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Top 9 Benefits Of A Hot Bath (Scientifically Proven)

Written by • Updated on: 23/08/22

While the benefits of cold have become therapy (cryotherapy), and the results of the Nordic bath on your body are praised everywhere, hot water also has beneficial virtues for your skin and your morale.

And let’s face it, no need to call yourself Cleopatra to enjoy it, you just need to have a bathtub, running water ( that goes without saying ), and be convinced by the advantages below!

9 Benefits Of A Hot Bath

Here are the Benefits Of a Hot Bath

1. It is relaxing and soothing

After a busy day, hot water turns out to be your best ally: the heat increases the blood flow, the joints and muscles are immediately relieved.

Indeed, stress is synonymous with muscle tension, headaches, and sometimes even muscle stiffness.

The hot water will stimulate the production of endorphins and detoxify the body, it is also the basic principle of reflexology.

You can also add lavender essential oil to your bath, it will enhance the relaxation effect as a natural pain reliever.

2. Take a hot bath will help you recover

Thanks to its relaxing properties, hot bath water is also excellent for reducing muscle pain and bodily ailments.

In addition to those which are articular, hot water reduces the pressure on the nerves and accelerates the natural healing process:

…during menstruation in particular ( to fight against cramps ), on the digestive system, against back pain; or on injured parts of the body, where water is ideal for healing.

3. It will improve the quality of your sleep

this is another great benefit of a hot bath. Forget sleeping pills or special herbal teas for sleep, and prefer a hot water bath before going to bed.

…in addition to providing a pleasant sensation, it allows you to free yourself from your mood swings, your tensions, your restlessness your day, and even your phases of depression.

Hot water allows you to create a vacuum to better refocus, perfect before going to sleep, which will be deeper.

4. A hot bath for clear skin

Whether it is to simply cleanse your body or remove makeup from your face, hot water is ideal. It is this that best removes excess oil ( sebum ) and dust on the epidermis.

For new skin, therefore, prefer hot bathwater. In addition to ridding the skin of its dirt, will open your pores and thus eliminate toxins.

The skin is ready for treatment: body cream, night cream, etc.

5. Taking this kind of bath improves blood circulation

A hot bath is excellent for blood pressure because it lowers it considerably: the heart muscles dilate, and thus the blood flow becomes more fluid. Recommended for heavy legs.

6. It strengthens your immune system

In the event of a cold or flu-like condition, a warm bath will benefit your immune system.

Hot bath water moisturizes, strengthens the heart. But above all, it allows the body to warm up and thus free itself of toxins.

Add a few drops of eucalyptus extract bath oil, and the steam from the water will free your airways.

It is even said that a hot bath reduces the risk of necrosis, and increases life expectancy.

7. A hot bath to balance your hormonal level

If chronic fatigue is treated with very cold baths, a higher temperature will increase your serotonin levels.

Serotonin is the hormone of happiness… and it is essential for regulating mood, intimate desire, appetite, satiety, but also memory and learning.

In other words, overdoing the hot ( and even bubble ) bath will make you happier, in addition to regulating your hormones!

8. It is an opportunity to pamper yourself

If to take care of themselves, some people prefer the spa or beauty salon treatments. Know that a bath at home can bring you the same benefits as the latter.

In addition to clearing the skin as mentioned above, the hot bath is ideal for exfoliation. And also hair removal, thanks to its emollient action on the skin.

Add salts or bath pearls, and let everything around you evaporate. In short, take the time to take care of yourself.

9. A good hot bath burns calories

It may sound strange, but it’s true: taking a hot bath burns as many calories as a workout.

Obviously, the bath will never replace your daily 2h session of Swedish gym. And far from us the envy to deny the benefits of daily physical activity.

But it has been proven that a hot bath of 1 hour consumes several calories compared to a vigorous 30-minute walk.

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