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How to Instantly Remove Bad Smell from Clothes

Written by • Updated on: 30/07/22

Clean clothes can smell really bad! Especially Sweaters and coats. But how do you remove this smell from clean or washed clothes?

The bad smell of tobacco, perspiration, humidity, or mothballs gets stuck on clothes, and whether it is a jacket, a dress, a shirt, or a coat, it happens that one of your clean clothes smells bad.

It’s time for some solid tips and solutions to remove the bad smell of fuel oil, gasoline, perspiration, perfume, cigarettes, and even the bad smell of leather, and so that you can finally say: it smells good!

How to Instantly Remove Bad Smell from Clothes

10 Best Natural Ways to Remove Bad smell From Clothes

Clothes, whether it is a jacket, a dress, or a sweater, might smell a bit musty! These tips and recipes work great and some will even give your clothes a good smell.

#1: Easy solutions to remove odors from clothes


Hang the suit, dress, shirt, jacket on a hanger and leave it overnight in front of the open window.

In the morning your garment will no longer have any bad odor.

Tumble dryer

Slide the clothing into the dryer and run the machine cold, for half an hour.


If the garment is washable: pre-soak it, before washing it, in a bath of hot water with the addition of soda crystals (2 / 3-1 / 3) or soda lye (1/2 glass for 4l water).

Let the clothes soak for at least an hour.

Then after, only after, wash them in the machine.

Use Odor-destroying deodorant

This odor-destroying deodorant, spray, allergen-free, destroys all bad odors from clothes or fabrics.

#2: How To Remove Mothball Odor

Eliminate this overwhelming bad smell by placing the clothes in the dryer for 30 minutes in the “cold air” position.

Let run a quarter of an hour longer if the clothes still smell.

#3: How To Remove Smell Of Fuel Oil Or Gasoline

Use Water and alcohol

Soak the clothes that smell bad in a large basin filled with cold water, and pour the contents of a coffee cup of 70 ° alcohol, and another of baking soda.

Leave to soak for 24 hours.

Dry on a line or on a hanger but outside then wash normally.

How To Remove Smell of Perfume

#4: How To Remove Smell of Perfume or Alcohol

Soak the garment in vinegar water.

Put one teaspoon of white alcohol vinegar in one liter of cold water.

#5: How To Remove Smell of tobacco

Make use of vinegar

Soak the garment in the tub of hot water with a glass or two of white vinegar.

Hang clothes in the bathroom overnight.

The vinegar neutralizes the bad smell of smoke or tobacco.

Use Bicarbonate

Sprinkle the smoke-scented garment with baking soda liberally.

Leave on overnight.

Shake the garment (outside is better!) In the morning.

Bicarbonate has the ability to eliminate all bad odors.

Use Tumble dryer

Place the clothes in the dryer, “cold air” cycle.

#6: How To Remove Smell of Perspiration

Water and vinegar

Immerse the garment overnight in cold water with a cup of  vinegar


Soak the garment in water that has been poured into effervescent aspirin tablets.


Dry flat.

#7: How To Remove Smell of leather

The “goatee” smell from some clothes or leather bags is impossible to eliminate.

So don’t believe the seller who claims this bad smell will go away with time.

You can still try to air the garment, sprinkle it with baking soda, and coat it with a non-greasy wax in which you have poured a few drops of essential oil.

#8: How To Remove Smell of faux leather

Fortunately, not all faux leather smells bad!

If your clothing, bag, or even your faux leather sofa smells bad, contact the dealer for an exchange.

Because when imitation leather smells bad, there isn’t much to do.

Use Cleansing Milk and Essential Oil

To mask the smell for a while, and not, unfortunately, to make it disappear, pass a cotton ball soaked in cleansing milk with a few drops of essential oil of your choice over the entire surface of the garment or the sofa.

#9: How To Remove Scent of Perfume

Use Bicarbonate

Place the scented garment flat on a sheet then sprinkle it widely with baking soda.

Leave on overnight.

Shake the garment (outside is better!) In the morning.

Bicarbonate has the ability to eliminate all bad odors.

How to Give Clothes a Good Smell

Here are a few tips to help you instantly refresh the smell of clothes and garments.

  • Essential oil: Perfume the garment by adding a few drops of essential oil to the hot water of the final rinse. Let it soak for ten minutes and then finish the laundry cycle.

  • Bath salts: Add a pinch of your favorite bath salts to the last rinse water.

    That is all for removing musty and other unpleasant smells from your clothes. If you have any tips that we haven’t mentioned above, let us know in the comment section below.
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