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What is the Best Bar Soap for Feminine Hygiene?

Written by Elizabeth Kessler • Updated on: 10/02/23

There are tons of body washes, shampoos, and cleansers you can choose from on the market. Unfortunately, the options are limited for female private parts cleaning products. Some women would opt for a bar soap as it’s convenient and can be used for the whole body.

It’s fine when it’s the best bar soap for feminine hygiene. Safe and mild ingredients are the components of this soap. It may surprise you as it has effects like a feminine wash. Hence, it’s important to know the bar soaps that fit into this description.

What is the Best Bar Soap for Feminine Hygiene

Find a mild bar soap that can clean your vagina and freshen you up. The skin of the female organ is sensitive and it can absorb things with ease. When there are unnecessary chemicals from the soap, the skin tissues may dry up and irritation comes up.

Using the following soaps can prevent the said consequences as they’re gentle on the vagina and vulva.

12 Gynecologist-Approved Soap for Your Veg

1. Queen V Wild Berry V Bar

1. Queen V Wild Berry V Bar

This soap made all my struggles with feminine hygiene cleansing products disappear. It’s even better than the feminine wash that I used before. It keeps me fresh all day without harshness.

What is amazing about this soap is how it can act like a feminine wash for pH balance. It has a pH level of 5 and it’s good for everything that happens in my genitals. This soap regulates the pH in my vagina. The undesirable odor during menstruation is blocked so I feel clean.

pH level is important as it can bring discomfort when it’s not at the right point. It’s a lifesaver for women whose pH was altered. This is usually the case for women who have given birth and those who have to deal with hypothyroidism.

Aside from being pH balanced, its reliability is conjured by natural ingredients like aloe vera and rosewater. So it gently cleanses my vagina and vulva. It’s no wonder that gynaecologists recommend this product.

The scent is mild rose water essence and even the most sensitive nose would love it. I feel like I’m surrounded by petals while I lather it on my skin. I use it daily so I get to enjoy the bath. I gently lather the soap on my wet body and I also do some massage.

Although it has a scent, it doesn’t irritate. Soaps for the vagina don’t have to be fragrance-free all the time. This one has a fragrance but it won’t cause the formation of bacteria and yeast infection.


  • Makes you clean and refreshed without harshness
  • At the right point of pH balance
  • Made of natural ingredients (aloe vera and rose water)
  • Recommended by gynecologists
  • Has a mild rose scent that blocks odor
  • Fragrance doesn’t cause irritation or infection
  • Can last up to 6 months


  • Might dissolve quickly if not dried after every bath

It’s the solution for women who are struggling with getting the right pH level. You get to enjoy the rose scent without any adverse reaction.

2. Rosa Virginity Soap Bar

2. Rosa Virginity Soap Bar

I came to know this among beauty products as a herbal soap that tightens vagina muscles. But what impresses me the most about this soap is its ability to clean my delicate parts. It helps me maintain the health of my vagina. I felt all its wonderful effects from the very first use.

I never stayed constantly fresh before I started using this product. Cleanliness and freshness are the words that I can use to describe what happens below the belt. This feeling lasts the whole day. I understand now why so many women use this for many years.

The witch hazel oil boosts its cleansing ability. Essential oils and herbs are considered safe for the most sensitive parts like what is found in this soap.

I gently use it on my private parts and after rinsing, several wonderful effects take place. I’m free from unpleasant odor, itching, and burning sensation. No residue is left on the area where you used this bar soap. Even bacteria won’t persist so I’m protected from infection.

The proper skin moisture is maintained with the help of glycerin that is included in its formula. Thus, irritation won’t prevail while inflammation subsides. I realize that even though there might be an astringent, it doesn’t strip away moisture.

Since it has a great cleansing ability, it can get rid of the odor caused by bacterial vaginosis. A simple case of red days won’t mean battling with odor for sure.


  • Keeps vagina in good health
  • Makes you feel clean and fresh all-day
  • Contains herbs and essential oils
  • Maintains proper moisture with glycerin
  • Gets rid of bacteria, unpleasant odor, itching and burning
  • Has a mild fragrance that’s not irritating


  • Doesn’t tighten vaginal muscle

Although it doesn’t tighten vaginal muscle well, it works well in cleaning your private parts. You will stay fresh and clean all day long without worrying about odor and itchiness.

3. Terrasil Vaginal Cleansing Bar

3. Terrasil Vaginal Cleansing Bar

There are a lot of marvellous things this product can do for my feminine hygiene. I didn’t trust over-the-counter hygiene products at first. My point of view changed when I considered one of the recommendations from my friend.

Irritation doesn’t bother me anymore as I feel clean down there. I still can’t figure out what the cause of the irritated skin was. It may be because I have sensitive skin. I sometimes think that it’s because of panty liners. With this reliable vaginal cleanser, I don’t have to analyze that much.

The packaging doesn’t lie about what this bar soap can do. It’s effective as a feminine wash for yeast infection, itching, irritation, burning sensation, excess discharge, and soreness. I can see how it can manage to solve so many problems as it’s the outcome of over 15 years of research and study.

Therefore, the maker of this soap had enough time to select safe and appropriate ingredients for feminine hygiene. The bar soap has natural and organic components like shea butter, olive oil, glycerin, and activated minerals.

The activated minerals help improve the performance of this product. It can restore pH balance so it has more strength in conquering vaginal issues. Any symptom of vaginal infection will be blocked as it focuses on conditioning your skin.


  • Eliminates irritation
  • Contains natural and organic ingredients (shea butter, olive oil, glycerin, activated minerals)
  • Restores pH balance
  • A block of bar soap can last long
  • Relieves symptoms of vaginal infection, itching, irritation, burning, excess discharge, and soreness


  • Should not be used by children under 12 without approval from physicians

Using this soap lets you find relief from irritation and other symptoms of vaginal problems. You will be at ease all day long.

4. Dove Beauty Bar for Sensitive Skin

4. Dove Beauty Bar for Sensitive Skin

When I was looking high and low for the best soap for feminine hygiene, I decided to get this product as it is hypoallergenic. Many people use this soap for skin issues like eczema. I think it can get rid of itchiness brought by chronic yeast infections.

I’m so happy that I didn’t make the wrong decision as it’s gentle to sensitive skin. Bacteria that can cause problems in the vagina and vulva can be eliminated by this bar soap. It’s tested and proven as it provides relief for someone like me who has irritation and yeast infections.

There’s a mild nutty smell from it. It is close to the smell of some soaps for eczema. I guess it’s a hint of medication. There’s no need to worry about this as it doesn’t cause any adverse effects.

On the other hand, I’m satisfied with how it lathers and how it cleanses. It’s gentle to the skin and it locks in moisture because a quarter of it is a moisturizing cream. It prevents dryness that can cause itchiness or other issues.

Dermatologists recommend this product as a great cleanser for sensitive skin. It is made for sensitive skin so it can be applied to your delicate genitals. It’s also an effective facial wash. No harsh chemicals can be found in its formula. Paediatricians also give their approval for young ones to use.


  • Hypoallergenic, suitable for eczema and yeast infections
  • Can kill bacteria, replenish skin nutrients
  • Its mild nutty smell doesn’t cause adverse effects
  • Gives luxurious lather and moisturizes the skin well
  • Formulated for sensitive skin, recommended by dermatologists
  • Can be used on the face and by young children


  • Has a medicinal smell

This soap is deemed useful for both your face and body. You no longer need to find something for feminine hygiene in this case.

5. Caswell-Massey Bar Soap

5. Caswell-Massey Bar Soap

I was surprised that despite the heavenly smell of this soap, it doesn’t irritate. The floral aroma is quite heady and it even lingers on your skin. That’s why I don’t need to wear any perfume. It makes me feel clean and refreshed throughout the day.

I chose this product because of the natural ingredients which can’t harm the sensitive thing between my legs. This is a triple-milled bar soap produced by a company that’s been operating for more than two centuries. They are considered experts in crafting soaps and fragrances.

This soap can give a beautiful lather which can be rinsed easily. It leaves my skin smooth while my private part becomes fresh like the way I want it to be. My morning shower is bliss and it makes me feel ready to start the day right.

It’s not only considered the best soap for feminine odor but a good cleanser as well. I don’t need to overthink about whether I smell bad down there, especially during my period and on hot days. Its scent will envelop you so you stay fresh, although some people might think it’s too strong.

I like how moisturizing it is as bad things happen when dryness dominates the skin. I even use this as a hand wash too. It doesn’t dry up the skin even with frequent use. I never have an itchy feeling from my female part as it’s not drying and the fragrance is safe too.


  • Has a heavenly floral scent
  • Keeps you clean and fresh the whole day
  • Has natural ingredients that don’t harm sensitive skin
  • Triple-milled bar soap that doesn’t melt quickly
  • Gives great lather, great for a morning shower
  • Very moisturizing and smoothing


  • The scent may be strong for some people

Smell clean and fresh with this soap with a heavenly scent. Fragrance doesn’t always mean irritation but something that your feminine hygiene can benefit from.

6. One with Nature Cleansing Bar

6. One with Nature Cleansing Bar

It is one of the most effective feminine hygiene products that you can buy. I’ve been using it for a long time and I don’t have complaints. The formula is perfectly created for maintaining the cleanliness of the vagina and vulva so no issues will arise.

This feminine cleansing soap is packed with useful ingredients. Each of them has a unique contribution to the health of your skin. But the common thing about them is being naturally sourced. All of them unite to work on pH balance.

Super fats in this soap work to provide protection, nourishment, and moisture. Additional protection of omega fatty acids is given by soy milk. It contains probiotics and apple cider vinegar for beneficial bacteria. You would rather have these microorganisms than those harmful ones.

This soap can also calm tissue inflammation because of the amount of oatmeal in it. It can detoxify too with the help of Kaolin clay. The rest of the ingredients are fruits and vegetables. It’s how a bar of soap can give the user a pure and gentle cleansing.

People with sensitive skin like me can benefit a lot from this bar soap. I trust this product to deal with every inch of my body. My face is nourished each day as I use it daily. Of course, my delicate part down there stays clean, fresh, and nourished.


  • Helps balance pH
  • Nourishes and moisturizes the skin thanks to super fats, probiotics, apple cider vinegar
  • Oatmeal calms inflammation while kaolin clay detoxifies
  • Natural ingredients give pure and gentle cleansing, good for sensitive skin
  • Approved by dermatologists
  • Triple-milled gives rich, creamy lather


  • Doesn’t have much fragrance

You can’t go wrong with this soap as it nourishes and moisturizes the skin. It assures you that your private part is protected from any issues.

7. CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser Bar

7. CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser Bar

I love CeraVe products but I never thought that I could turn this cleanser bar into a feminine wash. Its hydrating ability is useful to combat issues that might develop on the vagina and vulva.

In my opinion, it is the best soap for women’s hygiene as it can block irritation. The itching had given me so much trouble before I decided to use it for my front bottom. It makes me clean and fresh. So I feel at ease and at peace as my intimate part is settled in comfort and relief.

It provides hydration so it won’t dry out the skin. It means it combats skin issues like irritation, redness or inflammation while preventing the growth of bad bacteria. The 5% moisturizing cream makes it possible to lock in moisture three times longer.

This bar soap is also nourishing to the skin so the delicate private organ remains in good condition. It can even restore the natural skin barrier. I can see how it works as a cleanser that doesn’t strip away the necessary things from your skin.

Most CeraVe products are made by dermatologists who are skincare experts. MultiVesicular Emulsion is the technology applied in this soap to make sure that moisture is present in your skin around the clock.


  • Makes you clean and fresh, prevents bacteria growth
  • Doesn’t dry skin thanks to 5% moisturizing cream
  • Stops the symptoms of skin issues like irritation, redness, inflammation
  • Maintains skin moisture around the clock
  • Replenishes ceramides in the skin, restores the skin barrier


  • A bit of a plastic smell

It is a soap that is safe for all areas of the body including the delicate female part. You can avoid itchiness as it is proven to overcome skin problems like eczema.

8. Dial Antibacterial Deodorant Soap

8. Dial Antibacterial Deodorant Soap

It’s given that this soap has a wonderful and feminine scent because of the lavender. However, what made me try using it is its ability to eliminate bacteria. As you can see it’s a deodorant soap, and the problems on the vagina and vulva also arise because of bacteria.

I wasn’t dismayed by my hypothesis. It works well as a feminine wash for odor. I was desperate to find the right one to get rid of the smell caused by hormonal imbalance. What bothered me the most was my vajayjay. I don’t know if I was being paranoid but the stench coming from it was quite strong.

Whether it’s real or not, this soap bar set me free from all the doubts and discomfort. It has 24-hour odor protection which makes me clean and fresh the whole day. I don’t need to check my crotch if there’s an embarrassing smell or not.

I instead get covered by its lovely lavender fragrance. Your nose will surely like it without the hindrance of irritation. It’s not drying to the skin as a hydrating formula and clean rinsing is some of its features. It delivers the perfect combo of getting cleaned and moisturized.

I also love the rich lather that it produces. It makes me feel that I’m thoroughly cleansed without any undesirable odor later on. An antibacterial soap like this one can do it without a doubt. It doesn’t only eliminate bacteria that bring out odor but other causes as well like hormonal imbalance.


  • Has 24-hour odor protection
  • Hydrating formula, clean rinsing
  • Has a lovely lavender scent that doesn’t irritate
  • Antibacterial, good for hormonal imbalance
  • Creates rich lather


  • Needs to be dried after use

I don’t need to worry about my vagina as this bar soap eliminates odor. The antibacterial effect makes it all possible.

9. Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar

9. Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar

I’m glad to have found this feminine wash for sensitive skin. Itchiness would usually attack me all of the sudden and it also happens in my private parts. This hardship came to an end when I started using this soap. I never thought it would be effective all over the body.

I’m not pulling your leg if I tell you that itchiness on my lady parts is gone the following day. It provides immense relief after all the persistent itchiness and inflammation. I was at the point of making an appointment with the doctor to alleviate bothersome dermatitis.

I’m so fortunate to discover its ability to gently clean the skin while blocking irritants and curbing skin issues. I saved some money by not needing to see the doctor. Its gentleness is proven suitable for toddlers’ skin as well.

It is a hypoallergenic soap and dermatologist-recommended brand. Thus, the most sensitive skin will embrace its effects. It will be the same even for private parts. I also love the rich lather that it creates as it seems to caress my skin. Its foamy lather is also great for shaving.

After rinsing, the skin is soft, smooth, and hydrated. It prevents your skin from drying. So that’s why it doesn’t allow itchiness to dwell on your front bottom. It makes you feel clean and fresh all day without being bothered by the urge to scratch.


  • Great for sensitive skin, gentle enough for toddlers
  • Eliminates itchiness caused by dermatitis
  • Makes you feel clean and fresh all-day
  • Hypoallergenic, dermatologist-recommended
  • The rich, foamy lather gives a nice feeling, good for shaving
  • Makes skin soft, smooth, and hydrated


  • The cellophane smell when opening the packaging

It’s one of the plain unperfumed soaps that you can use to relieve you itchiness in your female organ. Its effects are soothing so skin issues won’t prevail.

10. Basis Sensitive Skin Bar Soap

10. Basis Sensitive Skin Bar Soap

A classic, quality bar soap like this product still works and can be the best soap for pH balance. Throughout generations, it remained effective in overcoming skin issues. So I experimented and to my relief, it can regulate the pH level in my vajayjay.

Some women experience this at some point in their lives. It’s more annoying as itchiness also follows. But with the ultra-pure and caring formula of this soap, I was able to get rid of them. With helpful ingredients like aloe vera and chamomile, it cleans and soothes every inch of my body.

It leaves my skin clean, comfortable, and calm. It all happens as it doesn’t have any harmful ingredients. Even the most sensitive skin can find solace in this bar soap. No wonder dermatologists and gynaecologists recommend this soap to their patients.

When you have skin issues even in your genitals, you can find a soothing effect and relief in it. It can tame inflammation and irritation. That’s why it helps you with the itchiness and burning sensation of the incorrect pH level.

I don’t have to refrain from going swimming in the pool anymore. Without this soap, my coochie gets irritated by the chlorine content in the water. It helps me continue doing what I love.


  • Can regulate the pH level
  • Cleans and soothes the body with aloe vera and chamomile
  • Leaves skin clean, calm, and comfortable, good for sensitive skin
  • Gets rid of irritation and inflammation
  • Good for removing chlorine after swimming
  • Multi-functional as it can be used for the face and body


  • Having no fragrance may not be appealing to some women

I will continue using this soap as it cleans and calms my skin. It’s both a body wash and a feminine wash that gets rid of skin problems.

11. Vanicream Cleansing Bar

11. Vanicream Cleansing Bar

I bought this soap as I have sensitive skin and I use a different product for my feminine hygiene. To my surprise, I developed BV and became picky about what I use for my coochie. Since this soap bar is great for my face and body, I stopped using the feminine wash and have this instead.

I never thought it would work well. I was relieved from irritation or itching and burning sensation whenever I pee. You can hide these things but I can’t just ignore the suffering. Thus, I can say that it’s a saviour.

The formula of this soap is free from any harmful ingredients. The moisturizing effect assures you that it doesn’t dry out the skin. So it’s recommended by most dermatologists. You can use it no matter what your skin type is. Those with sensitive skin, autoimmune diseases, and skin issues can benefit a lot from it.

Every user will have fresh, clean, and soft skin. You don’t need to be bothered by any skin problems. It’s a soap that is gentle on the entire body without exemption of your lady parts and face.

I always shun fragrance even with beauty products as my skin reacts to it. It’s the strength of this bar soap as it doesn’t have an unpleasant smell. It also lathers well so bath time gives me fulfilment in cleaning my body.


  • Provides relief from itchiness, irritation, and burning sensation
  • Doesn’t have harmful ingredients, no fragrance
  • Has moisturizing effect
  • Good for all types of skin
  • A gentle cleanser for face and body with nice lather


  • The need to preserve it well after use

It is indeed a provider of relief when your lady parts are giving you discomfort. It’s the best option for you if you prefer unscented soaps.

12. Dorlene Virginity Soap

12. Dorlene Virginity Soap

Feminine wash side effects brought me disappointment. Developing yeast infection happened because of trying many products. Bad odor makes me feel uncomfortable. All of my vaginal problems disappeared when I started using this bar soap. I think it has healing powers.

This herbal bar soap is being promoted as a virginity soap as well as a vaginal cleanser. I’m not sure about its role in tightening the muscles but I can testify to how well it cleans my private parts. My skin becomes clean and soft with continuous use.

What I appreciate a lot is its ability to defeat yeast infection which gave me so much trouble. It can maintain the natural microbiological flora within your lady parts to avoid such problems. When my vagina is in normal condition, I don’t have to feel tense and be paranoid about odor.

During my period, I feel clean after taking a shower with this soap. No odor would make me feel uneasy. It makes my body clean without causing dryness. So it makes me confident to move around even when I get sweaty.

It’s the best solution for sensitive skin even though it has a mild perfume scent. But it may bother some users during the first use as it can be a bit strong. It doesn’t cause adverse reactions and the smell becomes less noticeable with continuous use. If you ask me, I like it as it’s on the herbal side.


  • Can eliminate yeast infections, itchiness and odor
  • Promises no drying effect
  • Gives a refreshing feel
  • Has a mild perfume scent


  • The perfume scent is a bit strong during the first use

When you struggle with yeast infections and odor, this soap will help you get over them. It’s the ultimate solution.

What to Look for When Buying Bar Soap for Feminine Hygiene

What to Look for When Buying Bar Soap for Feminine Hygiene

Is it Safe Enough for Lady Parts

It may be awkward to ask what’s good for your vagina and vulva. You can’t imagine doing it in a drug store or supermarket. So here are some things that you should know so you can evaluate if the product is safe for your front bottom.

The female organ is delicate so you should avoid feminine washes that are harsh to your female parts. Talking about safety would give you the idea of irritants, dyes, and unsafe ingredients. You have to broaden your perspective.

Natural ingredients don’t always mean safe to your vagina and vulva. They should have the properties of a gentle cleanser instead. A bar of mild soap and the ones made for sensitive skin can be the best examples.

The ideal bar soap for feminine hygiene should be free of harsh ingredients. The most helpful ones are soothing and calming at the same time. The exfoliant in soap is not necessary as it would only cause pain.

The skin of your lady parts is sensitive and absorptive at the same time. When it absorbs unsafe chemicals, it becomes dry and irritation succeeds. Protect yourself from harsh ingredients like artificial colours, fragrances or perfumes, parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

Instead of curbing the issue, they may make it worse and more serious. So be mindful of the content of the feminine hygiene products.

With the Right pH Balance

The normal pH level for the vagina is around 3.5 to 4.5. It is also called acidic pH level. So you can’t just pick any bar soap as most of them have a higher level of pH than what is acceptable.

Make sure that the pH levels are not too high so bad bacteria won’t grow in your vagina and vulva. You ought to know that there are other consequences too. Minimal irritation arises and when it gets worse, infection occurs. When your vulva is dry, a high level of pH can agitate it.

Makes you Clean and Fresh

First, it should clean your coochie well. Then you feel fresh all day long. You need this not only first thing in the morning but also when you get sweaty from workouts or strenuous activity. If the soap doesn’t leave a residue, it won’t make your female organs prone to itchiness.

The main thing that you can benefit from it is being odor-free. It is something that women want. The odor is one of the main issues for women. The discharge will have a distinct smell when there’s an infection that happens because you don’t clean yourself well.

When the soap is efficient in cleaning the thing between your legs, it can kill bacteria. Remember odor is formed by bad bacteria. So its elimination completes a reliable way of cleaning your lady parts.

Without the prevailing odor, you will feel that the soap cleans and freshens your vagina well. Your private parts are free from itchiness and irritation as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know more? There’s a lot to explore when it comes to choosing the right soap for women’s hygiene, and covering all the bases can save you a lot of time and trouble.

What is the most trusted bar soap for feminine hygiene brands?

The most trusted bar soap for feminine hygiene brands are Rosa, Queen V, Dove Beauty Bar, Rapid Relief, Caswell-Massey, CeraVe, Dial, Basis, Vanicream, Cetaphil and Dorlene.

Is Dove soap good for your vag? Is Dove soap bar pH balanced?

Since Dove is fragrance-free and hypoallergenic, it’s a mild soap for your delicate vag. It’s a gentle cleanser that doesn’t leave a residue. It has a neutral pH level but it’s effective in providing moisture and gentle cleansing. Most of all, it’s not a toxic soap so it can’t be a hazard to sensitive skin.

Can you use Dial soap on your vag?

Dial soap can be used on your vag for two reasons. First, it has a lavender scent that can cover the odor. It can make you feel clean and fresh as the scent doesn’t cause an adverse reaction.

Second, it is antibacterial so it can stop itchiness and irritation and minimize odor. The issues that occur on your vagina and vulva developed because of bad bacteria.

How to use it?

You shouldn’t forget that your female part is sensitive so you don’t need other objects in cleaning it. You can lather the soap and apply it gently using your hand. Then rinse it off. Never use a loofah or shower scrub.

Do I need to wash my vagina differently during menstruation?

You can do it the usual way with a mild soap. But if you’re concerned about the traces of

Is it ok to use scented products for vag?

A little odor is normal but you don’t have to choose something ultra-scented. Millennials call it V-sweat or yoga crotch. It’s from getting sweaty. Thus, the thing between your legs obtained an abnormal odor.

The natural smell changes when a woman is in the menopausal stage. You have to take note of the changes if you’re at this certain point in your life. It’s time that you may search for something that can conceal the odor.

Some soaps add some scent to cover the odor. It’s fine to have a floral or fresh scent. But when additives are present, they can cause harm to your delicate skin down there.

The synthetic smell is usually developed from coal tar or petroleum. These substances won’t only irritate your skin but they can increase the possibility of having skin cancer.

Does it mean I have a yeast infection when my vagina has an odor?

Vaginal odor is caused by several factors. It can happen during sex and menstruation. Other factors are excessive sweat and your diet. Onions and garlic can bring out the unwanted odor.

In the case of yeast infection, the bad odor is accompanied by pain, excess discharge, itchiness, and irritation. So you’ll know if it’s the odor that is not created by the above factors.

How can I tell if my vaginal pH level is off?

You can easily tell if your vaginal pH level is off as there are symptoms. You would notice the difference from the normal condition. The foul or fishy smell, itching, burning sensation when you pee, and unusual gray, white, or green discharge are the signs.

When do you need to see the doctor regarding vaginal issues?

Menopause brings a lot of changes including what happens in your vag. It is something that you should consider. Another thing that you have to weigh is your knowledge about the product that you use to clean your private parts. Gather information on feminine hygiene products and check the labels. Make sure it’s not the culprit to the odor, irritation, and mess down there.

When the bar soap that you use has harmful chemicals, it can cause a disturbance. So you can stop using it and look for an effective product among the many feminine hygiene products. It’s wise to think things over and assess the situation before setting an appointment with a doctor.

When you’re at the point where the best soap can’t handle the issues and things have gotten worse, it’s time that you need to turn to your gynaecologists or ob-gyn.

The odor is more intense than in ordinary cases the vulva is red and itchy the discharge has an unusual colour and there’s pain during urination, masturbation, and sex. This is the time that you need advice from an expert.


All in all, the best bar soap for feminine hygiene should be a mild one that gently cleanses the vagina. You have to be vigilant about the content of bar soap products. Remember that it’s not only about natural ingredients as they are not always gentle. Choose a product that won’t worsen odor and itchiness and won’t cause harm in the long run. It should be a source of comfort and relief.

The Best Bar Soaps for Feminine Hygiene