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Discover the 11 Best Kojic Acid Soaps for Glowing Skin

Written by Elizabeth Kessler • Updated on: 11/02/23

Fun fact: Kojic acid comes from the Japanese word “Koji,” which refers to the substance created from fermented soy sauce or cooked rice. Moreover, it is a popular skincare ingredient that can be chemically derived from various fungi.

Milder than hydroquinone-based products, kojic acid soaps are great for skin-brightening and treating hyperpigmentation and dark spots caused by acne or bug bites. That said, how can you find the best kojic acid soap for your skin? For starters, check the product’s label for these three factors:

  • Ingredients: You can prevent skin irritations by arming yourself with knowledge of how each ingredient works and how it reacts to your skin. Although Kojic can remove blemishes, it is mixed with other ingredients like aloe vera, papaya extract, coconut oil, and many others to target specific skin problems.

  • Skin type: If you are one of the lucky ones blessed with normal skin, then you can try out the strongest kojic acid soap. Otherwise, you will have to make sure that the soap contains the ingredients that suit your skin type.

    For instance, Kojic acid is not recommended for those with sensitive skin types. But if you think you need it, consult your dermatologist to see if you can opt for Kojic acid dipalmitate. In any case, do a spot test first to see if the product is compatible with your skin.

  • Usage: Let’s not confuse Kojic acid’s skin-brightening properties with skin-bleaching products. Though many brands advertise it as a skin-whitening agent, experts warn that applying excessive amounts to alter your skin color can irritate your skin. To be clear, Kojic acid works to even skin tone and to fade age spots, as well as marks due to breakouts and bug bites.

Now that you know the basics, let’s explore the different Kojic acid soaps available in the market. In the review section, I will walk you through the ingredients, usage, as well as pros and cons of each product. You can also check out the FAQ section if you want to learn more!

What is the Most Effective Kojic Acid Soap?

What is the Most Effective Kojic Acid Soap?

1. Koji White KWKS Kojic Acid Skin Brightening Soap

Among the variants the Koji White brand offers, this one is my favorite as it delivers desired results in weeks. As a pure kojic acid skin lightening soap, it eliminates the dark spots to even out my skin tone. However, it is also recommended for reducing freckles and acne scars.

Made with all-natural ingredients, this affordable Kojic acid soap is free from parabens. More importantly, it has passed the lab tests ensuring that no mercury, lead, or arsenic is found in the soap. For those who prefer cruelty-free formula, let me assure you that it was never tested on animals!

Since this is intended for the face and body, I shower with it twice a day. Anyway, it is safe to use daily as it has a pH level of 8.5. Plus, it has a pleasant orange-like scent that is not too overpowering. Rather, it adds to the feeling of freshness.


  • Can lighten dark spots
  • Reduces freckles and acne marks
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Affordable skin brightening soap
  • Has a nice orange scent


  • May cause dry skin for some
  • The bar soap is small

Unlike other skin lightening soaps, this one is crafted with natural ingredients that can effectively improve complexion. Best of all, it’s affordable!

2. Marie France Skin and Body Care Pure Kojic Acid Soap

Many Kojic acid soap reviews recommend this product and I’m here to confirm that it is indeed amazing! First of all, it helps me deal with skin blemishes, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation. Thanks to the papaya fruit extract, I can smoothen out my skin tone and the effect is easily visible! In the course of a month, I see the dark areas get lighter and lighter.

Formulated with a minimalist and naturalist approach, this vegan-friendly Kojic acid soap is made with only seven natural ingredients. Yet, its combination makes it more potent. Speaking from experience, it does not cause itching, redness, and other forms of irritation because it does not contain synthetic additives. What’s more, it does not cause breakouts! As such, I also use it on my body to keep the back acne at bay and get rid of stretch marks.


  • Helps get rid of blemishes
  • Lightens dark areas
  • Does not cause breakouts
  • Suitable for body and face
  • Does not dissolve easily


  • A tad too strong for sensitive skin

For me, this is the top-rated Kojic acid soap for those who need powerful skin lightening for areas prone to darkening like the neck, knees, and inner thighs. Furthermore, it can help you manage breakouts and clear blemishes!

3. Koji White Kojic Acid & Collagen Skin Brightening Soap

One major difference between this Koji White soap and the first variant I featured is the ingredients. With collagen, this product keeps my skin hydrated as well as deeply cleansed. Due to the hyaluronic, it also offers anti-aging properties to reduce wrinkles.

Alongside the Kojic acid, it can remove post-breakout marks and sun spots for a blemish-free and radiant complexion. What I love the most is that it gives off a delightfully fruity scent.

All the ingredients are completely natural, making this Kojic acid soap suitable for all skin types. Another advantage is that it lowers the risk of irritations, but it is still good to spot-test first. Plus, it can be used for both the face and the body. I don’t need to buy another soap to fade dark skin spots around the elbows or inner thighs. I started seeing significant improvements after just a few weeks!


  • Resolves dark skin pigment
  • Cleanses and hydrates the skin
  • Has a nice fruity smell
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Intended for face and body


  • Dissolves quickly
  • Comes in small bar soaps

Blending collagen, Kojic acid, and other natural ingredients, this skin-brightening soap will truly brighten your day. It will give you an even skin tone and help you get rid of blemishes.

4. Revitale Advanced Kojic Acid Brightening Scrub Treatment

Made in the UK, this Kojic Acid soap offers something that others don’t. Apart from giving the soap a nice smell, the apricot particles gently remove dead skin cells and clean up the pores.

Besides working as a powerful exfoliator, it nourishes with vitamins C and E, resulting in a brighter complexion. Since we are often exposed to air pollution and other environmental stressors, these anti-aging properties can resolve skin fatigue and dullness.

Secondly, this kojic acid soap for hyperpigmentation can clear away the patches of dark spots or post-eczema. Though the packaging does not indicate whether it’s for the face or body, I found that it’s effective for both. In just a few weeks, I observed the skin discoloration around my knees, neck, and elbows lightening up. Furthermore, I noticed that it reduced the oiliness around my T-zone area.


  • Can draw out dead skin cells
  • Helps in managing oily skin
  • Excellent anti-aging properties
  • Can fade dark skin patches
  • Appropriate for face and body
  • Effectively brightens skin


  • Can cause dryness for some
  • Smaller in quantity

With this product, you will see satisfying Kojic acid soap before and after results. In just a few weeks, you can get clear and healthy skin that no other whitening soap can achieve without inflicting side effects.

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5. Koji White Kojic Acid & Vitamin C Skin Brightening Soap

Unlike other Kojic acid soaps made by this brand, this one is formulated especially for acne-prone and oily skins. Derived from a natural ingredient, the vitamin C keeps my skin nourished, moisturized, and deeply cleansed all at the same time. Moreover, it repairs sun damages. Since I go out and commute daily, it serves as reliable protection against air pollution and sun damages.

Working in tandem with the Kojic acid, the product takes care of my post-breakout scars, age spots, and all sorts of blemishes. Highly recommended for the face and body, it can also brighten underarms.

When showering, I like that it lathers well and emits a zesty, citrus scent, which leaves me feeling rejuvenated. Due to the all-natural formula, I don’t feel any sting, itch, or other types of irritation even though I use it daily.


  • Nourishing and cleansing effectively
  • Suitable for acne-prone and oily skin
  • Does not cause irritation
  • Can repair sun-damaged skin
  • Affordable cruelty-free Kojic acid soap


  • Yields less quantity due to small size

Delivering impressive kojic acid soap results, this product is appropriate for anyone who has acne-prone and oily skin. Meanwhile, its fragrant scent will make your daily shower truly refreshing.

6. Nasola Kojic Acid Skin Brightening Soap

Whether it’s my face or my body, this kojic acid soap for dark spots is pretty reliable as it yields pleasing results. Crafted with natural Kojic acid, revitalized mineral oil, tea tree oil, coconut oil, and deionized water, this chemical-free product can even skin tone and render a lustrous glow.

Unlike some of the skin-lightening soaps I reviewed, this one is as big as any standard-sized bar. In other words, it lasts long when stored on a dry soap dish.

I noticed that this vegan-approved Kojic acid soap lathers up and rinses me clean without irritating as I leave it on for more or less a minute. In a span of a few weeks of regular application, it diminished the blemishes brought by acne, pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads.

Apart from that, it exfoliated the dead skin cells and faded skin pigmentation disorders like age spots. My armpits, neck, elbows, and inner thighs appeared lighter, too.


  • Can curb skin irritation
  • All-natural vegan ingredients
  • Effective skin-lightening properties
  • The soap can last longer
  • Reduces skin blemishes
  • Intended for the whole body


  • Hard to hold when wet
  • Has a weird medicinal smell

If you ask me, the minor issues are negligible knowing that this product delivers impressive dark skin Kojic acid soap results. With regular use, it is not impossible to notice how lighter and smoother your complexion appears.

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7. Amorettise Kojic Acid Skin Soap

According to the manufacturer, this particular Kojic acid soap works best when applied at night. That’s because the acidic conditions and bright light can make it less potent, if not completely ineffective.

Following the recommended usage, I would use it to deeply cleanse my skin pores to clear out all impurities accumulated throughout the day. Beyond that, it nourishes and hydrates my skin to achieve a smoother texture and radiant glow.

When used on the face, this Kojic acid soap is quite dependable in terms of skin lightening as it fades age spots and sun-damaged areas. Plus, it effectively reduces the appearance of freckles and red marks.

Aside from that, it can treat mild to moderate breakouts with its salicylic acid. To top it off, its sweet citrus scent is a real treat. After a long day at work, lathering and gently massaging the soap on my face and body feel very soothing.


  • Apt for nightly skincare routine
  • Can cleanse deeply
  • Whitening soap for dark spots
  • Treats mild to moderate acne
  • Has a sweet citrus smell


  • Comes in a compact size

Generally speaking, this kojic acid soap for skin whitening targets dark spots that acne would leave on your face to even out skin tone. Intended for nightly use, its fragrance is especially relaxing as you shower.

8. Healov Kojic Acid Skin Lightening Soap

Up next is this Kojic soap for pimples. If you have acne-prone skin, this product’s formula will be your best friend. When used as a post-breakout treatment, I rely on it to get rid of unsightly scars.

While it is recommended for the face and body, it can also be used as a spot treatment. All I have to do is to lather it on the affected area and leave it on for thirty seconds.

By stimulating collagen repair, this Kojic acid soap makes my skin softer and more supple. Enriched with enzymes, it can cleanse and unclog my skin pores. Meanwhile, its coconut oil is responsible for hydration and nourishment.

On top of that, it helps protect skin cells against the harmful effects of pollution. As a skin lightening agent, this product stalls melanin production to prevent dark skin pigment from forming patches on my face.


  • Can treat and manage breakouts
  • Apt for removing scars
  • Can be used as a spot treatment
  • Can work as a facial or body soap
  • Protects the skin from pollution


  • Can be mistaken as counterfeit

Among all the Kojic acid soaps I reviewed, this one is the most versatile as it can work as a facial and body soap, as well as a spot treatment for blemishes. Besides evening out your complexion, it can help with your acne breakout.

9. Kilomets Kojic Acid & Tumeric Bar Soap

In addition to the highly concentrated kojic acid, this soap contains turmeric and coconut oil, making it appropriate for oily and oily combination skin types.

Let me emphasize that, like Kojic acid, turmeric has a natural antioxidant. Furthermore, this ingredient has vitamin C, zinc, flavonoids, iron, and niacin. Thanks to this, I now have healthy and glowing skin.

The Kojic acid takes care of hyperpigmentation while the coconut oil is a powerful cleanser. This combination not only gives the soap its skin-lightening properties but also ensures that my pores are dirt-free.

As you can see, there is not a single harmful chemical in this product. For application, I use my exfoliating gloves to gently scrub the impurities away. In a month or so, I get to see tangible results!


  • Cleans up the skin pores
  • Lightens dark patches
  • Crafted with all-natural ingredients
  • Recommended for oily skin types
  • Makes the skin healthy and glowing


  • Soap bars are small
  • A little pricy

Apart from dealing with blemishes and dark spots, this vegan Kojic acid soap cleanses the skin from head to toe. Though it’s a bit more expensive, I assure you that its quality will not let you down!

10. Skin Science Glutathione & Kojic Acid Original Soap

It is no secret that many glutathione whitening soap manufacturers infuse the product with harmful chemicals to speed up the results, which gave it a bad reputation.

The truth is that glutathione itself can curb damages caused by free radicals. Let’s start the review by assuring you that Skin Science’s kojic acid soap is very safe to use on the whole body and most skin types.

In the previously featured products, I noted that some of them have caused dryness. With this one, I never experienced such a problem. Even better, this Kojic acid soap has gotten rid of my acne and prevented them from resurfacing on my skin.

More than that, its skin-lightening abilities have faded all the dark spots. As long as you follow the directions written on the package, you will see promising results in a matter of weeks.


  • Does not cause dry skin
  • Suitable for most skin types
  • Prevents damages due to free radicals
  • Gets rid of acne and dark spots


  • More on the expensive side

Without drying up your skin, this glutathione whitening soap with Kojic acid serves both as a skin-lightening agent and an acne treatment. Applicable to most skin types, you can count on it to combat skin blemishes.

11. Natrulo Kojic Acid Soap

Gone are the days where you need a whitening soap and another facial wash to resolve other cosmetic issues. Natrulo’s Kojic acid soap can prove to you that one bar can tackle freckles, acne, breakout scars, dark circles, and wrinkles thanks to the papaya extract. Due to the product’s antimicrobial properties, it purifies and moisturizes my skin, preventing pimples from developing.

What makes this Kojic acid soap unique is that it contains turmeric powder. This ingredient helps me diminish stretch marks and manage symptoms of eczema, hyperpigmentation, and other skin problems.

Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, it also has coconut oil that soothes skin irritations and reduces redness. Hence, it promotes proper healing. With regular use, the dark patches eventually disappear and my skin feels more supple and healthy.

By the way, this Kojic acid soap is intended for the face and body. It can effectively clear up the blackened areas around the neck, knees, or wherever. Furthermore, its vegan formula is free of phthalate, synthetics, additives, and artificial fragrance.


  • Reduces stretch marks and wrinkles
  • Superb skin lightening agent
  • Resolves freckles, acne, and dark circles
  • Manages skin problems
  • Keeps the skin supple


  • It may not work for some skin types

Combined with natural ingredients, this pure kojic acid soap has quite a lot of applications. From managing the symptoms of skin problems like eczema to lightening the skin, this product can handle them all!

What to Look for When Buying Kojic Acid Soaps

Buying Kojic Acid Soaps

While there are plenty of trustworthy brands, it can be hard to spot a real kojic acid soap when there are so many fake products. Beyond that, I’m sure that you have other concerns regarding the soap. Hence, I’ve compiled a list of things to consider so you can determine the best option.

Concentration level

Kojic acid soap is approved for cosmetic products as long as it does not go beyond a concentration level of 1%. That said, it is not impossible to find products with a concentration level of up to 4%.

Again, consult your dermatologist before using the soap. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: Excessive Kojic acid usage can make cause sunburn and skin irritation. As most product labels do not indicate the concentration level, it is best to purchase from a trusted brand.


Like many branded items, the marketplace is filled with plenty of counterfeit products that can ruin your skin. Often, these imitations have packaging that may look similar to the original Kojic acid soap, making it hard for consumers to spot the difference. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways for you to avoid falling into the trap.

Make it a habit to read the reviews that other users leave on the website. More importantly, buy the product only from trusted sellers even if you think it costs a little bit more. After all, treating damaged skin is more expensive!

Facial vs. Body Soap

All products featured in this article are safe to use for the face and body. That said, you will notice that the same ingredients in one bar of soap may work well on your body’s skin naturally but not on your face. That’s because the face has more oil glands. Therefore, your facial skincare routine may require a different strategy, even if you are attempting to even out the skin tone from head to toe.


For better or for worse, the scent is part and parcel of most skincare products. Most of us have a favorite scent. Likewise, we have different levels of tolerance for some not-so-pleasant smells. For some people, Kojic acid usage stops the moment they realize that they hate the chemical-like odor or overpowering scent.

Whatever the case may be, it can be difficult to find out what the product smells like whether you’re shopping online or in a retail soap. Like most skincare products, it is wrapped in plastic or cardboard packaging. The only way to find out is to read reviews to see if users are complaining about the smell.

Skin Problems

In the introduction, I briefly discussed how Kojic acid soap lightens the skin and diminishes post-breakout scars. When combined with other ingredients, however, they can also help address other skin problems.

For instance, aloe vera can help treat eczema, acne, and sunburn. Turmeric has antioxidants that bring out your natural growth while coconut oil helps protect skin cells. These are just some of the few ingredients that soap makers like to fuse with Kojic acid soap. Make sure to read the label and research what each ingredient does on your skin!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is kojic acid soap really effective?

In short, yes. A bar of Kojic acid soap works wonders as it prevents releasing pigments to even out the skin tone. For best results, dermatologists recommend pairing it with sunscreen to keep sun spots at bay. Some products cause drying but it’s nothing a moisturizer cannot solve!

Can You Use Kojic Acid Soap Every Day?

Is kojic acid soap really effective

For first-timers, it is safe to introduce Kojic acid soap into the beauty regimen slowly. You can try it twice a week just to see the effects. If you don’t experience any reaction, you can slowly increase the frequency. At most, you can apply it twice a day. Please note that some brands indicate that the Kojic acid usage stops after a couple of weeks or months.

How Long Should I Leave Kojic Acid Soap on?

You can leave it on for two to five minutes unless you are feeling a burning sensation. In this case, you need to wash it off with water immediately. Again, do a spot test when trying out a new product even if the label says that it is a Kojic acid soap for sensitive skin.

Where Can I Buy Kojic Acid Soap?

It is not impossible to find Kojic acid soap in stores and pharmacies. You can also check out a specific brand’s website or e-commerce sites and apps.


Just remember, Kojic acid is not a skin-whitening agent for dark skin. Rather, it works to brighten your skin and effectively improve complexion for those who have sun-damaged pigmentation or uneven skin tone, and reduce mild wrinkles. As with other types of skincare products, overusing Kojic acid can lead to irritations.

Blogs, Reddit forums, and social media are oversaturated with Kojic soap reviews but it’s worth noting that those folks who give recommendations have different skin types than yours. You have probably tried their suggested products and ended up not liking the results.

Although I have handpicked some of the best Kojic acid soap brands, my advice is to consult your dermatologist if you are having doubts.

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