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How to Quickly Remove Bad Smell From Shoes

Written by • Updated on: 30/07/22

Heat, sweat, and bacteria: this is the cocktail that causes stinky sneaker syndrome! From talcum powder to the freezer, zoom in on our tips to avoid getting there.

Even when we know that our feet may suffer from some of them, we can not help but fall for the latest trends of the moment…

From ballerinas to espadrilles through trendy sneakers, dad shoes but also small timeless canvas sneakers. And as soon as we love them, we no longer want to wear them.

How to Quickly Remove Bad Smell From Shoes

10 Best Ways to Quickly Remove Bad Smell From Shoes

After a day, the shoes are overheating and require care so as not to quickly turn into a stinky ball. Follow these lifestyle tips to get rid of that bad smell.

Tip #1: Wear Soles

Easier to slip into boots than flat sandals, they are a simple and effective bulwark to absorb excess perspiration, which is the source of bad odors.

Should we also specify that this trick works on the condition that you change your soles regularly?

Tip #2: Ventilate

Every evening, when you come home, do not wait to get rid of your shoes: not only will your feet say thank you, but your shoes will finally have a chance to breathe.

And if you can, give them a breath of fresh air by leaving them for an hour on the ledge of a balcony or window.

Tip #3: Alternate Your Shoes

Your grandmother must have already told you: by wearing the same pair of shoes day after day, you accelerate her aging process …and the unpleasant odors that go with it!

Whatever your favorite shoe model, limit yourself to putting them on every second day at most.

Tip #4: Never Wear Sneakers Without Socks!

On the stink scale, sneakers are often at the top of the chart. If in winter, no one would think of slipping barefoot into a pair of sneakers, in summer, the catchphrase is not the same.

Sure, wearing sneakers all year round is cool … but it’s risking the multiplication of bacteria and yeast infections. So always wear sneakers with socks.

Tip #5: Use Baking Soda

Useful in the kitchen as in the bathroom, bicarbonate is also effective in combating bad odors in shoes.

To be effective, sprinkle a spoonful of it on the soles of your shoes and leave it on overnight. Baking soda has the magical power of absorbing excess moisture and eliminating bad odors.

Tip #6: Apply Some Baby Talcum Powder

It doesn’t just work on the baby’s bottom! Used in the same way as baking soda, talcum powder will reduce odors already present. But above all, you can also sprinkle it directly on your feet before putting on your shoes of the day.

The thin layer of talc will shield and limit sweating. Very, very useful when you want to go out with pumps and sandals.

Tip #7: Use Citrus Peels

Have you ever used half a lemon placed in your fridge to cleanse the ambient atmosphere?

Grapefruit, lemon, or orange, the three will have exactly the same magic power to absorb bad smells if you take care to slip their rind from time to time inside your shoes when you are not wearing them.

Note: You gain a pleasant and slightly acidic smell.

Tip #8: Use The Power Of Plants

At the top of the most effective plants are lavender, sage, and tea. It’s up to you to compose your favorite bouquet to slip into all your closed shoes as prevention so that their scent can diffuse.

Tip #9: Pamper Your Feet

Let’s face it: when getting out of the shower, we sometimes “squeeze” the drying step of the feet. You know those 5 minutes that it would take to pass a towel between each toe to make sure they are dry …once trapped in shoes, the door is open to the proliferation of bacteria!

Tip #10: The Freezer Solution!

The benefits of extreme cold… Did you know that a short stay in the freezer compartment of your fridge limits the production of bad odors?

On the other hand, avoid putting your shoes in there without prior protection or you risk contaminating your entire freezer. Solution? Use a ziplock bag!

3 Best Shoe Deodorizer

Often, cleaning the fridge is not enough to get rid of bad smells. Indeed, bad odors from the fridge can come from food that is still edible, such as cheese.

It would be a shame then to deprive yourself of it just because it smells bad. In this case, the odor absorber is the weapon to sanitize the fridge.

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