that you use, and the frequency of use. It’s like wear and tear perspective and it applies to almost everything like the pump of the dispenser. You may use soap that prevents clogging like Castile soap. Avoid the kind with high glycerin content.


There are many benefits to using the best foaming soap dispenser. It is cost-effective and economical as you only need little soap in dilution. It’s also environmentally friendly as you use thinned soap with fewer chemicals which may be harsh to some surfaces. Most of all, everyone gets clean as it promotes hygiene and sanitation.

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