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How To Make Lavender Soap – Melt and Pour DIY Recipe

Written by Elizabeth Kessler • Updated on: 10/02/23

Making Lavender Soap at home using the melt and pour method is easier than you think! It can also serve as a great homemade gift for the holidays.

The trick to this lavender melt and pour soap recipe is to get alkanet root powder which will give a beautiful lavender blue-purple color to your soap.

How To Make Lavender Soap

Do not try to use dried lavender flowers directly inside your soap because

  • They will turn brown
  • They will not impart any lavender color to your soap. Believe me, I tried!

Just keep in mind that Alkanet root will produce shades of pink, blue, and purple, depending on the amount used, the types of oil used, and the alkalinity of the soap.

For the organic melt and pour soap base that I used, it turned out perfectly lavender blue-purple.

What Soap Base To Melt And Pour To Buy?

For this melt and pour soap recipe, you need to buy organic goat milk soap melt and pour base on amazon. Just make sure you read the ingredients so that they are indeed natural and organic.

Have fun with it, you can also add natural loofah, orange zest, sugar, Himalayan salts, or ground coffee to exfoliate… The possibilities are endless!

DIY Melt And Pour Lavender Soap Recipe


  • 8 cups melt and pour an organic soap base with goat’s milk
  • a double boiler or an aluminum bowl placed in a pot of water
  • 2 tablespoons organic jojoba or organic almond oil
  • 2 tablespoons organic cocoa butter or shea butter
  • 1 tablespoon of alkanet root powder here
  • 30 drops of essential oil of lavender, cedarwood essential oil, and bergamot essential oil (total max. 30 drops)
  • Silicone soap mold
  • 100g organic dried lavender buds


How to make lavender soap with a melt and pour base

How to make lavender soap with a melt and pour base:

  1. Cut the fondant and pour the soap base into small cubes so that they melt more quickly

  2. Your water should be simmering, but not boiling.

  3. Keep directing until the soap base is melted

  4. Once melted, add jojoba or almond oil, cocoa butter, mix well. You can also replace it with any carrier oil or butter of your choice.

  5. Once everything is melted, remove the bowl from the heat, wait a few minutes until it cools slightly then add the essential oils if desired, mix well. If you add the essential oils when the base is too hot they will evaporate and you can say goodbye to amazing scents…

  6. Pour into the silicone mold but keep 1/4 cup so you can add the alkanet root separately.

  7. In the remaining quarter of the base, add the alkanet root and mix well.

  8. Add the molten alkanet and pour into your silicone mold and create swirls with a wooden stick going from side to side.

  9. Alternatively, you can also add the alkanet root to the whole fusion base and pour and have purple soaps, it’s up to you!

  10. Spray pure alcohol on the soap to remove bubbles if any

  11. Add the dried lavender flowers to the soap while it is still liquid.

This homemade melt-and-pour lavender soap recipe will make about 12 soaps. Leave it to dry for 24 hours before demolding and cutting.

Where Can You Buy Lavender Soap?

If making your own Lavender soap feels too complicated but you are curious and would like to try it, you can buy good quality lavender soaps online.

Here are the best 2 options to consider buying.

Dr. Bronner’s – Lavender Bar Soap

  • Pure-Castile Bar Soap is manufactured with plant-based ingredients you can pronounce—no synthetic preservatives, thickeners, or foaming agents.
  • Dr. Bronner’s soaps are biodegradable and made with all-natural, vegan ingredients. Our products and ingredients are cruelty-free.

Lavender with Flowers Natural Soap

  • French Triple Milling makes these soaps. The soap mixture is circulated three times via stainless steel rollers. This provides uniform color, smell, and texture.
  • These soap bars contain Camargue sea salt.