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The 10 Best Sandalwood Soaps for a Luxurious Cleansing Experience

Written by Elizabeth Kessler • Updated on: 11/02/23

Sandalwood is a holy grail skincare and aromatherapy ingredient that has been loved by many loyalists around the world—especially in India and other Asian regions—for centuries.

It’s known for its calming properties, making it a top choice among those with sensitive skin conditions like dermatitis or eczema. It also boasts of anti-aging abilities that can make the skin firmer, more supple, and smooth to the touch.

That said, sandalwood is still a bit underrated in this world of multiple soap options. But when you cop the best sandalwood soap, you’ll find amazing benefits for your skin, and you’ll never go back to using your regular drugstore cleanser again.

If you have acne-prone, mature, or irritated skin, you need to try sandalwood soap at least once in your life. It makes a tremendous difference in rejuvenating and refreshing your skin. Its aromatic fragrance doesn’t hurt either!

The 10 Best Sandalwood Soaps for a Luxurious Cleansing Experience

Who Makes the Best Sandalwood Soap?

1. Mysore Sandal Soap

This soap is formulated only with pure and high-quality sandalwood oil extracted from the Mysore woods deep in India. It’s one of the most prominent wooded areas in the country, so you’re getting your sandalwood straight from the best source.

There are tons of Mysore Sandal Soap benefits your skin will love. It’s infused with hydrating vegetable oils and other skin moisturizers. These help condition and soften your complexion, letting it be more supple and youthful. It also helps keep blemishes at bay, so your skin is always clear.

This soap lathers up beautifully in a creamy foam that is rich and satisfying. It allows your simple shower to feel more luxurious. It leaves behind a fresh, woodsy scent that lasts a while on your skin.

This set also provides excellent value because you get three individual round soaps in a single pack. That way, you can have sandalwood soap in every bathroom and sink in your home.


  • Formulated with pure, high-quality Mysore sandalwood oil
  • Contains vegetable oils and moisturizers to condition and soften the skin
  • Keeps blemishes at bay so that your skin always looks youthful and bright
  • Lathes up beautifully in a rich, creamy foam
  • The fresh, woodsy scent of sandalwood lasts a long time on your skin
  • Three individual soaps in one pack


  • The smell is very powerful, so it might be too strong for others

If you’re in the market for a classic Indian sandalwood soap, this one is the best one out there. It provides most of the skin benefits of sandalwood, from skin brightening to bringing back your youthfulness, all for an economical price.

2. Caswell-Massey Woograin Bar Soap

This Caswell-Massey sandalwood soap looks luxe and intriguing because it’s carved to look like an actual block of chopped wood. It’s unique in that sense, but don’t be fooled. This isn’t just a cutesy little soap—the quality is high too.

The soap is triple-milled to ensure that your soap will be thick, dense, and last a long time without simply melting in your soap dish.

Sandalwood makes it perfect for aging skin that needs rejuvenating and renewing. It restores a youthful flow in more mature skin, bringing you back your radiance.

The enticing fragrance leaves the skin with a warm, spicy scent with notes of sandalwood and cedar. There’s a classic musky scent that is sure to impress men and women alike.

The formula doesn’t contain ingredients that can be irritating to the skin, such as sulfates, parabens, and phthalates.


  • Looks luxurious because it’s carved to look like a chop of actual wood
  • Triple-milled, so the soap is dense and will last a long time
  • Can make aging skin look and feel renews for a youthful glow
  • Leaves your skin with a warm and spicy scent of sandalwood and cedar
  • Doesn’t contain sulfates, phthalates, and parabens


  • Need to follow up with lotion as it doesn’t have highly moisturizing ingredients

This lavish sandalwood soap bar makes for a luxurious and opulent bath experience because of its unique aesthetics and its high-class make. Its quirky wood-like look also makes a terrific present for anyone who loves sandalwood!

3. Bee & Flower Sandal Wood Soap

This Bee & Flower soap is much-loved in China for its sandalwood soap benefits for skin issues like roughness and dullness.

It’s made with a blend of potent essential oils, including sandalwood extracts, to nourish the skin and lightly hydrate it. It also has tons of skin vitamins that leave the skin fair and bright, especially when you use it religiously in the long run.

The soap softens and conditions the skin, leaving it touchable and smooth without a waxy, greasy residue on top.

It also has incredible longevity. It doesn’t get mushy or melt easily, even if you leave it in a soap dish with some water.

Its sandalwood scent is light yet intoxicating. It’s a combination of floral and woodsy that is never overpowering in your bathroom.


  • Made with a blend of essential oils and sandalwood to nourish the skin
  • Rich in skin vitamin, making the skin fairer and brighter if used frequent
  • Softens the skin but never leaves a greasy or waxy residue
  • Doesn’t get mushy or melt easily in your soap dish
  • The intoxicating sandalwood fragrance isn’t overpowering


  • Tends to dry out the skin, so it’s more suitable for oily skin than dehydrated skin

Experience an authentic Asian sandalwood soap with this Bee & Flower bar. It softens and lightly nourishes the skin and aids in making your complexion fairer over time.

4. Pre de Provence Sandalwood Soap

This French sandalwood soap by Pre de Provence is made with rich, creamy shea butter to moisturize your skin. It helps condition and soften your complexion, allowing it to be more touchable and silky smooth.

It’s quad-milled, so you can get the smoothest, most dense soap possible. Milling it four times means it lasts longer than other soaps. This high-quality process is a traditional soap-making technique in France, so you know you’re getting a top-notch soap.

The soap creates a rich and creamy lather for a more luxe and opulent shower experience. Its fresh and woodsy sandalwood scent transforms you into the relaxing woods—perfect for waking up in the morning.

The soap comes in a big 250-gram size, which is bigger than your ordinary soaps. That means you won’t have to repurchase it frequently since one bar will last you quite a while.


  • Made with shea butter to soften the skin and moisturize it deeply
  • Quad-milled to be super dense, smooth, high-quality, and longer-lasting
  • Creates a rich lather for a more luxurious and opulent shower experience
  • Has a fresh, woodsy scent thanks to sandalwood
  • Comes in a huge soap bar that weighs 250 grams


  • The bar is larger than other soaps

If you want a more lavish sandalwood soap experience, this one by Pre de Provence won’t disappoint. It has a gorgeous sandalwood scent, the nourishing goodness of shea butter, and the authentic soapmaking tradition of Europe.

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5. Plantlife Sandalwood Herbal Soap

This Plantlife soap is formulated with nourishing ingredients to soften and condition your skin. That includes glycerin, coconut oil, olive oil, soybean oil, and more. While these natural ingredients are super hydrating, they never leave your skin with a greasy film on top.

It also has bits and grains of sandalwood that help exfoliate the skin without being too abrasive. These bits act like a scrub that helps unclog pores, making it an excellent sandal soap for acne caused by congestion.

This is a versatile soap because you can use it on your body, hair, and face. It’s most excellent as a daily body soap, but you can use it as a facial cleanser for exfoliating days and even occasionally as a shampoo.

The soap is cold-pressed to retain the integrity of the ingredients, so you know everything in your soap is pure and potent.

It comes in a classic sandalwood scent that is warm, spicy, and soothing to your senses, so showering with this is a great way to wake yourself up each day.


  • Formulated with ultra-moisturizing natural ingredients
  • Grains of organic sandalwood exfoliate the skin, as a scrub to unclog pores
  • Can be used as a body soap, facial cleanser, and even as a shampoo
  • Cold-processed, so you know the ingredients are still pure and potent
  • The sandalwood scent is warm, spicy, and soothing to the senses


This natural sandalwood soap by Plantlife is rich in outrageously moisturizing products, so it’s perfect if you have dry skin and want to experience the softening and exfoliating benefits of sandalwood.

6. Soapbox Coconut Milk & Sandalwood Soap

This liquid hand soap by Soapbox fronts coconut milk and other nourishing ingredients for moisturization, but its sandalwood notes in the scent gives it that extra kick.

It’s enriched with aloe vera and shea butter to keep your hands hydrated and soft as you clean them. It works to thoroughly and deeply cleanse your hands to get rid of all that gunk and grime between your fingers after a long day of work.

If you have dry and flaky skin on your hands, this soap will be beneficial to you. It can help alleviate those scaly patches of dryness to make your hands smooth again.

The soap has a unique combination of sweet and earthy notes in its scent, thanks to sandalwood and coconut. It’s paraben-free, silicone-free, and phthalate-free to ensure your skin won’t get irritated even if you wash with it multiple times a day.


  • Aloe vera, coconut milk, and shea butter moisturize the skin
  • Thoroughly cleanses your hands of gunk and grime
  • Alleviates dry, flaky skin on your hands by moisturizing it deeply
  • Its fragrance is a unique combination of earthy and sweet
  • No irritating chemicals like parabens, silicones, and phthalates


  • The coconut scent tends to overshadow the sandalwood aroma

If you suffer from dry, flaky hands or are just looking for a hydrating hand soap the whole family can enjoy, try out this one by Soapbox. Its glorious coconut and sandalwood scent is to-die-for and will be a universal fave.

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7. Love Beauty and Planet Sandalwood Soap

This exfoliating soap by Love Beauty and Planet has two powerhouse ingredients it boasts of—rich shea butter and smoldering sandalwood oil.

The shea butter works to moisturize your skin to make it silky soft and conditioned all day. Meanwhile, the Australian sandalwood oil provides a sophisticatedly sensual and earthy aroma to your body.

It’s also enriched with bits of oat, which provides exfoliation for your skin. Thus, the soap sloughs away grime and dead skin lying on the surface of your complexion to make it softer and smoother.

This vegan and organic formula uses only natural ingredients that are ethically sourced from around the world, so it’s a guilt-free and responsible purchase.

Since we get three bar soaps in just one pack, I deem this a valuable purchase.


  • Shea butter moisturizes the skin to make it silky soft and hydrated
  • Australian sandalwood oil gives the soap a sensual and earthy aroma
  • Oat exfoliates the skin to slough away grime and dead skin
  • Uses a vegan, organic formula and is ethically sourced
  • You get three bar soaps in one pack, so it’s of economical value


  • The oats can feel a bit scratchy, so be gentle on your skin as you exfoliate

If you’re looking for an organic, ethically sourced pure sandalwood soap, this one by Love Beauty and Planet is fantastic for you. It’s made only with the finest natural ingredients, and it shows in the soap’s beautiful sandalwood scent and moisturizing benefits.

8. Simple Scents Australia Sandalwood Soap

This sandalwood soap by Simple Scents Australia is chock-full of ultra-nourishing ingredients, including palm oil, shea butter, and glycerin. These ingredients hydrate and moisturize the skin, making it bouncy and elastic.

It also softens and soothes dry, flaky skin. So, if you’re suffering from such conditions, this soap will be a godsend. It makes the skin supple and firm.

The soap has that classic woodsy, earthy, floral scent that sandalwood oil gives off. If you’re trying to get the most out of sandalwood’s aromatherapy benefits, this soap might make you happy.

The product also triple-milled to ensure that it lasts a long time even if you use the soap daily. Because it’s crafted to be dense and free of air bubbles, it won’t melt easily or get mushy.

This foamy lather is easy to spread across the body. It creates a beautifully creamy lather when you run it in water. Rinsing it off afterward is a breeze as well.


  • Contains palm oil, shea butter, and glycerin to hydrate your skin deeply
  • Softens and soothes dry skin to make it supple and firm instead
  • Has that classic woodsy and floral sandalwood smell
  • Triple-milled for use a long time without melting or getting mushy
  • Makes a creamy lather that is easy to wash your body with


  • The packaging is quite flimsy and causes some flaking and chipping on the soap

Dry skin will fall head over heels with this natural sandalwood soap by Simple Scents Australia. It does a terrific job of moisturizing your skin intensely so it can be soft and touchable all day long.

What Does Sandalwood Smell Like?

9. The Art of Shaving Sandalwood Body Soap

Next time your husband or boyfriend is craving a soap that smells of woodsy, manly sandalwood, try gifting them this soap from the Art of Shaving.

It’s formulated with shea butter, coconut oil, and olive oil, all known for softening the skin to transform it into a smooth, supple complexion.

The soap has a musky and manly sandalwood scent. This aroma lingers on the skin, so you’ll still smell like fresh sandalwood long after your shower.

It’s incredibly easy to create a rich, creamy lather with this soap, so it’s great if you’re a fan of quick showers. Because of its foamy lather, it works well as a makeshift shaving gel. The ingredients protect your skin from razor burn.

This formula is gentle and keeps sensitive skin in mind, so it doesn’t have any alcohols, synthetic dyes, and irritating parabens.


  • Shea butter, coconut oil, and olive oil soften the skin
  • Has a musky sandalwood scent that lingers on the skin
  • Easy to create a rich lather in the shower
  • Works well for shaving, as it protects the skin from razor bumps
  • No alcohol, synthetic dyes, and parabens


  • Tends to dry out the skin even if there are lots of softening ingredients

If any man in your life is looking for a masculine-smelling soap that can double as a shaving gel, point them towards this sandalwood soap. It smells wonderful and protects the skin—what more can a confident man ask for?

10. Auromere Ayurvedic Sandal Turmeric Bar Soap

This Ayurvedic soap brings together many exotic oils and botanical extracts to clean your skin well and nourish it deeply too.

It contains turmeric and neem oil to help purify your skin and keep excess sebum production at bay. This helps keep pimples and blemishes at a distance.

There’s also coconut oil, amla fruit, rice bran oil, sesame oil, and other hydrating naturals to moisturize the skin. Sandalwood oil, on the other hand, has anti-aging properties to preserve your youthful skin by keeping it firm and taut.

This recipe is rich in vitamins and antioxidants that protect your skin from the elements and strengthen your skin barrier. Vitamin E, for example, boosts elasticity and delays the onset of the signs of aging, like wrinkles. They also help restore your skin’s natural, healthy glow, making it look absolutely radiant.


  • Turmeric and neem oil purify the skin to get rid of oiliness and blemishes
  • Contains moisturizing ingredients like coconut oil, amla fruit extracts, sesame oil
  • Sandalwood oil preserves your youthful glow through firm skin
  • Rich in vitamins and antioxidants to strengthen your skin barrier
  • Restores your skin’s natural glow and radiance


  • Can leave the skin feel a bit tight and squeaky clean

Try out the benefits of holistic Ayurvedic herbs and essential oils with this sandalwood soap. It’s got that rich, woodsy scent you know and love, but with a boost of exotic botanicals to bring you youthfulness, glow, and softness back.

11. MÜHLE Sandalwood Shaving Soap

This sandalwood soap was designed to help make your shaving experience better. It creates a rich and creamy lather that’s oh-so-satisfying. This lather can double as a shaving cream when you want to shave during your shower.

The soap purifies your skin to wash away grime and excess oils. This process clears impurities from your skin to give you a smoother, more accurate shave. The result is fewer cuts and almost no razor burn.

Its key ingredients also work to protect your skin from any issues that can stem from shaving. Sandalwood oil, for example, has anti-inflammatory properties to help soothe any cuts and nicks on your skin after shaving. It also has a gorgeous woodsy scent.

Aloe vera promotes faster wound healing, so it’s perfect for sensitive skin. It also hydrates your skin barrier to make it more plump and smooth.

Meanwhile, sea buckthorn extracts promote healthy skin regeneration. It also leaves the soap with citrusy notes in its fragrance.


  • Creates a foamy lather that’s perfect for shaving your skin
  • Wash away excess oil, giving you a smoother shave with fewer cuts
  • Sandalwood oil’s anti-inflammatory properties soften and soothe the skin
  • Aloe vera promotes quicker healing while hydrating your skin
  • Sea buckthorn extracts with a citrusy note promote skin regeneration


  • The scent is pleasant but doesn’t last on the skin that long

If you have sensitive skin that needs extra help as you shave, this sandalwood shaving soap is something worth a try. It has natural ingredients to help soothe and protect your skin to make your complexion soft and your shave super smooth.

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12. San Francisco Soap Company Sandalwood Soap

This soap by the San Francisco Soap Company has a masculine and confidence-boosting scent of sandalwood. It’s fresh and earthy, so it’s perfect for guys who love the great outdoors and appreciate musky, spicy scents.

It comes in a huge 10.5oz bar, so you won’t run out of it quickly. That means less repurchasing.

In the soap’s formula, there are no parabens, synthetic dyes, and artificial fragrances. In other words, it is ideal for sensitive skin.

The soap cleanses your skin gently but very thoroughly, leaving your complexion smoother and more hydrated than it was before.

You will find a quirky rope attached to one side of this item, making it easier to hang the soap up on a hook in the bathroom. It’s very helpful if you don’t have a giant soap dish.


  • Has a manly, confidence-boosting sandalwood scent
  • The bar is huge at 10.5oz, so you won’t run out of it soon
  • Formulated for sensitive skin; no parabens, synthetic dyes, and fragrances
  • Cleanses the skin gently yet thoroughly, leaving it smooth and hydrated
  • Has a rope attached on one side so you can hang it up easier


  • The size of the bar can make it challenging to hold

This best sandalwood soap makes a cute gift because of its uniquely huge size and thoughtful rope design. It’s also great for anyone who wants a jumbo-sized soap in their favorite sandalwood scent.

What to Look for When Buying a Good Sandalwood Soap

Buying a Good Sandalwood Soap

Has an uplifting and soothing woodsy scent from high-quality sandalwood oil

Sandalwood is used in aromatherapy for its warm and spicy scent reminiscent of the woods. Make sure the scent of your soap lingers and is long-lasting on the skin.

If you cop a soap with a gorgeous sandalwood fragrance, you can reap the benefits of this popular essential oil to relax your mind and soothe your senses while cleaning your skin.

Calms down sensitive and irritated skin

Sandalwood is known in Ayurvedic medicine as a type of wood that can soothe and calm the skin. Make sure your soap is made with high-quality sandalwood that relieves inflammation.

You should also ensure that it’s gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin. Using sandalwood on skin with eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis can provide relief to itching and discomfort.

Exfoliates the skin to unclog congested pores 

Shavings and bits of sandalwood are excellent for exfoliating the skin. This process buffs away and sloughs off the dead skin on the top layer of your complexion, allowing your skin to look brighter and healthier.

Treats acne and keeps blemishes at bay for clearer skin

You may be asking, does sandalwood soap lighten skin? Yes, it does. Sandalwood does an amazing job at clearing up acne. It’s a powerhouse ingredient for keeping blemishes at bay and brightening dark spots from previous breakouts.

Has anti-aging properties to delay wrinkles and fine lines and keep your skin firm

Look for a soap that can make your skin look youthful and radiant. Sandalwood is known for its anti-aging properties, so that shouldn’t be too hard. Aim to buy a soap that can delay the onset of the dreaded signs of aging, like fine lines, crow’s feet, age spots, and more.

Manufactured in a renowned soap-making country

Make sure the soap you purchase was produced by a renowned brand in a country known for making high-quality soaps and skincare products. While it’s best to look at the sandalwood soap India makes, you can also check out options made in regions like the US, the UK, France, Africa, and across Asia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sandalwood Soap Good for The Face

Yes, it is. It’s generally safe to use even on sensitive areas of skin, like on your face. You can use sandalwood soap for acne, reducing the appearance of fine lines, brightening dark spots, and exfoliating your complexion to unclog stuffy pores.

It even has lightening properties, so you can use sandalwood soap for skin lightening as well.

How Do You Make Homemade Sandalwood Soap

If you love soap-making, you’ll be thrilled to hear that it’s not that complicated to make your own sandalwood soap. It’s just a matter of adding sandalwood powder or sandalwood essential oil to your favorite recipe.

When you’re working on your soap base, mix in all the nourishing ingredients you want—goat’s milk, oat, shea butter, whatever you like! Pour in some sandalwood powder if you want to make an exfoliating soap. If you want to add a woodsy, spicy fragrance, feel free to add sandalwood essential oil too.

Let your soap harden overnight and cut it up when it’s all done, and there you have it! Homemade sandalwood soap that was super easy to make.


If you’ve never used sandalwood soap before, now is the best time to try it out. You can never go wrong with a modern, herbal scent like sandalwood, and if you have problematic skin, it helps soothe and revitalize it as well—how can you go wrong?

Choose among the products listed above if you want to get the best sandalwood soap in the market. They’re all well-loved, so you know you’ll be getting something worthwhile. Who knows, maybe sandalwood is your new holy grail skincare ingredient?

Best Sandalwood Soaps