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Best Foaming Hand Soaps to Keep Your Hands Clean and Soft

Written by Elizabeth Kessler • Updated on: 11/02/23

Washing your hands is very important as it’s a part of a person’s hygiene. It’s done before meals, after using the toilet, and every time your hands get dirty. Doing it with the best foaming hand soap makes it better and easier.

Foaming hand soap is derived from diluted liquid soap which is infused with air to produce thick froth of soap. No chemical is needed for this outcome. You enjoy the soft lather and get your hands cleaned without harsh substances.

Hand washing is a luxurious experience when you do it with foaming hand soap. It has gained popularity because of its instant lather and natural fragrance. The bottle and pump that come with is designed to serve its purpose. It proves that washing your hands doesn’t need to be messy.

Since foaming hand soap is well-known nowadays, there are different available brands. It may be hard for you to choose the best. But with the following brands, you can make a good decision that you won’t regret.

Best Foaming Hand Soaps to Keep Your Hands Clean and Soft

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1. Method Sea Minerals Hand Soap

I like this hand soap because it has a reliable cleansing ability. It washes grease, grimes, and mud away. Not a single speck of dirt remains. My hands are clean every time I wash my hands with this soap. So that’s why I have been using it for a long time.

This 10-oz bottle gives off a mild scent. I love the smell and it solidifies the idea of cleanliness. An unpleasant smell puts off most users but it won’t happen when you use this product. The scent stays for a long time and it’s just splendid as you carry freshness with you.

The formula of this hand soap is plant-based so you don’t have to worry about any unsafe ingredient. I can attest to this information as I have sensitive skin. My skin didn’t have any adverse reactions from it.

This hand soap doesn’t compromise the health of your skin as it’s not drying. It even makes your skin soft and smooth. Hence, this product is not only good for cleanliness but also in taking care of your skin.

The pump is easy to deal with to get the flat foam that lathers well. It provides enough soap to wash your hands in a single squirt even though it feels light on your palm. You don’t need to pump more so it makes hand washing easy for your little ones.


  • Has a reliable cleansing ability without drying out the skin
  • Gives off mild scent that lasts long
  • Has a safe, plant-based soap formula, good for sensitive skin
  • Lathers well with just one squirt
  • Recyclable and biodegradable


  • The pump can get stuck

Wash your hands with this hand soap and you’ll get soft and smooth skin. You can maintain cleanliness as well as enjoy the very nice scent from it.

2. Dial Foaming Antibacterial Hand Wash

I love how it cleans my hands of dirt, slime, and grease. It even gets rid of the sticky and slimy coating. What I like the most is that it can also eradicate minute organisms as it is antibacterial. Thus, I’m no longer concerned about any infection and disease.

The texture is so good and a single pump gives a generous amount of rich, creamy lather. Washing your hands with this soap is a luxurious experience. Not to mention it kills 99.99% of bacteria. It gives you a nice feeling while it keeps you clean so it’s recommended by most doctors.

Ignore the thought that it can be harsh as my skin remains soft and smooth every time I use it. My skin doesn’t dry out even if I often use it. The moisturizing conditioner is added to its 7.5 oz formula in every bottle. So it can be considered a suitable soap for frequent hand washing.

Those who have sensitive or dry skin can use it without disadvantages. The formula is gentle even with kids so it’s a product that can be used by the whole family. The soft, foamy lather can make the kids love washing their hands so they can make it a habit.

The pump endures until you finish the whole thing and you can even make refills if you want to. One squirt gives you an adequate amount to wash off dirt from both hands.


  • Creates a rich, soft, creamy lather
  • Kills 99.99% of bacteria, recommended by doctors
  • Has moisturizing conditioner, gentle enough for kids
  • The pump is durable
  • Can be used for refills
  • One squirt is adequate for both hands


  • Doesn’t have much smell

Killing bacteria off your hands means enjoying the rich, foamy lather from this hand wash. It’s such a luxurious experience that you don’t want to miss.

3. Michel Design Works Foaming Hand Soap

I can’t simply resist the looks of this hand soap and just pass on buying it. Its classic style is quite striking as depicted by the black and white pattern that completes its label. I place it in the kitchen and in my bathroom where I have a vanity counter. I also have it in the office as I only want to wash my hands with it.

Its classy appearance can change the ambiance of a room. I won’t deny that I get interested in it for the purpose of decorating. But I was able to discover more rewarding things from it.

Just the smell makes me in love with this hand soap. The scent of almond is so obvious and enticing that some may think it’s too much. It’s fine with me as it reminds me of baked goodies and toasted almonds around an ice cream bar. I’m into this scent as I don’t like fruity or floral ones.

The wonderful fragrance of this soap is not irritating even to those who have sensitive skin like me. You will instead appreciate the softness of its creamy lather. Every pump of soap is not wasted as it neatly gets onto your palm.

You can maintain the softness of your hands even with regular use. Of course, your hands get cleaned up. It’s gentle to the skin as it doesn’t cause dryness. I checked the formula and it’s composed of shea butter and aloe vera. So I see how it moisturizes the skin and makes it fresh.


  • Classy and elegant packaging
  • Has a very nice fragrance that doesn’t cause irritation
  • Soap is easily pumped onto hands and creates a soft, creamy lather
  • Cleans and moisturizes the skin


  • The scent may be too much for some users

It’s worth every penny to buy this lovely hand soap. From the packaging to the scent and effects, it’s an epitome of a luxury hand soap.

4. Bath and Body Works Foaming Hand Soap

I love how this hand soap is nourishing to my skin. It doesn’t give me trouble even with frequent washing. Buying this comes in assorted scents and I enjoy every bit of it.

The reason why this soap provides nourishment is the content of its formula. It is filled with Vitamin E, aloe, cocoa butter, and shea extract. These ingredients are combined all together for gentle cleansing so the soap promotes the skin’s health.

I use this all the time but my skin remains soft and moisturized. It won’t leave you with dry hands which require extra care.

Each pump from its bottle means dirt and germs are eliminated. Based on my experience, it guarantees cleanliness and good hygiene. It is one of the foam hand soaps that gives a rich lather. I feel good not just by the softness of this foamy soap but the idea that I’m free of dirt and germs.


  • Assorted with different scents
  • Provides skin nourishment with Vitamin E, aloe, cocoa butter, and shea extract
  • Leaves your skin soft and moisturized
  • Eliminates dirt and germs
  • The scent doesn’t come with negative effects
  • Comes in 5 bottles that can last for a year


  • The assortment of scents can’t please everybody

A single purchase gives me peace of mind that my family gets cleaned and sanitized when needed. It’s fun to switch to a different scent that a set of this provides.

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5. Method Pink Grapefruit Hand Soap

I love the refreshing smell of citrus and not to mention that pink grapefruit is one of my favorite fruits. Washing my hands with this soap is an awesome experience as I’m crazy about the refreshing smell. I can’t get enough of it so I don’t miss the chance to wash my hands whenever needed.

It dispenses a rich and foamy lather. I’m satisfied with how it cleans my skin leaving my hands soft and sublimely scented. The pump is generous as it can dispense massive quantities which is enough for a group of people. So it’s fine when my colleagues have their share from the 10-oz bottle of this hand soap.

Since it’s great for sharing, you can take it with you when you’re attending a gathering or an event. It is handy for everyone to easily wash their hands. However, you need to be extra careful in putting it inside a bag or it might leak. The bottle should be tightly closed.

It’s okay to take it with you everywhere because of its size. I can clean my hands whenever I need to as we are not sure of the things that come our way. So I wash my hands as a habit which I developed because of this soap.

The formula of this soap is reliable as it is plant-based. Glycerin, Vitamin E, aloe extract, and other nourishing ingredients are present. There’s no need to worry about harmful elements as everything is added for the health of your skin.


  • Has a refreshing pink grapefruit smell
  • Gives off massive quantity of rich, foamy lather
  • Can be taken everywhere you go
  • Has a plant-based formula
  • With durable pump
  • Bottle can be used for refills


  • Its container can leak

It is the foaming hand soap that helped me establish my hand washing habit. The pink grapefruit is irresistible and it draws you to cleanliness and hygiene.

6. Beessential Foaming Hand Soap

This foaming hand soap can go a long way than just letting you enjoy its softness. It is what this product showed me as it offers many benefits aside from cleansing.

First and foremost, it cleans my hands with its rich, foamy lather. I appreciate how gentle it is to the skin which doesn’t dry out. What it does is the other way around as it fixes dry skin. Natural cream is added to its formula to soothe dryness.

The power it uses to improve my dry hands is from the combination of hydrating honey and propolis, moisturizing shea butter, and Cupuacu. When the dryness is gone, soft and radiant skin is revealed after continuous use. It is all the work of healthy oils and antioxidants existing within the soap’s formula.

For hygienic purposes, I usually wash my hands a couple of times a day. I don’t have to worry about side effects when I use this hand soap.

Lavender and sweet citrus are the components of its fragrance. This mixture stimulates a calming sensation. I make the most out of this effect and I use it before bedtime. It helps me to have a good night’s sleep.


  • Gives a rich, foamy lather
  • Natural cream is added, making it ideal for dry skin
  • A moisturizing hand soap with honey, propolis, moisturizing shea butter, and Cupuacu
  • Has calming lavender and citrus scent
  • The pump is sturdy
  • Can be used economically


  • The scent is overpowering when you use it on your hands

The natural oils in this soap are beneficial for the health of your skin. So go ahead and wash your hands as often as necessary.

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7. Dial Complete Foaming Hand Wash

I prefer using antibacterial hand soap to ensure that I’m free from germs and bacteria. Hands usually come in contact with different things and surfaces. By its power to get rid of 99.99 % of bacteria, I feel clean and secured.

What I want to discuss next is how economical this hand wash is. It produces a soft foam that I tremendously like. Every squirt of soap is an adequate amount that can clean your hands. So you can’t waste any bit of it.

The container and the pump last long like the 7.5 oz of soap in it. The bottle is sturdy while the pump reaches the most bottom part. It means that the pump can collect all the soap. I’ve been using the bottles for more than a year and refilling was done only once.

The soap quickly foams up like how rinsing can be easily done. It makes washing hands for children a piece of cake because of this. Hands become clean and soft after washing.

When it comes to its scent, I don’t have complaints. It can be strong while I lather it on my hands. I don’t mind it that much as the smell dissipates after rinsing. Only a clean smell will be left on your hands.

You will get to encounter four, different scents as you buy it as a set. The varieties are citrus, cranberry, pear, and tea tree. They are all similar in terms of effects. I think it’s better to have various scents than having the same one all the time.


  • Eradicates 99.99% bacteria
  • Economical as it lasts long
  • Foams up quickly
  • Assortment of scents (citrus, cranberry, pear, and tea tree)
  • Leaves your skin clean and moisturized


  • The scent is intense while being lathered on your hands

Be worry-free when using this antibacterial hand wash as it eradicates 99.99% of bacteria. Get to experience different scents that you’ll surely like.

8. Michel Design Works Lemon Basil Soap

The scent of this hand soap is very important to me. I’ve been using this product since forever because I feel comfortable with it. It has a lemon scent that reminds me of the sunny, summer aroma.

You’ll probably think that its scent is ideal for the kitchen but you can place it in the bathroom and utility areas as well. I even sprayed it on my suitcase then wiped it with a soft cloth. The refreshing scent of lemon is simply irresistible so I’m glad it clings on to some materials.

This hand soap is all-natural so even with how distinct the smell can be, there will be no adverse reaction or irritation on your skin. Be carefree in enjoying the wonderful lemon scent that lasts long.

The smell is not the only thing that matters but its superb design too. This brand is known for its classy design so it can be one of the decorations in a room. The yellow accent on its label is quite posh.

This hand soap is not only about appealing looks. It’s a reliable cleanser that turns your hand fresh and soft. Shea butter and aloe are in its formula making it moisturizing for your skin. You won’t hesitate to use it often without any fear of having dry skin.

The rich foamy lather is as luxurious as its packaging. Since it is mainly suitable in the kitchen, washing off remnants of food preparation like odor, grease, stickiness, and powdery stuff is possible.


  • Long-lasting lemony scent
  • All-natural, doesn’t cause adverse reactions
  • Superb and elegant label design
  • Shea butter and aloe moisturize your skin
  • Washes away any kind of dirt and unwanted odor
  • Easy pumping prevents waste


  • Need to clean your hands twice to remove the remnants of food preparation

Now, you know why I love everything about this soap. My hands get clean while I can’t get enough of its lemony scent.

9. Blooming Jasmine Foaming Hand Wash

This foaming hand wash made me realize that hand washing can be a luxury even though it is done daily. I would like to talk about how amazing this product is and how it helps me maintain the cleanliness of my hands.

I would like to emphasize the marvelous way this soap hydrates the skin. This goodness is credited to organic agave nectar, coconut oil and glycerin extracted from vegetables. Once the soap is naturally sourced like this one, the effects will come along harmless to the skin.

Hydration or moisture is important so my hands won’t dry up with frequent hand wash. Sensitive skin can benefit a lot from it to avoid dry, flaky skin. This product is recognized by many organizations as vegan and natural so you’re safe with it.

The formula of this soap was concocted by a French national who settled in the USA. It incorporates vegetables as well as a triple-milled recipe. Even though it’s made in the US, it went through the traditional French procedure.

Another reason that makes me continue using this hand wash is its pleasant aroma of Jasmine. It suits my preference of floral scent and it doesn’t get in the way of handwashing as no irritation takes place. It smells divine so it’s a sort of luxury.

You can have a clue how it works from the rich lather it provides. It foams up nicely and provides the cleansing that you deserve. I would usually use only one hand when using it. Place your thumb on the pump while your palm is under the tip of its actuator.


  • Organic agave nectar, coconut oil and glycerin hydrate the skin
  • Vegan formula, suitable for sensitive skin
  • Triple-milled recipe, traditional French procedure
  • Has a pleasant Jasmine scent and nice foam
  • Can use only one hand to pump the soap out
  • Available in set of 1 or 3


  • The bottle is prone to leakage unless closed tightly

Get this hand wash if you’re looking for a product that is certified to be all-natural. It’s easy to pump with one hand and you’ll surely love its scent.

10. Dove Foaming Liquid Hand Wash

Handwashing is done every day and a couple of times. So keeping my hands moisturized is very important to me. Some hand soaps bring dryness when used frequently. Unlike Dove foaming hand soap, which helps my skin remain healthy and moisturized.

Dove is a company known to produce moisturizing bar soap. So this trademark is also manifested on their hand soap. I’m so thankful for it as my hands don’t get flaky anymore.

It can be availed in 6.8 oz that can give you around 150 pumps of moisturizing foamy soap. To compare it with other hand soap, it provides five times moisture. It does a good job of nourishing your skin with the help of aloe vera and eucalyptus which are found in its formula.

I have this hand wash both in my kitchen and bathroom. I trust its purifying cleansing ability in getting rid of germs. When in the kitchen, I feel assured that my hands are clean after preparing some dishes. Everyone in my family used the one in the bathroom without complaining.

All ages will be able to use it. So I don’t have to get something for the kids. The skin of young ones is also taken care of by this hand soap.

It’s all because this soap gently cleans and soothes the skin. No dye, alcohol, or sulfate are added to its formula. So it won’t create unrest on your skin or irritation. It only serves the purpose of cleaning and pampering your skin.


  • One bottle provides around 150 pumps
  • Locks in five times more moisture than other soap
  • Nourish skin with aloe vera and eucalyptus
  • Does gentle and purifying cleansing, suitable for all ages
  • No dye, alcohol, and sulfate
  • Has a soothing eucalyptus scent


  • Needs to wet hands first before using

This hand soap will save you from dry, flaky hands even though you use it daily and as often as needed. It moisturizes and cleans the skin all at the same time.

11. Mrs Meyers Foam Soap

Since handwashing is done every day and a couple of times, I prefer something that can be easily used. I’m glad that I found this product so I don’t need to spend more time searching for the right one. There’s a lot to talk about how wonderful this foaming soap is.

The foamy lather from this soap cleanses well and gently. I’m satisfied with the result as it doesn’t leave any residue. It’s even efficient in eliminating grease and sticky substances. The result of every wash is clean and soft skin.

It cleans the hands with moisturizing essence. I don’t worry about drying them up. So I can say that there are times that I use it for the sake of providing moisture to my skin. I don’t wear gloves for doing chores around the house so it can be rough for my hands. But this hand soap saves my hands.

When preparing meals for my family, I deal with different ingredients. After washing my hands with this soap, they’re clean and still soft and there’s no hint of spices and herbs on my hands.

It can handle different types of skin as well. Kids are welcome to use this without damaging their skin. They even love it because of its relaxing and therapeutic lavender scent. They’re so indulgent about using this soap on their hands that they even use it during bath.


  • Can be used easily
  • A gentle cleanser with foamy lather that kids can use
  • A good moisturizer
  • Has relaxing lavender scent
  • Made of natural ingredients (essential oils, aloe, olive oil, glycerin)


  • The lavender scent is too strong for some

Washing my hands is easier with this hand soap while I get the therapeutic essence from its lavender scent.

12. 365 Everyday Value Foaming Hand Soap

I realize that daily hand washing and using this soap shouldn’t be set apart. You can manage to wash your hands with any soap but only a unique hand soap like this one can defeat skin issues like eczema, dry flaky hands, and other skin issues.

I have a fragrance allergy and the scent of this soap doesn’t bother me at all. I find it refreshing instead as it’s not the artificial type. It’s not the same as the other products that bear a weird smell. I feel comfortable using it. But it’s not for you if you’re looking for something that imbues a lavish fragrance.

The producer of this hand soap practices using natural and organic ingredients. Harmful chemicals are excluded so that’s why adverse reactions never happened to me even once. It’s the fact that convinced me to try this hand soap because I’m a patron of plant-based products.

The formula of this soap is composed of aloe and shea butter. I’m at ease with the mixture of the ingredients as I can see the wonderful results on my skin.

My skin doesn’t turn dry even though I use it daily. The nature of my work requires hand washing from time to time. I’m assigned to face the clients so I can’t avoid shaking hands with them. It’s not being too sensitive but it’s a part of taking care of oneself.


  • Can relieve symptoms of skin issues
  • No artificial fragrance
  • Has organic and natural ingredients (aloe, shea butter) that do not cause negative reactions
  • A single pump can cover both hands and give foamy lather


  • The fragrance might not be lavish enough for some users

It’s fine to use this hand soap even if you have skin issues. The effects come out naturally because of its ingredients.

What to Look for When Buying Foaming Hand Soap

Buying Foaming Hand Soap

Reliable in Cleaning Your Hands

There are many aspects in which a reliable foaming hand soap can prove its worth. The basic is that it can wash away what can be seen by the naked eyes and by the sense of touch. They are dirt, grease, grime, slime, and stickiness.

A good soap should be able to leave your hands squeaky clean without residue. It’s to make the users feel that their hands are completely clean. Some may have rich, foamy lather. But it’s fine if the foam is flat as long as it can get rid of unwanted things on your hands.

A bad or stinky smell develops when some of those things stick on your hands. When your hands are free from odor, it simply means the soap is meticulous in cleansing your hands. It can only be done by a reliable foaming hand soap.

Some people use hand soap for killing germs, bacteria, and other bad microscopic organisms. This hand soap has some specific ingredients to eradicate the causes of illness and disease.

A good foaming soap is not only about the soft lather that makes you feel good. It’s supposed to be not all about airy suds but also comes with the ability to clean your hands from substances and microorganisms.

Not Drying to the Hands

The issue that you may foresee when using hand soap is how it can dry up the hands. This thought is linked to daily hand washing. Having dry hands can only happen to you if you’re using something with harsh chemicals.

Aside from not having unsafe ingredients, a good foaming hand soap should be able to moisturize the skin. Essential oils, glycerin, shea butter, or natural moisturizing cream are found in the soap’s formula to form this ability. Adding one of them is a way of conditioning a person’s skin.

It’s also beneficial for people who easily get dry, flaky skin as well as those with skin issues. Moisture is needed by all types of skin and it shouldn’t be stripped away. Hence, it’s important that cleaning your hands won’t mean drying them out because doing it frequently.

With Safe Ingredients

Ingredients are important so you can figure out if you’re using a foaming hand soap that gently cleanses your hands. They should be natural, organic, or plant-based. Make sure there are no harmful chemicals added to it. Read labels or production descriptions to find out.

Doesn’t Have an Unpleasant Smell

The fragrance is fine when it’s not artificial. It can be made of natural essential oil. Sensitive skin is against fragrance that is not made naturally. People with this type of skin would experience adverse reactions to the artificial scent. Irritation may arise, so they may have to scratch their hands.

The scent of the foaming hand soap shouldn’t be unpleasant to the nose. Some people can’t bear washing their hands with a product that has an awful smell. Some users can’t stand it even if they don’t have sensitive skin or fragrance allergies.

Every person has a preference regarding the scent of the hand soap. An overpowering or strong scent is not great for hand soaps. The ideal smell should be mild. Many users will appreciate something therapeutic, relaxing, and refreshing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most trusted foaming hand soap brands?

The most trusted foaming hand soap brands are Method, Dial, Michel, Bath and Body Works, Beessential, Dove, Blooming Jasmine, Mrs Meyers, and 365 Everyday Value.

Is foaming hand soap better?

Is foaming hand soap better

The soft, foamy lather attracts people to using foaming hand soap. But there are better reasons than it. There are benefits of using this product that is made from advanced technology.

First, it is environmentally friendly. Since every pump of foamy soap is thinner compared to liquid hand soap, it means it can’t clog your pipes or drains. The amount of soap that ends up in the environment is also less.

When using foaming soap, you don’t need to wet your hands. So you use less water as you’ll only need it for rinsing. It is a manner of conserving water.

Foaming hand soaps don’t need chemicals to create the soft, frothy lather. The pump of the bottle where they are in does it for them. It happens along with the cooperation of forced air for natural lather. It’s way faster than the traditional liquid soap.

You can get more hand washes from a bottle of foaming hand soap. It results in a decrease in packaging and transportation impacts which are good for the environment. This point also shows another benefit which is being cost-effective. Users save money and time as refilling is done less often.

Foaming hand soap provides users with a lather form of soap that is ready for washing. Even a little amount of foamy lather can reach the right level of hygiene. Every pump is the appropriate amount for you to get cleaned and it’s one of the benefits.

Does foaming hand soap kill germs?

Yes, it does. Studies show that there’s no difference among types of soap in killing germs. A single pump of foaming hand soap can have the same ability to kill germs as four pumps. It depends on the time that you spend on washing your hands.

To kill germs with foaming hand soap, spend 20 to 30 seconds on washing your hands. Although it’s in foamy form, it still contains soap molecules that are capable of exterminating germs.

What’s the point of foaming hand soap?

Foaming hand soap doesn’t only allow users to enjoy the soft lather. If you compare it to liquid soap, you may see the intention of its creator. It helps you avoid waste from every pump of soap. Unlike the liquid form, it doesn’t shoot soaps to different directions and you won’t miss catching it with your hand.

You can use every bit of foaming hand soap in a bottle. Every pump gives you an adequate amount to wash both hands. Thus, it’s long-lasting and refills are not done too often. It helps users save money, time, and effort.

It guarantees ease of use and convenience to users too. In addition, it remains reliable in washing away all the dirt on your hands.

Is it okay to use a regular dispenser for foaming hand soap?

Yes, it is. You can have it in a pump-style or even automatic soap dispensers.

Why do people choose foaming hand soap?

People choose foam hand soap due to the psychological and social components of their benefits. It is considered as luxurious around the world due to its richer and thicker lather compared to liquid soap. Users are well-aware that it helps them comply with the demands of their hygiene.


Hand washing is done daily and it’s not something that you can skip doing. With the wonderful attributes of ease of use and hygiene, the best foaming hand soap is appealing to everyone. The rich, foamy texture symbolizes elegance and it feels good to touch. It can take twenty seconds of your time and you can get squeaky clean and odor-free hands after rinsing.

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