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Which Soap is Best for Female Body Odor?

Written by Elizabeth Kessler • Updated on: 11/02/23

Let’s be real – body odor isn’t the most glamorous problem in the world. And you can bet it’s not a topic people talk about openly with others. Even when shopping for personal care items, you don’t see anyone going around the drugstore to ask, “what do you think is the best soap for body odor?”

Many people think that B.O. is a hygiene problem for people who don’t take enough showers to wash off sweat and grime from the body. But it can actually be caused by so many factors, like having overactive sweat glands or because of the food you eat. Regardless, there’s a pretty bad stigma around body odor, and the only way to beat it is to get rid of the stink.

To help you in doing so, I’ve rounded up a list of the best soap to remove body odor you can find in the market today.

Which Soap is Best for Female Body Odor

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1. Truremedy Naturals Remedy Soap

1. Truremedy Naturals Remedy Soap

If you’re very active and making it a point to work out almost every day, you probably sweat a lot. What you need is a strong soap that can help wash off odor-causing bacteria and deodorize the body, like this Remedy Soap from Truremedy Naturals.

This set of two is packed with natural ingredients that smell good. They are amazing at deodorizing and eliminating bacteria that may stick to your body parts for too long. It has tea tree oil, peppermint oil, and eucalyptus, all of which have a calming minty scent that leaves the skin refreshed and squeaky clean.

The soap is also formulated with natural oils like olive oil and coconut oil to nourish and hydrate the skin. It also contains aloe vera, which is a humectant that helps retain moisture in the skin. So that while all the gunk is stripped and eliminated from the body, the skin is still supple.

Because of these ingredients, the soap also provides a soothing effect. Hence, it is beneficial for those who have acne not just on the face but also fungal acne on the body—another side effect of sweating too much.

It also has omega fatty acids (omega 3, 6, 7, and 9) and vitamins C and E to strengthen the skin barrier, which is the first line of defense of our bodies. On top of this, the formula contains no harmful ingredients like preservatives, silicones, petroleum, or artificial dyes and fragrances, making it safe to use.


  • Packed with deodorizing natural ingredients like tea tree oil and eucalyptus
  • Great for soothing dry skin and acne on the face and body
  • Formulated with natural oils to keep the skin hydrated
  • Contains omega fatty acids and vitamins to strengthen the skin
  • No harmful ingredients like preservatives, silicones, and fragrances


  • Tea tree and peppermint oils may be harsh for uber sensitive skin

This soap has many powerful ingredients to help deodorize funky smells. So next time you’re scouring for a soap that’s good bar soap for body odor to help you manage body odor after your daily workouts and trips to the gym, try this one out for size.

2. Dial for Men 24-Hour Odor Armour Soap

2. Dial for Men 24-Hour Odor Armour Soap

Men are known to sweat a lot more than women, so it’s only natural that body odor can cause problems for them more often. That’s why it’s important to look for a soap that will protect them from body odor for the longest time possible. For this, world-famous brand Dial provides a 24-Hour Odor Armour soap, so men don’t have to be self-conscious about B.O. throughout the day.

This soap was formulated with odor-neutralizing technology to help destroy odor-causing bacteria on the body and keep them at bay for 24 hours. With this protection, you don’t have to go on about your day sniffing yourself to check if you still smell okay.

This body odor soap cleans the body deeply, so after just one quick shower, you will feel super fresh and confident. It washes off sweat and dirt that can end up causing body odor even when you’re not sweating heavily.

Speaking of confidence, one great thing about this soap is that it has a pleasant musky and masculine scent that is sure to make the ladies swoon. With one wash, the soap gets rid of foul odors and makes you smell amazing. That’s two birds with one stone! Plus, you will get twelve bars in one package – definitely a worthwhile investment.


  • Has odor-neutralizing technology to destroy bacteria that can lead to B.O.
  • Gives you protection from odor-causing bacteria for 24 hours
  • A pleasant musky scent that men can feel confident wearing
  • Great value for money, because you get 12 in one set


  • Doesn’t have that many moisturizing ingredients

This is overall a great soap for men’s body odor because it works hard to keep you smelling fresh all day, so you can go about your errands without worrying about how you smell. The fact that it comes from a renowned brand trusted by many is a bonus.

3. Natural Riches Tea Tree Oil Body Wash

3. Natural Riches Tea Tree Oil Body Wash

If you’re not a big fan of bar soap, then maybe this next option will be more to your liking. Natural Riches offers an incredibly moisturizing body wash that helps deodorize stink from sweaty bodies and makes you smell and feel great afterward!

This tea tree oil body wash is packed with other potent natural ingredients like eucalyptus, peppermint, oregano, and rosemary. Such ingredients contribute to a deliciously fresh scent while washing off odor-causing bacteria from the skin. It’s one of the soaps that make you smell good even when you’ve just finished running a lap.

The formula also has a unique blend of natural oils, including jojoba, olive, and coconut oils to hydrate the skin and make it soft and supple after a shower. Because of these nourishing oils, the soap ends up soothing dry, itchy, and flaky skin.

This body wash is also great at preventing and defending against conditions related to sweat and body odor, like athlete’s foot, body acne, ringworms, and yeast infections. This makes it a great option not just for vanity and smell, but also for medical concerns.


  • Tea tree oil deodorizes foul body odor while making you smell great
  • Contains a unique blend of natural oils to help hydrate the skin
  • Helps defend against specific body odor conditions like athlete’s foot
  • Soothes and moisturizes dry, itchy skin
  • The size of the 12-ounce bottle is easy to bring along in your gym bag


  • Because it’s a moisturizing soap, it isn’t bubbly and doesn’t foam up that fast

If you’re looking for the best body wash for body odor, then you should probably put this one by Natural Riches on your list. It eliminates odor while making you smell door and nourishing dry, flaky skin, addressing many personal care issues in one go.

4. Mirai Purifying and Deodorizing Beauty Bar

4. Mirai Purifying and Deodorizing Beauty Bar

Even if you’re not very active or go work out at the gym daily, you probably still face some challenges when it comes to body odor. Some of these challenges include B.O. among females going through menopause or a hormonal imbalance, and more mature people who are starting to have that distracting “old people” smell. Mirai’s deodorizing beauty bar is perfect for both of these.

Mirai carries a beauty bar that uses Japanese persimmon. It is great at eliminating foul odors associated with women’s hormonal imbalance or menopause. It can also get rid of nonenal body odor, or that “old people” smell that you start to notice as you age.

Other ingredients in this deodorant soap for female body odor are green tea. The tea contains many antioxidants that strengthen the skin, and olive oil and hydrolyzed collagen. These two substances can replenish the skin with hydration and moisture, making it plump and bouncy after showering.

This soap is tried and tested by doctors in Japan, so it’s one of the clinically proven body washes to combat body odor on this list. Japan is known for its top of the edge technology when it comes to skincare and personal care, making this soap very trustworthy and reliable.


  • Japanese persimmon gets rid of odors caused by hormonal imbalance in women’s private areas
  • Clinically proven by doctors in Japan to removes all forms of body odor
  • Green tea gives the skin a detox with its antioxidants
  • Great at getting rid of nonenal odor, or the “old people” smell
  • The scent is light and natural, never overpowering


  • A bit smaller than the usual soap, making it hard hold in the slippery shower

Next time you’re looking for a soap for women’s body odor specifically, then try this one by Mirai. It has all the right ingredients to deodorize your womanly areas and make you feel soothed and relaxed.

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5. Truremedy Naturals Liquid Remedy Soap

5. Truremedy Naturals Liquid Remedy Soap

If the first Truremedy bar soap on this list captured your attention, then here’s another option for you. It’s the same Remedy Soap they carry with tea tree oil, peppermint oil, and eucalyptus, but now this time in a more hydrating liquid body wash version!

The Remedy Soap’s liquid version has all the natural, deodorizing key ingredients as the bar version, namely tea tree oil, peppermint oil, and eucalyptus. They still do their job eliminating foul body odor and cleansing deeply so that the body feels fresh and clean after a quick shower.

This liquid soap is concentrated with so many potent botanicals like rosemary and mint for additional help with deodorizing. Also, they allows the antioxidants to strengthen the skin and aloe vera to hydrate the skin and retain moisture in its deeper layers.

The formula is also infused with gorgeous natural oils like jojoba, coconut, and olive oils to create a more nourishing shower experience. This blend of oils and a plethora of antioxidants makes the body wash a great option for those with dry, irritated skin.


  • Infused with botanicals that get rid of fungal bacteria that causes body odor
  • Tea tree and peppermint oils along with eucalyptus deodorize foul-smelling odors
  • A concentrated liquid soap with natural oils that hydrate and soothe dry skin
  • Includes rosemary and mint for antioxidants and aloe vera for moisture
  • Easier to use on the face than the bar soap version


  • Just like the bar soap, it’s not recommended for those with super sensitive skin

This is a great deodorizing body wash that has many great ingredients not only for deodorizing and getting rid of B.O., but also hydrating your skin and enveloping it in a pleasant minty scent. If you’re out looking for the best body wash for odor, don’t forget to add it to your shopping cart.

6. Purely Northwest Tea Tree Oil Foot and Body Wash

6. Purely Northwest Tea Tree Oil Foot and Body Wash

For those who want more of a multi-use product that isn’t just for the face or body, you can also opt for this Purely Northwest body wash that can be used from head to toe.

Like many of the items on this list, the key ingredient for this body wash is tea tree oil, which is a great deodorizer that smells fantastic on the skin. This body wash eliminates odor-causing germs and dirt from body parts known to be prone to overactive sweat glands, like the underarms or the groin areas.

It’s charged with many botanicals with antioxidants for strengthening the skin and soothing properties to calm irritated skin. They are as oregano, rosemary, cajeput, peppermint, eucalyptus, and camphor. These ingredients also help deodorize unpleasant smells, making it a great antibacterial body wash for body odor.

Aside from those, this Purely Northwest body wash also has a few unique benefits for users of all ages. Unlike most body washes, this soap is recommended to use on the scalp to help moisturize it when it’s dry and flaky. It also prevents the occurrence of lice, making it a great option for kids and teens.


  • Eliminates bacteria from body parts that are prone to overactive sweat glands
  • Charged with botanicals that deodorize odors and get rid of fungus for good
  • Can be used as well to moisturize the dry, flaky scalp
  • Also prevents lice, making it great for kids and teens
  • Has no harsh chemicals and is gentle enough for those with eczema and other skin conditions


  • Takes a while to see the effects on severe fungal conditions

This deodorant body wash is a great all-around product because it benefits your face, body, and scalp all in one, and is beneficial for people of all ages, even children. It’s a great soap for bad body odor to have around in the house because it can be used for many skin and scalp issues

7. Viking Revolution Tea Tree Oil Foot and Body Wash

7. Viking Revolution Tea Tree Oil Foot and Body Wash

Particularly foul-smelling body odor issues from troublesome parts of the body like the feet or the underarm need an especially strong formula to beat the stink. This is why Viking Revolution has an extra-strong tea tree oil body wash for those with pesky fungal issues that make them smelling quite putrid.

This body wash’s hero ingredient is tea tree oil, which we know by now is very good at eliminating foul odors caused by dirt, sweat, and fungi. It’s also an essential oil that is great for making the skin feel uber clean and refreshed. Because the soap comes in an extra strong formula, it gets rid of body odor faster than others. Therefore, you don’t have to wait around for many uses of the body wash to see results.

Another good thing about tea tree oil is that it helps treat acne and other blemishes. So you can expect to see your skin clearing up after using this body wash a few times.

Aside from the key ingredient, the formula is also infused with skin-strengthening and calming ingredients like aloe vera, mint, and vitamin E. The last of which also helps boost collagen production to make the skin more elastic and younger-looking.

This soap is great for body odor conditions that stem from sweat issues of one particular body part, such as jock itch and athlete’s foot. These conditions emit a foul smell from just one body part, which means the sweat glands in that specific area of the body are very persistent. This body wash fights hard to get rid of the stubborn stink.


  • Has an extra strong formula that gets rid of body odor fast
  • Tea tree oil eliminates fungi and foul odors fast while refreshing the skin
  • Contains calming and skin-strengthening ingredients like vitamin E, aloe vera, and mint
  • Fights hard to get rid of embarrassing conditions like athlete’s foot and jock itch
  • Helps soothe the skin and even treats existing acne


  • Nothing special about the scent

This tea tree oil body wash is a strong soap for body odor, so if you’ve noticed that some parts of your body are emitting an unbearably foul smell that is stubborn and persistent, maybe this is the soap that can help you finally get rid of it.

8. Hunters Specialties Scent-A-Way Max Bar Soap

8. Hunters Specialties Scent-A-Way Max Bar Soap

If you want a fuss-free bar soap that can combat your body odor issues as well as any other, you should try this one from Hunters Specialties. It’s a basic yet very effective deodorizing soap, without the unnecessary pizzazz of too many aromatic ingredients.

The Scent-A-Way soap kills odor-causing germs so that your sweat doesn’t produce any rancid odor once it comes into contact with them. It also leaves you squeaky clean, even without the usual refreshing soap scents.

This is a natural soap made primarily of vegetable proteins, which gives it a light green color. It includes other natural ingredients that give added benefits to the user, aside from efficacious deodorizing. These include honeyquat, which helps hydrate the skin, and aloe vera for added moisture to make the skin soft and supple.

This soap is targeted more to men, who care less about the scent a soap gives off and more about what it can do for deodorizing stubborn, sweaty body parts like the underarm. However, this is still a great option for women who are sensitive to scents and would rather go for an odorless alternative.


  • Kills germs that cause body odor to make you squeaky clean
  • A natural soap made out of vegetable proteins, giving it its green color
  • Includes honeyquat for increased hydration and aloe vera for soft, supple skin
  • Odorless, so there’s no distraction for those who are not a fan of fragrance
  • Recommended for hunters who want to have no specific smell on them


This is a great, practical option for a natural soap for body odor, particularly for those who would rather have no scent. After all, the best way to deal with body odor is to get rid of it, not mask it with other strong, aromatic scents, no matter how pleasant.

9. Dial for Men 24-Hour Odor Armor Body Wash

9. Dial for Men 24-Hour Odor Armor Body Wash

Another bar soap for body odor with the same effective formula in a liquid soap format is Dial for Men’s Odor Armor line. This body wash uses the same odor-neutralizing technology as the strong and highly effective soap you saw earlier on this list. But it comes with a more hydrating, easy-to-use format.

This liquid soap can wash away odor-causing germs and bacteria so that even when you work out and perspire, the beads of sweat have no dirt and grime to stick to. Thus, no body odor is emitted.

Like the bar soap version, this body wash gives you 24-hour protection from the germs that can end up producing body odor. This means that a thorough cleanse with this body wash is all you need to go an entire day without worrying about how you smell.

Because this body wash is in liquid form, it’s a lot less drying than the bar soap. Although it’s faster to shower with bar soap, a body wash version allows for a bigger lather if you use a loofah, making the shower more relaxing.

It has the same pleasant, musky and manly smell you get from the bar version as well, and the scent stays for 24 hours too. Not only are you protected from B.O., but you’re also assured a clean, attractive smell to make you feel more confident.


  • Washes away odor-causing bacteria to prevent bad sweat smell
  • Ensures 24 hours of protection from germs giving your body a foul smell
  • A non-drying version of the bar soap of the same name
  • The pleasant, musky smell stays for 24 hours as well
  • Good value for money, because you get three bottles in one pack


  • The scent may be a bit strong for those who aren’t used to using Dial soaps

If you’re a man who has been eyeing antibacterial Dial soaps to help get rid of body odor but are more comfortable with liquid soaps than bars, then this is the body wash you should go for.

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10. Ladybug All-Natural Persimmon Ginseng Soap

10. Ladybug All-Natural Persimmon Ginseng Soap

Another persimmon soap option, this time on the more artisanal end of the spectrum, is this handmade anti-aging soap by Ladybug. While this soap mainly helps out with deodorizing foul smells, it is packed with ingredients that help with anti-aging and renewing the skin.

Persimmon is the main ingredient of this fun and unique 6.5-oz bar of soap. Persimmon is known to get rid of nonenal odors. It is also uniquely able to get rid of odors around a woman’s private areas caused by hormonal imbalance.

Aside from this, the soap also contains so many vitamin-rich natural ingredients, such as ginseng, caffeinated coffee, and green tea. These three are rich in antioxidants that strengthen the skin and its protective barrier, and also help with anti-aging. They tighten the skin while making it more bouncy and elastic, for younger-looking skin with reduced fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging.

While it has no synthetic dyes and fragrances to make sure all you get out of this soap are the ingredients your skin needs, it still smells wonderful. It has a gorgeous and refreshing lemongrass scent, coming from essential oils.

You get good value for money for this soap since you get a giant, long-lasting 6.5-oz rectangular bar. While it’s a bit hard to get a grip on during showers, the experience of having a giant bar of artisanal soap is a novel experience that is worth it.


  • Packed with persimmon for eliminating nonenal and female body odor
  • Infused with ginseng, green tea, and coffee to help with anti- aging
  • Has a gorgeous scent because of lemongrass essential oil
  • Handmade with no synthetic dyes and fragrances
  • Value for money because you get a giant 6.5-ounce bar of soap


  • A bit difficult to hold in the shower because of its big size

This is a great soap option if you’d like to try something more artisanal and made by hand and with love. The natural ingredients have their unique benefits to the skin and play their part in eliminating body odor, especially for mature women.

11. Defense Original Daily Clean Bar Soap

11. Defense Original Daily Clean Bar Soap

For the athletes out there who need an extra powerful formula to get rid of all that gym crud and sweat, here’s another soap option for you. The Defense Daily Clean soap offers a fast, high-quality solution to active people who suffer from B.O. because of the physically harsh conditions they often find themselves in.

This soap contains some of the most powerful essential oils nature offers, namely tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil. These refreshing oils are great at deodorizing even the most horrid odors and replace them with a fresh, cooling, minty smell on the skin.

This soap was designed to get rid of B.O. that active people end up getting when they are in tough, sweaty conditions. It is ideal for use after you do high-intensity workouts or play ball for hours on end.

It even gives a wash that is so deep and clarifying, it ends up regulating the production of oils and sebum on the skin. This prevents even more bacteria from hanging on to the body and giving off more unpleasant odors.


  • Contains tea tree and eucalyptus oils for a powerful cleanse for athletes
  • Eliminate even the toughest body odors that emit in tough, sweaty conditions
  • Gives a deep wash that regulates the production of sebum on the skin
  • Triple milled for the highest level of quality and consistency
  • Even if the effect is strong, it is still gentle enough for daily use


  • Can be a bit drying, so it’s recommended for oily skin

If you’re an athlete who constantly sweats and is often self-conscious about how you smell after doing physical activity, then this soap would be a great addition to your hygiene routine. For those looking for the best soap for underarm odor, jock itch, or a sweaty groin area, this might just be what you’re looking for.

12. Mirai Purifying Body Wash

12. Mirai Purifying Body Wash

If the Mirai beauty bar we included on this list piqued your interest, you’re in for a treat. Mirai also carries a body wash version of their deodorizing bar, and it’s packed with more nourishing ingredients for those of you with drier skin.

This body wash still has the same key ingredient as the bar format—persimmon. Extracts from this Japanese fruit eliminate body odors, especially nonenal and B.O. caused by hormonal imbalance in women. It also has green tea and rosemary that detoxify the skin and disinfect it, making it even more hardworking than just washing away sweat and bacteria.

This also contains very moisturizing ingredients to make sure your skin is left soft and supple after a shower. Coconut oil nourishes the skin and makes it plump, while aloe vera makes sure moisture is retained, all while calming and soothing the skin.

As a bonus to the already amazing ingredient list, this body wash also contains silk protein, which is known to help dark spots disappear from the skin. With this, you can expect a clearer complexion with a bright, healthy glow.


  • Persimmon gets rid of foul body odors, especially nonenal and female B.O.
  • Green tea and rosemary to disinfect and detoxify the skin
  • Contains coconut oil and aloe vera for moisturizing and softening the skin
  • Infused with silk protein for reducing dark spots on the skin
  • Doesn’t have any harmful chemicals that strip the skin of its natural oils


This Mirai deodorizing body wash is a great option for women who want to target their body odor concerns in any part of the body, but also want to give their skin a treat with a relaxing, nourishing shower experience.

13. Derma-Nu Anti-Fungal Therapeutic Soap

13. Derma-Nu Anti-Fungal Therapeutic Soap

Derma-Nu has an anti-fungal body wash that is unique in its own right. The formula is anti-fungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory to make sure it combats the root cause of your B.O.

While many other soaps focus on deodorizing and making your body smell better, this therapeutic soap is hyperfocused on killing all the germs and bacteria that could end up causing you more trouble in terms of hygiene.

Its main ingredients include tea tree oil, mint, and eucalyptus, all known to deodorize bad odors. Because these oils smell very invigorating, the stink is replaced by something more refreshing and pleasant to the senses.

One unique and interesting thing about this product is that it contains cooling ingredients that help your skin relax in the shower. Some of these are wintergreen, spearmint, peppermint, and menthol. Showering with this body wash wakes you up and re-energizes you even after spending the last couple of hours sweating and exercising.

This soap’s ingredients are also anti-inflammatory, which means it can soothe irritated skin and even treat any active pimples or blemishes on the body.


  • The invigorating smell of tea tree oil and mint flushes out bad body odor
  • Antibacterial and antifungal properties eliminate odor-causing germs
  • Has cooling ingredients and oils that soothe and refresh the skin
  • Since the ingredients are anti-inflammatory, it helps to treat active acne
  • Great for athlete’s foot, ringworm, nail fungus, and more


  • Combination of essential oils may be too strong for those with allergies

If you’re looking for a body wash that can kill every trace of bacteria, grime, and dirt on your skin to make sure you don’t face B.O. regularly, then this is the one for you. Derma-Nu’s therapeutic soap makes sure you are clean, smelling fresh, and ready to go without worrying about B.O.

14. Solpri Shield Anti-Fungal Soap Bar

14. Solpri Shield Anti-Fungal Soap Bar

The last item on this list is something that was designed by athletes for athletes. The Solpri Shield soap bar was made in the USA by athletes who understand how bad B.O. can get for those who are always on their feet, doing sports, and exercising.

The key ingredient in this soap is lemongrass, which is proven to be even stronger than tea tree oil in deodorizing. With lemongrass, this soap can wash away odor-causing bacteria that can cause putrid B.O. once sweat comes into contact with it.

There is also a powerful combination of essential oils behind this bar of soap, which includes tea tree, eucalyptus, orange, and lime oils. They can give a deeper clean to the skin and purify it as well.

It also contains nourishing oils to ensure the skin doesn’t get so dried out and retains moisture. These include sunflower, safflower, coconut, and palm oils. With these, you never have to worry about your skin getting all dry and flaky, even after a deep, vigorous bath.


  • Created by athletes for athletes
  • Lemongrass wash away odor-causing bacteria and sweat from the gym
  • Has a combination of powerful essential oils to give your skin a deep clean
  • Oils and vegetable glycerin to help the skin retain natural moisture
  • Free of parabens, detergents, and artificial dyes and fragrances


  • A soft bar that melts easily if left in a wet soap dish

This soap by Solpri Shield is another great option for a wide variety of conditions that can emit putrid body odor common to athletes and active men and women, such as athlete’s foot, jock itch, ringworm, and more.

What to Look for When Buying Soaps for Body Odor

Buying Soaps for Body Odor

Antibacterial Ingredients

Body odor is caused by bacteria and germs that latch onto your skin when you’re out and about. Once you sweat and your beads of perspiration come into contact with those bacteria and germs, it produces the stink we all know and hate.

By ensuring the soap you use has antibacterial ingredients like tea tree oil and rosemary, you know that it fights to wash away those germs that cause bacteria in the first place. No human being is sweat-proof—we will all start sweating sooner or later. But what’s important is making sure our skin is clean and free of the germs that will lead to a putrid smell.

Aromatic botanicals

Essential oils and ingredients that smell good are key in soaps and shower gels for body odor. It’s one thing to wash off the bacteria that can cause B.O., but another to make sure you step out of the shower smelling great and feeling like a thousand bucks.

Some ingredients in this soap that can help make you smell amazing after a shower. They are eucalyptus, peppermint, persimmon, and other citrus peels and oils like orange, lime, and lemon. More often than not, these ingredients also contain antioxidants that strengthen the skin and give it a deeper clean. Such a function is exactly what you want when getting rid of body odor.

Long-lasting soap bar

One of the most frustrating things about bar soap is that it’s quick to run out, especially when it melts in a puddle of water on your soap dish. When looking for a good soap to combat body odor, it’s good to have one that lasts a long time, so you don’t have to stock up on body wash.

Try to look for soaps that come in packs of two or more or ones that are bigger in size than the usual bar of soap. It will last you a while in the bathroom and won’t have you clamoring for more soap when you run out.

Natural ingredients

Safe, organic botanicals are most often good for the skin and have natural antioxidants that make the skin stronger and more supple. Natural ingredients are good not only for soaps for body odor, but any soap that we rub against our skin.

Many good deodorizers also come from natural ingredients, like essential oils and citrus peels. Not only do these organic ingredients eliminate bad odors, but they also give the skin a more refreshed, pleasant scent.

Hydrating properties

Soaps rich in powerful, potent essential oils often get a bad rap for being very drying to the skin. That’s why it’s important to always have at least some hydrating ingredients in the soap you end up using, especially if you have dry and flaky skin. Oils are a great source of moisture in soaps, such as olive and jojoba oils.

Other Important Factors to Consider

How do soaps for body odor work

What soap is good for strong body odor?

The top-rated soaps for body odor are those that have many natural ingredients that are good at deodorizing rancid smells and effectively wash away odor-causing germs and bacteria. Some of these hard-hitting soaps that do both include the Derma-Nu Anti-Fungal Therapeutic Soap and the Dial for Men 24-Hour Odor Armor Body Wash.

For women, the best option would be the Mirai Purifying Body Wash. It washes away germs from the body, leaving it smelling fresh and sweet and nourishing the skin to leave it soft. This body wash has persimmon, which specifically targets odors coming from women experiencing hormonal imbalances or menopause.

How do soaps for body odor work?

They work like regular soap but have to be vigorously worked into the parts of the body that produce a lot of sweat. Bar soaps can be lathered under running water and then rubbed all over the body, while body washes and liquid soaps are best used with a loofah for maximum exfoliating potential.

Who are these soaps for?

Soap for body odor is for those who notice a foul smell emitting from certain parts of their body when they sweat a lot. This is most common among athletes and people who exercise often because they sweat more. Most likely, people who will consider buying these are those who want a good soap for armpit odor.

These soaps can also be advantageous for women who are noticing a foul smell coming from the groin area due to menopause or hormonal imbalances. Besides, it comes to the rescue for older people who are getting a bit self-conscious about nominal.

What are the different types of female body odor soaps?

There are generally two types of body odor soaps available in the market—solid bar soaps and liquid body washes or shower gels. These two formats can essentially have the same ingredients and benefits to the skin. Choosing the format you want is all up to you and your needs.

If you’re the type to bring your shower essentials with you to the gym so you can take a bath straight away after your workout, then it’s best to go for a body wash that is kept in a nice bottle. Bringing a soap bar with you everywhere may get messy, especially if they’re the type to melt in their container when the environment is extra warm.

Why do you need body wash for body odor?

Deodorant isn’t enough when it comes to beating the stink of B.O. At the end of the day, the root cause of body odor is bacteria and grime stuck on your skin. And no matter how many layers of deodorant and perfume you put on to conceal that smell, it’s not going to go away on its own.

A body washes or soap is the number one thing you need to get rid of body odor because it’s pretty much the only thing that can wash off those tiny particles of bacteria that cause it in the first place.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most trusted body odor soap brands?

Dial is one of the most trusted soap brands in general because they’ve been around to provide high quality yet affordable soaps for decades. Other brands that deserve a lot of trust are those vetted by dermatologists and doctors, like Mirai, which is approved by Japanese doctors.

Does antibacterial soap kill body odor?

Antibacterial soap kills the bacteria and germs that cause body odor when they come into contact with sweat. So yes, antibacterial soap plays a huge part in getting rid of body odor.

What is the best antibacterial soap for body odor?

One of the best antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory soaps you can try out to get rid of body odor is the Derma-Nu Anti-Fungal Therapeutic Soap. It gets rid of odor-causing bacteria in a deep cleanse, and at the same time, leaves your skin smelling great.

How can you tell if you have body odor?

The easiest way to find out if you have body odor is by smelling it yourself. You can try sniffing your armpits or even your clothes after working out to check if it smells like regular sweat or a sour and rancid smell that can be alarming. If you do smell something bad, don’t worry. A good soap can wash away all that bacteria, as long as you find one that can combat strong body odor.

What causes body odor even after bathing?

If you continue to have body odor even right after bathing, it’s a sign that maybe the soap you use isn’t very effective in killing all the germs that can cause smelly odors. If you do notice that you stink even after a thorough shower, it’s high time you get a top-quality soap specifically designed for body odor.

Where can I buy soaps for body odor?

You can bet that there are always soaps for body odor in the drugstore, pharmacy, and supermarket. However, I find that the best place to shop for personal care items, especially when they are meant to target specific concerns like body odor, is none other than the internet.

One benefit of shopping in online websites and marketplaces is that while you look through items that pique your interest, you can do research on how effective it is and whether the blend of ingredients is right for your skin type.


It’s quite understandable if issues with body odor lower your self-esteem and make you feel less confident when hanging out with other people. But it’s important to remember that there’s always a solution for any skin and hygiene concern, as long as you find them for you.

We hope that with this list of the best soap for body odor, a few have caught your eye and can give you peace of mind. Hopefully, the right choice of soap will give you an extra boost of confidence about beating your issues with B.O., whether it’s because of sweating regularly, hormonal imbalance, or growing older. Have a great time shopping!

The Best Soaps for Body Odor